5 Local Stores Where You Can Buy Decors and Furniture

local furniture stores

Shopping spree and buying clothes is fun, but not exciting as when you are shopping for your new furniture and decors that would amazingly blend and create style inside your home. There are countless things you need to consider when you are buying décor and furniture, and here are some of our local stores that would surely be interesting for you.

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1. AllHome

Check their website here.

For our first local store, we have “AllHome” as one of the local store recommendations that we think you will love, because all the styles, designs, price inclusivity, and even color preference is available at this local store. AllHome is the country’s modern Filipino families’ first choice when they are building or renovating their homes. This is a local store where you can buy your choice of furniture and decors, you can buy anything inside this store.

AllHome brand offers an extensive range of top-quality home-improvement products that are all under one roof such as construction supplies, hardware, appliances, indoor and outdoor furniture, homeware, décor, and even electronic gadgets they have it all, it is literally a one-stop-shop for ALL of your home needs. The brand has its physical locations in over 50 stores nationwide where you can actually visit and look for the things that might get your attention and be a considerable option when you buy your home decors and furniture, the good thing about this brand is its digital existence online wherein you can choose what product type you are specifically looking for such as its price and product description that will help you decide and avail things.

2. UrbanAbode.ph 

Check their website here.

The next furniture and décor feature is the “Urban Abode”, this is a local store that specializes in interior design and custom furniture by Ms. Kristine Neri. Urban Abode offers products that are custom-made furniture that is sustainable and friendly to the environment. This local store transforms your home space with creative input that gives you an impression of staying every day at your home because of its beautiful and amazingly crafted furniture and decors.

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Urban Abode as a local brand believes that well-thought-designed interiors and curated furniture + decor amplify beauty, wellness, and energy for soothing home spaces. The brand’s principle when it comes to design is by seeking simplicity, visual impact, and mindful human experiences crafted to its furniture and decors. Urban Abode gives you an option wherein you can create your own desired furniture, your creative input and by doing this, you just need to select a type of furniture, wood and metal finishes, fabric, dimensions, and specifications that will make your furniture unique and stunning.

3. Dekko.ph 

Check their website here.

Featuring Dekko.ph is one of the local stores where you can buy furniture and decors that will be perfect for your home of choice. Dekko.ph furniture and design are a handmade custom furniture brand that offers variety using organic, industrial, or handcrafted designs. This local brand of furniture and décor is to be used and will last for years. The good thing with this local store as an option in buying furniture and decors is that they give their expert opinions on the materials to be used such as type of woods, its stability, usability, ergonomics, etc. as you delve into the specific piece you would want and prefer.

Dekko.ph offers well-crafted furniture, this brand was established in 2015. There are many product types that you can choose such as tables, bed frames, kitchen counters, shelving, and many more. One of the strengths that dekko.ph has right now is its social media presence, with a huge pool of potential clients because of the quality that is being woven into every piece that they make. The brand comprises of young artisans trained by the owner himself, giving these out-of-school youth a chance to earn a living and provide for their families and be outstanding members of the community which in result produces good and quality products.

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4. RawTura.com 

Check their website here.

Raw.tura is one of the local store features where you can buy furniture and decor, this is a lifestyle furniture design company that was founded in 2014 in Manila, Philippines. The brand name is a clever combination of the words “raw” and “natura,” (which is Latin for natural), the name of the brand was crafted to express the origin and artistry behind each piece of furniture. This local store for furniture and décor advocates the use of raw and natural elements that soften interiors and enhance the uniqueness of any space. With this brand of a local furniture store, every piece is individually handcrafted and handled with the utmost care by skilled Filipino artisans.

Raw.tura as a local furniture store only sources material that possessed quality with the finest variations of wood and natural materials such as Rattan, Raffia, and Saguran from the Philippines. As the local furniture brand has a unique mixture of metal, wood, and other natural materials, a modern and fresh look is embodied, as well, as a sturdy functional design that is perfect for you. With its strong social media presence, aside from offering custom-made furniture the local store also has its ready-made decor that is available, and you can certainly avail.

5. Nooke.ph 

Check their website here.

Last but not least on where you could buy locally made furniture and décor is with nooke.ph, this is a local store that specializes in wood furniture, rock décor, and mirrors. This local brand designs a multifunctional piece for your evolving home, they also rework scraps of limestones, carved, and other designs which highlights its sculptural and sophisticated texture for your living home space.

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Nooke.ph is a local store that makes your home of choice be a perfect place for you to lounge and be. The good thing about this local store is that it didn’t just create furniture but created centered pieces that would last and designs that would grow with you. So, if you are looking for minimalist design furniture and décor, this is totally perfect for you. A good way to think about your home is it’s your sanctuary. It is where you want to take things slow after a busy day and be able to freely be yourself.

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Written by Ednyl Joharah A. Amar