Tips for Beach Camping in the Philippines

Beach camping

The crashing of waves, the sound of birds, and the breeze of trees—that’s what awaits in a night of beach camping. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and go on a camping trip in many of the beach campsites in the country. A great places for snorkeling, swimming, and surfing while being connected with nature.

Witnessed how the waves reach the shores from the moment you open your eyes while being surrounded by palm trees. A perfect place to explore beach camps may be found at fortune island, Marcos Island, and Quezon Island in the Philippines.

You might explore and experience the best summer season on many beautiful beaches in the Philippines. All the essentials you can think of are easily accessible while camping, but if you want, you may also bring your own camping gear and food.

Look forward to spending a night camping as the view of the sea and sunset alleviate your anxieties and allow you to spend a moment reconnecting with nature. Camp with your friends and family—build a memory to keep for a lifetime!

Essential tips for Island hopping and camping

It’s the summer season again! Camping and island hopping on many white sand beaches in the Philippines are becoming the central spot for many tourists. Whether you are from Metro Manila or another city—fortune island, Sambawan Island, Anawangin Cove in San Antonio, and Crystal Beach in San Narciso is a camping adventure not to be missed!

As a guide for your beach camping and hopping, here are the essential tips for enjoying a perfect camp experience in the ideal spot islands in the Philippines.

1. A must-have camping gear.

Camping gear such as a beach tent, chair, sleeping bag, blanket, pillows, and other amenities like a flashlight is a list of things necessary to have at a camping site at any beach resort. It is always better to be equipped when going on a trip like this! Remember that being prepared is key to having a stress-free camp experience.

2. Bring cooking gear.

Apart from having your own tent, when it comes to beach camping, always be ready to prepare your own meals and drinking water. Specifically, it should include a portable stove or gill, reusable utensils, and a lighter. Don’t let your stomach pay for this incredible experience, especially if you don’t have to.

3. Consumables.

Waking up in the morning admiring nature and enjoying the breeze of wind in your campsite would not be complete without a sip of hot coffee along with a piece of bread. So including consumables such as coffee, bread, and easy-to-cook food will make your island experience hustle-free.

Aside from the list above, a first aid kit, hygiene essentials, sunscreen, appropriate clothing for beach camping, and beautiful sandbars would cover all the necessities you must have in your tent!

Is having your own tent necessary?

Supposedly you found the perfect spot for your best beach camps and packed all your things; however, only one thing hinders you—not having your own tent. If that’s the only thing you are worried about, the good news is you don’t have to pack your own tent because of just how easy for you to rent a boat or snorkel gear, you can also have as many tents as you want in the beach resort. You can choose from a variety of options an pick the one that you’re most comfortable with.

The cost of various tents may range depending on how big it is. Some may be rented for only php 200, while some range from 500 to 1000 pesos. If you’re interested in renting a tent, some beach resorts that offer this service include Puerto Galera and Hundred Islands National Park, which boasts a beautiful cream-colored sand beach.

What are the possible activities you can do on beach camping?

When in a beach resort, you are not only expected to enjoy the smooth white sand, sunrise, or potable water, but you should also look forward to various activities you can try while on a camp on the beach.

For a better idea, here is a rundown of some activities you must experience.

1. Ride a boat with your loved ones.

Since you’re on a beach resort to camp, you should look closer at the sea by riding a boat. Feel the crashing of waves as you explore the beach water. Plus, most of the resort offers a rented boat, so you won’t have difficulty finding one!

2. Try fishing.

Go beach camping, but you should always include fishing in your checklist. Take a few steps from your campsite, rent a fishing rod, and unwind while discussing life with your friends.

3. Take a glimpse of what’s under the sea by snorkeling.

If you always dream of appreciating the beauty under the sea while on beach camping, don’t miss the chance to try snorkeling. Fall in love with the marine organism you can see underneath the beach. Island in Matinloc El Nido Palawan and Quezon Island are two examples of a beach where you can try snorkeling. Much better is that many beaches have children’s islands, so you and your little ones can enjoy them.

4. Beach Volleyball.

Aside from the water activities you can do while on a beach, never exclude beach volleyball which you can do as a form of exercise. Gather your friends, form a team, and make the most of your stay in the beach resort.

Surfing or swimming while on a resort may be overrated, so as you camp in a beach resort or a cove, try to do these activities. Promise you will not regret it.

White sand beaches in the Philippines to go camping!

Most people prefer white sand shores, whether it be a resort, beach resort, or cove island. Walking on white beaches is a thing to look at as the sun rises again when you want to camp in a beach resort.

To achieve this, here is a list of the possible resort away from the bustling city of Metro Manila where you can camp!

1. Kalanggaman Island.

Except for its white sands, this island in Palompon, Leyte, offers crystal-clear turquoise waters. It is one of the most stunning beach resorts in the Visayas. And when the sun came down, expect to witness a mesmerizing view of the sky full of stars.

2. El Dionisio Paraiso.

This resort has one of the whitest shores in the Philippines. This resort is highly recommended if you want to go camping on the country’s ideal beach. Do you want the perfect spot to swim? Don’t worry. This beach has got you covered!

3. Anawangin Cove.

This specific cove is one of the most captivating places to go beach camping. This resort in San Antonio, Zambales, will show you what it felt like to live in a province in a short period of time. And large and tall Agoho trees surround it, contributing to the superb ambiance.

4. Seven Commandos Beach

This particular island in El Nido can be accessed by riding a boat. A Big and small lagoon is also present in the area. Walk through the fine white sands while camping and make the most of your vacation.

Indeed, beach camping, whether it’s summer or not, is one of the most exciting weekend getaways, especially in a country like the Philippines, which is surrounded by wondrous beaches. All you have to do is choose the one you prefer most. That’s it! And you’re ready to spend the most relaxing vacation of your life while connecting with nature.

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