Bria House and Lot: What to Expect from Facebook to Meta?


From Facebook to Meta

The American online social media and social networking service that owns Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp announced on October 28 about the rebranding from Facebook to Meta. The CEO Mr. Mark Zuckerberg introduced the Meta to the public together with its future updates, development, and innovation that will elevate the experience of the users and what to expect in the new update. The company stated that Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp will not change their name but the company that will produce and maintain them will now be called Meta. The transition from Facebook to Meta will open a lot of opportunities to the users and guarantee a more advanced feature and a safer online environment for all the users.

What to expect from Facebook to Meta rebranding

The company stated that the new Meta will be going to focus on bringing the metaverse to the life of the people which aims to connect more people and at the same time find communities and grow businesses. The metaverse will provide a hybrid online experience to the users as it creates a lot of new features and futuristic applications. It will allow the users to easily share immersive experiences with a wider audience or specified users. In this way, more people can now interact with each other and do things that they cannot do in the physical world. The idea of rebranding from Facebook to Meta is not just a change of company name, one of the main purposes of this rebranding is to elevate the experience of the users and create a more advanced and hybrid online social media platform for the people.

But what is Metaverse?

According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, he stated that the future of the internet lies in something called metaverse. The metaverse creates a shared online 3D virtual space that allows the users to socialize, learn, and collaborate with each other. The metaverse will serve as a new dimension that creates a more advanced online world. One of its special features is adding virtual reality to the users which lets them explore new worlds and experiences together with friends and family all in one space. Below is the list of updates and special features of this so-called ‘’metaverse’’.

Horizon Workrooms – The Horizon Workrooms is an online virtual room for people who want to connect and work with each other regardless of physical distance. It is designed to use Virtual Reality which aims to provide a more natural and effective online working environment. The Horizon Workrooms offer very futuristic features such as hand tracking, remote desktop streaming, mixed-reality desk, and keyboard tracking. It allows the users to join in the meeting room with the use of VR as an avatar. Inside the room, there will be a huge virtual whiteboard that they can use to share ideas and it brings your computer and keyboard into a VR in order for you to work with each other inside the online virtual room. This Horizon workroom is one of the most anticipated features in Meta. The transition from Facebook to Meta will surely bring a lot of convenience and advantages to those who are working at home and at the same time elevate their working experience online.

Project Aria – Project Aria is a research device in the form of a pair of glasses. It is a VR glasses that captures real-world information such as providing directions on the street, showing key status in business meetings, and many more futuristic features. The users need to wear these VR glasses and it will automatically provide information on the things you are looking for, where you are, or actions that you might want to take.

Horizon Home – Horizon home is another special feature that is going to be launched in the future by Meta. This will allow the users to create and experience a virtual home in the metaverse. The users will have an option to create their own virtual home and have the freedom to design it according to their liking. The Horizon Home will be a virtual social space in the metaverse wherein the users can bring their friends or family to hang out, watch videos, and play games inside their virtual home.

Good things about the transition from Facebook to Meta and its updates

Promoting Safety and Friendly Virtual Environment

Meta ensures that there will be a new set of community standards and rules that will be implemented in order to filter the contents and information that will be shared in the online application. They stated that they will automatically remove hate speech, false information, harassment, threats of violence, and other content that might cause harm to others. This new update will prevent malicious content from getting viral and make sure that all the content that will be shared and appeared in the application is safe and accurate. The updates in terms of promoting a safe and friendly environment in Meta also includes:

●    Blocking Fake accounts – Fake accounts or dummy accounts will no longer be available in the current update. The system will automatically block the fake accounts in the application and they also stated that they started to block millions of fake accounts every day in order to provide a safe environment in the application.

●    Tools to prevent Bullying – The system will also automatically inform you and send notifications in your account if you post or share something that might be offensive to others. In this way, the users will be more aware and prevent them from sharing or posting offensive to others.

●    Fact Checkers – Meta has more than 40,000 employees which maintains the safety and security of Meta. This includes the fact-checkers who will check the validity and accuracy of the information that will be shared in the application.

●    Removing violent content – The new updated system can now detect violent content and automatically remove it before anyone reports it to the system or becomes viral.

Protecting privacy and improving security

One of the new updates from Facebook to Meta is the improvement of data privacy and security to its users. They create tools that will give the users full control over their privacy and at the same time help them to protect their personal information. Some tools will help you to control who can see your posts or how your information is being used in the application.

Assist the Election

The application helps the users to prepare for the upcoming election in their respective countries. It provides information regarding the election such as how to register, where to register, and guidelines that they need to follow and comply with. The application will also help to protect the accounts of elected officials, candidates, and their staff. It prevents other users from creating fake accounts, spreading false information during the election, and other emerging threats. These threats will be automatically removed and fixed by the system.

Responding to Covid-19

Meta also assists the users in terms of spreading facts and information about the Covid-19. Even before the rebranding from Facebook to Meta they already have a system that guides the users in terms of battling the Covid-19. They provide information regarding the virus and the things they should do and what to avoid during the pandemic. They keep the users updated and informed about the Covid-19. There is also information provided by the system where you can get your vaccination in your specific area. They continuously update and enhance the system in order to provide more accurate information for their users.

Written by Aaron Cruz