Essential Gadgets every Online-preneur should have


Given today’s technological advancement and competitive world, various types of gadgets are becoming increasingly important to all of us – most especially the online entrepreneurs or online-preneurs. We have become highly dependent on these different gadgets in our daily lives, from waking up, doing business, and going to bed. Times have changed, and obviously, gadgets have become a part of our daily life in the last decade. Aside from our lifestyle, the world’s economy and business thinking have changed drastically as a result of the rapid advancement of technology. E-commerce and Online businesses have grown especially during the pandemic. A lot of sales industries moved to online selling such as Real Estate, Insurance, Automotive, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, and others: Having said that, there are some best gadgets for entrepreneurs that they must have in these modern times to run and develop businesses smoothly and seamlessly. Online selling is one of the easiest and simplest ways to make money online. You would want to start your own business or just want to add a few bucks in your pocket. No matter what your motive is to be an online-preneur, online selling or E-commerce has opened a lot of opportunities to earn. As long as you have an internet connection to these essential gadgets you can easily use them.

We have listed down some Best Gadgets every online entrepreneur should have:


There are two types of computers: desktop computers and laptop computers. Laptops are more portable and flexible. You can take it with you anywhere, especially when you need to be on the go. Because new laptops are lighter these days, it becomes very convenient. What matters is that you have a computer laptop to use for your business, regardless of brand.

In choosing a laptop for you, you need to consider the following:

  1. Size – laptops come in different sizes, could be 16-inch laptops or 12-inch laptops. If you like carrying it around, it’s best to get a smaller screen, thin and lightweight design
  2. CPU (Central Processing Unit) – the most important part of your laptop that is usually built into the motherboard. Core i7 is recommended for the best performance for a heavy-duty laptop while mid-range laptops are at Core i5.
  3. RAM (Random Access Memory) – this depends on what software or applications are you using the laptop for, is it to edit photos, videos, write documents, etc. If you are more of a multi-tasker, you will be needing more RAM so access to data and the internet will be faster.
  4. Screen Quality – consider also the screen resolution and the screen type. If you will be using the laptop most of the time, then consider if it will be easy and comfortable for the eyes for long-hour use.
  5. Battery Life – if portability matters, you have to consider this as indicated on the box by the manufacturer.
  6. Storage – will you be storing mostly videos or photos or just documents? Try to get a separate hard drive or you may save it on the cloud for additional storage. This will affect the performance of the laptop
  7. USB 3.0 Ports – these are good to have especially when you need to plug in external devices such as a mouse, speaker, and keyboards.


One of the best gadgets for an online entrepreneur should have is Smartphones are the devices that have brought global communication to our fingertips. It is the most common gadget owned by most people. More than the phone calls we take or the text messages we send, or the games and entertainment we play, it is necessary that online-preneurs should essentially own a smartphone to stay connected to social media and to increase their level of reach so this can help in growing the business. You can pretty much do anything that you can do to a laptop or tablet but on a smaller screen or scale.


While it is not as important as the laptop or smartphone, it is always beneficial to have a tablet. If you need more portability, you can use this device instead of a computer laptop. It is lighter and more convenient, especially when giving client presentations or reading e-contracts or e-books because it has a larger display than a smartphone.


While hardcopies are less common currently because most documents are already on electronic files, having your printer is still useful and safe. Simply ensure that the printer is more adaptable and can print in a variety of formats depending on the situation. For safety and security, important files are also advised to be printed and kept in a safe place.


A scanning device, like a printer, is required for data security. This is the process of converting hard copies to digital format. Scanners are frequently built-in with printing capabilities. Owning a gadget with both a scanner & printer is more efficient. It manages your budget and space. There are also mobile applications on the phone that can be used for scanning with the camera phone.


Smartphones have recently surpassed many specific gadgets, including cameras. Given the quality of today’s smartphone cameras, most people now use their smartphone cameras for casual photography. A specialized photography gadget, on the other hand, is a must-have for entrepreneurs with start-ups in specific industries such as fashion, tourism, or photography. In addition to those specific entrepreneurs, having a camera is always a good idea for all entrepreneurs. It is beneficial in both personal and professional situations.

Wireless Router

Get connected to an internet provider through a wireless router. Consider having good coverage and signal that can bring a reliable and strong internet connection to your own Bria home office.

The Internet age has given us so much more than the ability to connect with friends or send updates or selfies to the Internet. It has also provided modern entrepreneurs with previously unavailable capabilities.

One of the advantages of being an online-preneur is that you see firsthand the changes in the internet and how it opens the doors to businesses merging the online elements into business operations. The Internet has indeed played an important role in the business world.

Headphones or Earbuds

Get yourself a good set of headphones or earphones. Choose something that fits you, is comfortable, and appeals to you. Sharing your earbuds with someone else is generally unsanitary. If you need to share a piece of music or whatever you’re listening to, consider using a device speaker.

Security Gadgets

Data Security is now everyone’s top priority, both personally and professionally. People are becoming increasingly concerned about their safety and so security devices have grown in importance in modern life. For instance, Having a CCTV or a security camera in your own Bria Homes gives you the peace of mind to ensure safety in your real estate investment. Similarly, one of the most important factors for online-preneurs is security. A security camera, a security lock, a security sensor, and other essential gadgets for entrepreneurs to ensure the security of their personal and professional spaces.

We are all aware that these gadgets are always a matter of personal preference and requirement. The importance of various gadgets varies depending on the needs of the individual. It has the same effect on business owners. Although nothing can be completely secure, these devices will help decrease the risk and increase the level of security of all the data and the gadgets.

There are different types of gadgets that an online entrepreneur should have. Depending on their use and depending on the need. These are the best gadgets for online entrepreneurs should be updated and competitive in today’s technology-driven, fast-paced business world.

Written by: Marico Badig