Ormoc bounces back with Bria affordable house and lot

BRIA in Ormoc

The city of Ormoc—located in the province of Leyte in the region of Eastern Visayas, derived from the Visayan word “ogmok” means “lowland” or “depressed plain.” While it has experienced severe infrastructural damage and numerous casualties from tropical storm Uring back in 1991 and Super Typhoon Yolanda back in 2013, Ormoc brings itself back with the increase in investors and progress towards urbanization.

The Economic Rise of Ormoc

With the opening of its first mall Robinsons Place Ormoc and Eastern Visayas’ first SM Mall, SM Center Ormoc, the city is sure to give its residents a place for recreation.

Business and employment opportunities will be on the rise in Ormoc, the center of commerce and industry in Leyte. The city specializes in geothermal energy, agriculture and aquaculture industry, tourism, sugar cane, rice and pineapple production, and most especially, tourism. The city supplies a large quantity of the country’s power from the Tongonan Geothermal Power Plant, the biggest geothermal powerplant in Southeast Asia, in Barangay Tongonan and the neighboring Kananga town.

It’s Agriculture

Ormoc’s best crop, sweet pineapples, are also celebrated through the city’s very own Piña Festival. Celebrated every June, it honors the city’s patron saints, Saint Peter and Saint Paul, and celebrates pineapples, one of the city’s major economic contributor. Pineapple plantations such as the SAL Pineapple Plantation are a must visit as one can enjoy the vast hectares of queen pineapples and taste the sweetest and juiciest ones.

Pineapple Plantation in Ormoc Affordable House and Lot
SAL Pineapple Plantation

Ormoc’s Tourism Industry

The increase in infrastructural projects this 2018, shall also support the demands in this city’s tourism industry. Lake Danao, the largest lake in Leyte, is a famous tourist attraction site known for its guitar-shape. It is just a 30-minute drive to the mountains, and there, one can enjoy the cold breeze and the scenic view of the lake. The lake also powers a least 10 million households in the Visayas region through geothermal energy.

Lake Danao Affordable House and Lot
Lake Danao

Educational and Transportation Development

Ormoc City is also known as an educational center for western Leyte, as it houses numerous public and private schools. A number of notable colleges such as the STI – Computer College – Ormoc, AMA Computer Learning Center (ACLC) and more, and the Eastern Visayas State University are also situated in this city.

The city is also a transportation hub by air and sea travel. By air, Ormoc Airport transports passengers to and from Cebu, whereas by sea, passengers may opt to ride ferries along Ormoc Bay to Cebu.

Ormoc City is an ideal place to move in to with its progressing urbanization and economic growth. If you want to live in Ormoc City, Bria Homes can offer you the best home at the most affordable price.

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