Is Davao More Than Ready For The Post-Pandemic Boom?

Davao Ready for post pandemic

Davao is the largest 1st class urbanized city in the Philippines. Yes! It is not the Metro Manila but it is found in Southern Mindanao.  It has 2,443 square meter total land area and third most populated city after Quezon City and Manila with 1.6 million in population. It is situated at the center of Metro Davao that makes it the main commerce center and industry hub of Mindanao. Davao is home of some of the famous attractions and a rich in culture city known in the different parts of the world aside from Metro Manila but as the world starts to heal, is it ready for the post-pandemic world?

Davao City has been led for 27 years by our now President Rodrigo Duterte that boosted Davao’s track records making the city an alternative option to live in such as Manila and Cebu. With its master planned developments and rapidly growing infrastructures and its other businesses such agribusiness, logistics, strengthening the process management information technology and booming its tourism sectors makes the city the best option to live and must say that it is ready for the post-pandemic business recovery.

Here are the growth developments in Davao city that makes it a better place to live at during the post-pandemic world:

1. Transportation and logistics development

Davao’s transportation and logistics development has been planned and subdivided into 3 groups: short-term initiatives which from 2016 to 2022, medium-term initiatives from 2023 to 2030 and the long term initiatives from 2031 to 2045. One of the major projects for the large infrastructures are designed to ease the traffic and movement of the travellers for locals and businesses in the area including the upgrades and road links to Francisco Bangoy International Airport and same also with the Sea International Seaport terminal with major expansions and upgrades with its facilities to increase its capacity and to be flexible in terms of the business and an additional approved expansion budget of 19.9 billion in place.

Recent developments for the land is the 23 kilometer, Coastal Bypass Road and among the many road construction projects are upgrading and relocating of the utility systems such as electric and water supply for refinement. As for transportation plans, Davao City has started following the Comprehensive Transport meaning it is a project in transportation where the board planned a designated system. This plan has been in place since 2018 together with the Australian government to aid with technical side of the project. The top priority for this project is the development of the bus systems and light rail transit in the city which will improve the public transportation system, improve point bus system to other points in Davao City and increase the traffic work force to help with the flow of traffic in the city. ADB or Asian Development Bank pitched in for the Transport Modernization Project worth 924.6 million dollars as a support of the project.

2. Agribusiness development

Davao is known to be an agri-industrial city with its connection in the urban area to the other parts of agricultural business areas and to provide supply for coconuts, bananas, cacaos, coffees and many others. The City of Davao has taken a great effort in providing livelihood projects for its people to decrease poverty and at the same time, expand its agricultural business being the center of logistics and market in southern and eastern Mindanao. There is a new development in the city owned by the National Development Corporation or NDC that is worth 230 million pesos for the Food Terminal Complex or FTC. FTC will be the center for processing and other business related activities from farm produce from Davao City. Davao being a large city is contains a lot of farms that helps with the agribusiness. It will have seven parts and divisions for food processing, trading centers, cold storage facilities, and many more in which they are looking for investors for the said project.

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The 70 million project for wholesale vegetable processing facility is already operational which is a joint project of Davao City and the Department of Agriculture. Its main goal is to ease the transportation and logistics of the vegetable produce from and out the city with ease. The local government also created a program – Vegetable Production Enhancement, in where local farmers are given more income and at same time increase the production of the produce in the city.

3. Tourism Development

With the Davao City’s recognizable attributes and natural beauty that makes its tourism grow founder and to which the local government has already prepared multi-year strategy to increase the tourism in the city. Davao city is located in the south of the Philippines makes it far from the typhoon belt of our country and rarely experience dangerous weathers. As we all known, Davao is one of the safest city in the Philippines with the proper law and order established by their former Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who is know our President, and still continued by his daughter makes it appealing to foreign travellers and local tourists for making them feel safe to travel and explore the city. The city also developed and enhanced their airport to two million passengers annually to make it more accessible for Philippine or local travellers or from Asia such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and many others.

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With the ease of restrictions in our country, the tourism sector will continue its efforts and projects which was paused due to the Covid-19 restrictions and caused delays on the project. The Department of Tourism or DOT has established a target of around 1.4 million tourists for the year 2022. With Covid-19 that is still around, the plans were still unsure but the city and the local government has been continuously deliberating its efforts for the long term plans for tourism and see if there is a need to improve on the planned projects or still continue the approved ones.

