BRIA Homes’ Sentro: Promoting Well-Being of Its Homeowners

Sentro: the new center of convergence in BRIA Communities

Marites and mosang are the few popular tags given by the present generation to people who loves to get updated to rumors and spread the same to their colleagues. Such culture is known to be gossip culture or tsismisan in Filipino. For many years, even without social media, the spreading of rumors is rampant. It’s like a hobby, especially to Filipino neighborhoods. This entails that Filipinos love to bond with one another or do pakikisama, in Filipino. However, it seems that the easiest way to gather people is through gossiping. Setting aside such culture, Filipino neighborhood seems to love gathering in groups and enjoying each accompaniment as it gives relaxation and comfort away from their homes. That being the case, community centers are a viable venue to provide an avenue for entertainment and other needs. With Bria Homes’ Sentro, its community center, elevates this system to provide not only entertainment to the neighborhood but also better living conditions to the people of the residential area.

Bria Homes’ Sentro Community Centers and Its Essence

Generally, community centers are developed for social activities for the residents of the neighborhood. Its goal is to provide support for each community member through socialization and recreational activities hence strengthening unity in the community. Furthermore, participation in community gatherings is more encouraged than isolation. Hence, its real essence was backed by the saying “no man is an island”.

However, the idea of community centers is uncommon in the Philippines. Such exists but not for the neighborhood. Its focus is more on specialized groups, especially those needing more attention, with hopes of promoting and giving a new positive life for these individuals.

Why Support Community Centers?

Despite the lack of popularity, community centers are believed to assume a huge role in the lives of community members. In an era where depression is getting common due to varying expectations, stressors and pressure in life, such centers promote the well-being of people through socialization. With this, here are some of the reasons to support the community centers:

1. Bonding and Recreation

Living with its primary goal to promote unity, community centers facilitate different socialization activities for its members. With this, the people can get a chance to know one another helping them enjoying each’s accompaniment. Engaging in such activities promotes a way to relax from the expectations and pressures set by the society. Participating in these recreational programs may help you realize that you only live once so attaining happiness should be included in one’s checklist.
Prevents Loneliness, Promotes Belongingness

As you participate in the activities facilitated by your community center, chances are high that you will meet people with same or similar interest to you. With this, you may attain the feeling of belongingness that you are not alone in your journey and people understand your goals and struggles in life. Living is never easy. There is no single formula to attain happiness. But with the right people around you and sense of belongingness, everything will be bearable thus helping you go on with life and pursue your endeavors.

2. Support for Other Needs

Aside from socialization, some community centers elevate the experience of their members like Bria Home’s Sentro. The management of community centers, especially if well-funded, recognizes the additional needs of its constituents. Hence, other activities like medical and livelihood support are taken into consideration other than pure socialization and moral support.

Sentro – Elevating Living Standards in the Community

From the statement above that community centers are uncommon in the Philippines and presumably built only for specialized groups, Bria Homes begs to differ and raise the standards.

Normally, neighborhoods do not have a special venue to hold their recreational activities. It is undeniable that sometimes they occupy the street areas to commence parties for with their family and neighbors. In the case of subdivisions, homeowners’ associations are not that active in promoting a socialized community as they focus more on developing their neighborhood area and promote security from criminal activities. It is also like a privatized barangay as it resolves conflict between homeowners other than managing the subdivision area.

With Sentro, it does not only recognize the security needs for its residents but also their well-being. It is considered the most innovative development among the real estate developers as the company wants to promote socialization and recreation among its member-owners.

In Sentro, your neighborhood may experience the uncommon events that may be held in a residential subdivision. Sports tournaments, seminars, pageants, and even graduations can be held in this venue. The said community center also covers the availability of playground for kids, daycare centers, and senior citizen centers.

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Basically, Sentro raises the standards on how to manage a neighborhood. The real estate developer behind such innovation caters not only the needs of a specific group of individuals but also the inclusivity of all ages to give their needs for the sake for their well-being.

Why Choose BRIA Homes as Residence?

Other than having affordable house and lot, its payment terms and options will surely attract investors of different types as it promotes inclusivity yet offering a quality home suitable for every social class. Also, its location is near essential places like schools, hospitals, and commercial establishments. Its community center is a plus as the company wants its homeowners to not only have a comfortable home, but also comfortable neighborhood founded with good relations.

Ultimate Consideration in Choosing a Residence

Aside from pricing and location of your potential residence, there is another consideration to take when choosing the proper home to live in. One must consider the entire community and environment if it is friendly and keeps you at peace. Pricing and location are just secondary consideration because one must remember that a home is supposed to give comfort and relaxation, not additional stress. Imagine availing an affordable house with great aesthetics and its location is near commercial establishments but the vibe is gloomy, the people are inconsiderate, or their personality is not ideal for children currently in the crucial stages of growing up. With that kind of environment or community, can it still be called a home? A home is not just a place of living but also a zone for belongingness, comfort, and safety.

Remember that practicality should not always be prioritized especially if your sanity is at stake. Choose a residential area where you will feel the belongingness, peace, and friendliness you require. It is a wiser decision to be picky on your residence because a healthy home and environment contributes to uplifting your mood every morning you wake up. Invest in real estate, not only because of the potential appraised values in the future but also to establish a healthy home and environment which every individual wish for. Always remember the foundation of developing Sentro.

Find a home that will not only cater to your need for a place to stay but also your need for maintaining and sustaining your mental well-being. This is a simple yet impactful decision one may make to fully enjoy the fruits of many years of hard work. Life is hard but with good people and environment, everything will be bearable because the sense of peace felt in a home makes you realize how happy it is to continue living.

Written by Steven Hernandez