Meta Business: The Facebook Live Shopping Feature

facebook live shopping

What is Facebook’s Live Shopping Feature? Live Shopping on Facebook as per Meta Business is defining “a way to create live-streamed shopping events”. You can showcase products in real-world settings, put product details and purchase options front and center, and interact with your audience directly from your live broadcast.

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Facebook Live Shopping Selling Platforms and their Impact on Online Sellers

It was launched in August 2020 with the objective that shopping will be easier in an interactive way of selling and buying.

Facebook live shopping in a positive manner affects sellers by having the opportunity of connectivity to viewers, an opportunity that builds a relationship of trust that promotes marketing strategies, invites new customers, and most of all repeating customers.  According to the Department of Trade and Industry, there are 73, 276 online businesses registered during the height of pandemic lockdowns. This just shows how Filipinos are adapting to the new normal kind of buying and selling platform.  As for writing this article, the majority of us experience Facebook Live Shopping Selling and surely at some point, we said and responded to the universal language “mine” while shopping online. Facebook Live Shopping online is about the real-time talk, the product tell-all showcase, and the happy digital interaction that leads the marketers and consumers to get back to their tracks.  It is like an abode or accommodation that helps both consumers and marketers the selling-buying-relationship that conveniently satisfies customers and helps them as well to take away that boredom and worries during pandemic times. Facebook Live Shopping gave so many opportunities to Filipinos during the times when the pandemic hit us and gave us easy access in buying our necessities.

In the height of the pandemic where we are not allowed to go out except for those who are for essential goods and essential manpower such as health services, logistics, and immediate response eCommerce emerge intensely and Facebook Live shopping became the source of business to resource consumers’ needs and respond to the need of emerging market in the online world. In this time the behavior and culture have been changed and it complies with the fast phasing technology of selling through the use of the Facebook medium. It comes in length that future shopping has been naturally essentially built.  There has been a profound shift in how the consumer behaves and how they adopt the new normal kind of shopping.

According to the data, 73% of Filipinos are willing to consequently sustain online activities and 93% are for price and convenience in their purchase even during these hybrid setup times and pandemic lifted restrictions. It has been observed that: First, the digital lifestyle is already favoring our needs and is changing our selling and buying culture fast. Second, Let us not forget the emerging payments available online that have easy access on our mobile phones that make our life hassle-free. Lastly, it also made the shipping and logistics services emerge more reachable and more convenient for all of us.

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Here are the helpful effects of  Facebook Live Shopping on Online Sellers: 

  1. Videos are an easy platform for encouraging and stimulating products.
  2. It saves time for online sellers because it is a real-time selling between sellers and buyers.
  3. It saves a lot of costs or expenses because it does need a lot of equipment or additional equipment, a low-cost form of marketing announcement of a new product,  there is no need for additional time creating ads for the product and you only need a limited person to host the broadcast or the live selling
  4. It creates a relationship and connects each other as a community and this will help to boost sales for online sellers,
  5. It creates traffic for trade, markets, and promotions. This will help online sellers to continuously create a plunge customer that will keep on coming back to target circles.

The key feature of Facebook shopping live is to host live shopping even from your Facebook Page. It can be used on your Desktop and mobile as well you just have to first accept the Branded Content Policy Terms. Next, you have to create an Event and fill up the necessary event details like location, description, and category. Apply cover photo and check your Event Settings, tap co-hosts and a seller as a co-host for the event, review everything and add your shared product playlist. After you share your playlist to host your Live Shopping Event you may start the live video by tapping the icon just remember to accept the Branded Content Policy Terms on your Facebook Page and then tap to Go Live and Start Selling.

An Important  Announcement from Meta Business: Facebook Live Shopping is Closing

While Facebook  Live Shopping gives an opportunity and a new window platform for selling there is an announcement by Meta Business that it will be closed on October 1, 2022. Meta Business has been observing consumers’ and buyers’ behavior and coming out with the intention and decision to provide a platform by keeping pace with trends and the changing behavior of buying habits of the consumers in the eCommerce platform. While there are changes, you can still be able to feature Facebook live to broadcast live events but can no longer be able to create a product playlist or tag your products on your Facebook Live. Meta Business will focus more on the short-form videos and focus on REELS on Facebook and Instagram in which you can tag your products. The Facebook Live Shopping will be closed in exchange for the real deal market proposition and preposition which are the short videos in the REEL platform which is the new pitching marketing selling.

While the digital world is expanding its criteria depending on the market and the changing behavior of customers, the Meta business goal is always to connect, interact, grow business, and create a community that binds with progress and business continuity. The benefit of socially interacting gives us the privilege to be known and to create a business platform that connects readily and in real-time selling and buying. Indeed Facebook live shopping contributes so much to all of us when the time pandemic is difficult and it creates and recreates opportunities for people to discover their respective talents in business and marketing. Surely, in this emerging deal of hype in online selling, Meta Business knows the running audience and the markets by bringing the REEL short-video platform that benches the online selling and the venue for online sellers.

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Written by Rowena Lansang