Investing in a Property as a Couple Before Marriage: Ideal or Not?


Getting into marriage is one of the biggest dreams of every couple. In fact, dating to marry is the most used mantra when trying to meet someone as your potential partner. However, being married is not full of fantasies. A lot must be considered especially in the financial aspect if you plan to have children with your partner. In a practical sense, it is a huge plus if your partner is financially literate as one of the conflicts when you are married is about money especially if you are not born rich so resources are limited. With this, aside from planning your marriage with your fiancé or your special someone, you might want to start being practical and talking about the financial aspect of your future plans. Perhaps, one of the biggest investments that you will surely make is purchasing a residential property. If you are planning to get married, the next question to ask to both of you is “where will live?” There are a lot of options like renting or leasing but if you have a huge disposal income, why not start to invest in a residential property as co-owners? If you are one of the privileged couples who have the means to start investing, here are the things to know before investing in a property as a couple before marriage.

Investing in a Property Before Marriage Possible?

            The short answer for this is yes! However, it is seen as a complex purchase for many couples. But I think this is a no brainer question. In reality, even if you plan to marry your current partner, there will be circumstances that you will end up going separate ways. Hence, it may be a hassle in the long run, in terms of emotional and financial aspect.

However, in a practical sense, even married couples part ways. So, if you and your partner are financially literate, availing a co-owned property might not be a hassle for both of you in worst cases. To prepare for the worst scenarios, it would be beneficial for the couple to ask for the aid of a lawyer to draft a co-ownership agreement for both parties. Perhaps, this is one of the most important things to know before investing in a property as a couple before marriage. If you have a law expert by your side, the complexity of our country’s legal processes and the emotional issues that may surface in a worst scenario would not be a problem anymore.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Investing in a Property as Couple Before Marriage

            Now that you have some knowledge about the most important thing to know before investing in a property as a couple before marriage, let’s go on the specifics of property investing. Since, this involves a huge amount of money, there are a of things to consider as a couple to make your purchase worthwhile. Here are the other things to know before investing in a property as a couple before marriage.

  1. Talking about your financial capacity with your partner

Since this would be a co-owned property, you have to deal with the differences of one another to arrive at a compromise. Of course, the budget of one is different with the budget of the other. Just like a romantic relationship, it needs to be talked out by the couple before deciding. You should talk about your max budget for the total cost of the property to be bought, and its payment terms. From this, you can analyze your cash inflows to prevent overspending or shortage in your monthly budget.

We acknowledge that everyone has their dream house or a mansion. However, in a practical sense, “living within your means” is the most ideal way of living to prevent future financial problems or at least have enough for contingencies. Additionally, if you want to make payment terms more flexible, you can apply for a home loan which makes financing your property purchase easier especially in payment terms because the property will serve as a mortgage for your loan.

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  • Establish a list of your preferences in your property

A home should be a place of comfort and convenience for the residing family. Aside from the budget this might be one of the most complicated things to know before investing in a property as a couple before marriage. Sometimes, your budget is not a problem but the feel of the property that you will be purchasing might be off or in simpler terms “it might not be the one.” So, a good way to start is by establishing or listing your “must-haves” in a home. Talk it out with your partner. Perhaps, he or she will also realize that he or she likes or dislikes such preference especially when it comes to interior design. But remember, always have a compromise! Do not let your property purchase ruin your relationship.

  • Deciding on the location of your property

If you have decided on your “must-haves” in a home, you should establish the location of the property you want to invest on. In a financial perspective, this is important as it will dictate the appraisal value of your home in the future. To put it simply, a property near the necessary amenities like malls, churches, schools, and transport terminals will surely continue to increase its value overtime. This is the reason why residential properties in business districts or its nearby areas have a high peso value.

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Real Property Investment: The Best?

            Investing in a real property might be the best investment as it has low risk with high rewards compared to its counterparts. However, it needs a lot of money even with long-term financing. The most cliché reason for this investment is that “property values continuously rise”. It is true most of the time. So, if you and your partner are financially stable, why not start investing in a property even before marriage? Practicality wise, if you decide not to live on the purchased property, you may convert it as a rental business. Enroll it as an Airbnb or simply make it a residential lease or home rental. Investing in a real property gives you a lot of alternatives in terms of accumulating gains. Hence, disregarding the emotional stress in worst scenarios, investing in a property as a couple will truly give you more benefits in the long-run especially if both of you are financially literate individuals. It takes a lot of practicality and knowledge to undergo a co-ownership with your partner. For this type of investment, a lawyer can always help you with the legalities and real estate brokers and agents will make your investment more worthwhile through their expertise in this industry.