What is a Dirty Kitchen?


Kitchens can be referred to as the “heart of the home” by reason of according to a popular proverb, “the route to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” If you want to know more and design a simple outdoor dirty kitchen, keep reading to learn about various designs that are now being built in the Philippines.

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Dirty Kitchen Defined

In general, kitchens contain a variety of culinary items, ranging from casseroles and frying pans to different types of ladles and tools, as well as condiments and other supplies for cooking. The term “dirty kitchen,” on the other hand, is not well known among the general public. For example, if someone were to simply define “dirty kitchen,” the following technical definitions of each of the two words may reasonably be stated: “Dirty kitchens are kitchens that are messy and untidy;” or similar to kitchens with unorganized culinary equipment and liters scattered all over the place. However, many people are unaware that a dirty kitchen indicates a single thing when taken as a whole.

So, what is a dirty kitchen, exactly?

Dirty kitchens are sub-kitchens-like as they are referred to as a second kitchen. It is possible to find a main kitchen in practically all of the houses, apartments, real estate, and condominiums that we live in, as well as in our places of employment. However, not all of the major kitchens are equipped with sub-kitchens. The larger culinary equipment that cannot be hidden in the main kitchen is frequently kept in dirty kitchens. In this way, it is regarded as a storage space for cooking supplies that are not typically used; so consequently, dirty kitchens help main kitchens to be clean.

Simple Outdoor Dirty Kitchen Ideas

Simple outdoor dirty kitchen designs in the Philippines in an alfresco kitchen are most likely to be recommended in the Philippines, since Filipinos are known for hosting large gatherings of family and friends at their residences. The grilling feature, often known as the “ihaw-ihaw,” is the most prevalent dirty kitchen idea that Filipinos utilize in their homes. In order to accommodate guests or host parties, it is common practice to set aside a large lot in front of or behind the house.

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Dirty kitchens are not your primary kitchens. In order to get your desired dirty kitchen, you will need to allot a new place in your home for it to be located in accordingly. Following that, you should set aside some time to consider what you want to include in your second kitchen. It may be a grilling station, a mini receiving area, a storage room, or even two or all of these features together. In the event that you have made up your mind to build your dream second kitchen, you can now begin the process of reorganizing your current kitchen. As you finish planning for your desired new dirty kitchen and reorganizing your main kitchen, it is time to focus on the second kitchen. In this way, if you intend to add to or upgrade your simple outdoor dirty kitchen designs, here are some dirty kitchen ideas that are ideal for your beautiful home.

(Outdoor) Storage Room

The option to convert your dirty kitchen into extra storage space is a straightforward and prudent choice. A kitchen with a lot of cooking equipment, with some of it is being too big, and some of it is only used for a short period of time or on special occasions, can benefit greatly from an extra space. A second storage room is therefore advantageous for storing new grocery items, particularly if you buy in bulk on a consistent basis. Aside from that, using unclean kitchens as extra storage spaces can be quite effective as room separators, especially if you have children running about the kitchen while you are performing your cooking responsibilities such as chopping and mincing ingredients.

Grilling Station

Making use of your additional space as a grilling area is a wonderful idea, especially if you are a Filipino. In spite of the invention of gas and electric stoves, cooking with charcoals is still widespread in the Philippines, particularly on special occasions and in celebration of the country’s famed pork dish, lechon (roasted pork). Another piece of information that may be useful in making this decision is that oil and gas prices are now rising as a result of worldwide events. [Suggested read: 2022 Gas Price Fluctuation: Why Does it Go Up and Down? ] As a result, using charcoal to cook on occasion might be a big money saver. But on top of that, grilled foods are often considered to be healthier than fried dishes.

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Simple Patio

Patios or small receiving areas can be an aesthetic dirty kitchen idea. As you do some of your cooking duties, you can treat your dirty kitchen as a counter. A smaller kitchen that is located just outside of the main house will be much easier to clean and reorganize than a larger kitchen that is inside. If you have company coming over and want to socialize still while inside the kitchen, having a simple outdoor dirty kitchen will make it very easy for you to do so. You can cook in the smaller room so that you may gather in your main kitchen which is connected and located in your main living room, where your friends and family festive.

In addition to this, if you want a dirty kitchen that is compacted, cabinets and racks of culinary equipment can take up perhaps half of the available space in the kitchen. A simple coffee table with two stools can be used for the opposite half of the room. Drinking coffee in the morning is most likely a daily ritual, so while you appreciate your morning while enjoying your daily cup of coffee on your backyard patio, you may spend more time thinking about your plans for the day because of the pleasant ambiance that an outdoor patio can provide you with.

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Mini Bar

“A man’s true character comes out when he gets drunk,” as Charlie Chaplin once said. A mini bar, on the other hand, may be ideal for you if you are less of a morning and coffee type and prefer to drink beer or tequila instead. An outdoor dirty kitchen used as a mini bar can be the ideal place for you because it is: one, it is just outside your house, which makes it very convenient because you do not have to travel; two, the drinks and snacks are right beside you, within the dirty kitchen; and three, you can be as relaxed as you want because of the comfortability of staying at home. Mini bar tables are also useful for storing large equipment, in the same way that converting half of your messy kitchen into a patio is beneficial.

Another option for your wish to put on a tiny bar to your dirty kitchen ideas is to simply add a basic rack with wheels if you do not have enough space for a bar table.  The rack may contain a variety of alcoholic beverages, such as bottles of wine, rum, and tequila. In addition, you can store the glasses in the rack, which makes it more handy to have everything in one place.

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Written by Vince Sanchez