One of projects for this is the 600 million sports complex, a 20 hectare land from University of the Philippines reservation in which will cater to athletes where they can stay while they train, and also contains an indoor and outdoor facilities, and sports academy such as libraries, classrooms and such. Sta. Ana Waterfront is also their new project in where they are to create shopping centers, hotels, and other attractions and said to be worth 12 billion pesos.

With Davao City’s natural beauty and characteristics it has not been hard to strengthen and grow the tourism of the city.  

Here are the post-pandemic must visit places in Davao City:

1. Mount Apo

Mount Apo is known for its beauty and makes it to do the best places to visit in Davao City. It is known to be the highest mountain in the Southeast Asia and the 24th highest peak of an island on Earth. Before reaching the top of the mountain, there is Crater Lake produced the volcanic activites.

2. Samal Island

It is said to be at the top list for island hopping activities in Davao City in which there are a combination of areas for you to visit such as the Hagimit Falls a place where you can just relax with your friends and family. You can also go hiking with Mt. Puting Bato to experience breath taking views and rest in many resorts there. There is also Monfort Bat Cave in where you can have your night trip and go inside the caves for a different experience.

3. Eden Nature Park and Resort

Eden Nature Park and Resort is known to be named after a biblical garden to which you can experience nature for total relaxation. There are also activities presented in where you need to experience to remove all your worries and stress in your city life and also to see its serenity. There are also other areas you can visit such as the amphitheatre, the Lola’s Garden and the Flower Garden, and many others. As it is a park, it is also a resort in where you can go swimming, enjoy the kids playground, and other cottages. It is a place perfect for any kind of family seeking for relaxation and adventure at the same time.

4. Malagos Garden Resort and Chocolate Museum

It is a 12 hectare nature theme park, perfect for people who want to experience inner peace and enjoy nature at the same time. The resort also contains different types of birds species in where you can feed in your hands at the feeding dome. There are also petting zoos available for the kids and kids at heart, and visit the butterfly sanctuary in the area. Malagos is also known to be the first chocolate museum. Its famous tree bark chocolate from Malagos is said to be exported in Japan. You can also visit the the Art Gallery to see and learn about the Mindanao’s rich culture and history.

5. Crocodile Park

It is one of the popular tourist spots in where you can experience Davao wildlife. It show that rich and developed crocodile farming in the country. It is where thousands of crocodiles both salt water and fresh water reptiles were nestled and being taken care of and also its eggs at the incubator room. There are also other animals in the park such as the monkeys, snakes and many other reptiles. You can also get to try a different culinary experience in which a food stall offers crocodile tea, durian crocodile and other exotic Davaoeño food you can experience.

6. Philippine Eagle Center

The center’s main goal was to conserve the endangered species of the Philippine Eagle. Every donation that is given is dedicated for the conservation of our national bird. There are 36 eagles that the center has been taking care of. There are also other ten species of birds, four species of mammals, and other animals that you get to visit and encounter in the most famous attraction in the city in the farm tour.

7. People’s Park Davao

It is said to be one of greenest and cleanest park in the Philippines. You get to experience the famous Durian Dome as part of your highlight and as the number one photographed destination when you visit Davao. The park also offers a night life in where you can a waling waling wall gets lit up at night. There is also learning center in the Park in where children get to enjoy and read their books at the Sunken Garden where the library is located. There is also a Philippine Eagle replica as one of the major sculpture in the park.

8. Jack’s Ridge

It is said to be part of the history as the Japanese used this as their headquarters for escape during the World War II. You can get to experience the bird’s eye view of the city from here. There are also caves in the area where people sometimes get war equipment or materials for war in its grounds. There is also an urban legend that Japanese have left gold bullions and left other items they took from the other countries.

9. Try the Durian Fruit

Durian is said to be massively produced only in Davao and cannot be seen easily in the other parts of the Philippines. Davao and its volcanic soil features have created the most flavourful Durians. It is said to have a not so pleasant smell but other like it and compared it to a perfume.  There are people who love to try the Durian but not all like it especially because of its smell.

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Live within reach

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Written by Yna Faundo