10 Summer Activities to Enjoy in Every Bria Condo Amenity

Swimming Summer Activity in Bria Condo Amenity

Living in a tropical archipelago, the Philippines, summer is one of the finest seasons to explore. Waking up in your room knowing that you’re being free from day-to-day assignments and work duties just to simply enjoy the blazing heat of the sun is indeed a spectacular event to look forward to. Warm weather is incomparable as we take into our first dips, barbeque nights, and even nighttime storytelling that everyone does at this time of the year. This is why during summer, families, and friends would search for a perfect place to do indoor and outdoor activities for their kids that would surely fit into their time and budget. Luckily, Bria Condo offers amenities for you to enjoy and create memorable moments you’ll surely look back after summertime.

Below are the lists of summer activities you and your kids shouldn’t miss in you Bria Condo:

1. Swimming

First on the bucket lists of every family to enjoy their summer getaway is enjoying the splashes of water. With that being said, swimming ranks firsts. It is a great activity that is good for the whole family, especially for kids who like to have fun while increasing their endurance, physical strength, and cardiovascular fitness. This best exercise and summer activity shall be filled when you visit Bria Condo’s Swimming Pool where you can feel the freedom of achieving a sense of reward coming out fresh and cool that kids would assuredly love to adore. It can also open a child’s heart to be fit and make new friends in the community.  

2. Bike Ride

Biking is one of the most well-known summer activities to enjoy. Riding a bike will not only promote physical fitness but also enhances your child’s learning growth and emotional wellness. Kids will love to have a bike race or to just simply roam around Bria Condo streets with their friends and at the same time maintain balanced and healthy wellbeing.

3. Camping

Outdoor activities such as camping are truly fun during summer vacation. The excitement of building tents, making s’mores recipes, and laying on the grass while watching the hang string lights in the backyard is indeed a sight of relaxation. Knowing how kids would like to wander around a safe environment, camping near Bria Condo and Bria Homes’ playground can help them get a dose of strong Vitamin D from the sun, breathe fresh air, and nurture friendships inside the neighborhood.

4. Picnic

A picnic allows you to focus on your children without interruptions. Picnics are an excellent time to show your children that they are loved and heard. Spending time outside has been found to lessen anxiety and diminish activity in regions of our brains associated with mental illness. Time spent in the sun is also linked with greater mood and lower stress levels for the entire family. At Bria Condo, you can enjoy meditation and self-reflection that can help both parents and children. Picnics at Bria Condo can provide a reasonably tranquil setting that encourages these reflective actions.

5. Yoga Practice

This summer, unwind by doing some soothing yoga positions with the kids. Little ones will appreciate spending time together and coming up with new stretches to try. Pair this yoga practice at Bria Condo’s Gym that offers children an instant outlet to relieve stress in a secure and supportive setting. Yoga for kids promotes flexibility and blood flow, which can help lower the risk of injury during other physical activities. Nothing beats the world of fitness when you guide your kids toward healthy living life.

6. Arts and Crafts

Since we are still on a pandemic, summer staycation is now on-trend. Bria Condo ensures that everyone is safe and secure while enjoying your summer activities in the comfort of your homes by providing 24-hour security for the protection purposes of everyone. While being protected at home from COVID-19 virus transmission, activities such as Arts and Crafts will allow your kids to be creative, sociable, and intelligent. Through developing their imagination and self-expression, a kid’s minds will be broadened with ideas while they draw, paint, cut, and mold throughout this activity. It would make them unleash their potential skills in designing which would exhibit their ingenuity in all aspects of their lives.

7. Film Night

Children naturally like watching movies, especially those with amusing cartoon characters, adventurous plots, crazy sequences, and a dash of action and fantasy romance thrown in for good measure. Aside from fun, children benefit much from kids learning videos. Watching movies in summer while being comfortable inside your living room in Bria Condo will confidently help create a bond between families and friends. This bond can help children improve their vocabulary, emotional stimulation, study a foreign language, and improve their critical thinking skills. So, giving a fun head start to movies with kids will entice their minds towards behavioral growth that should be guided by the ideals and morals presented in the film.

8. Board Games

Pulling out board games on a nice summer weekend night or family events and gatherings shows that your children will benefit much from this particular precious time. Board games may enhance children’s minds and language development in addition to teaching them about collaboration, patience, and how to win and lose graciously. To fully enjoy your board games activity, Bria Condo offers a clubhouse that would be the best fit for kids and families to gather around which will value their teamwork with each other. Board games will be perfect to sharpen your child’s focus and a great way to escape the use of gadgets. Families are fighting to strike a balance between digital and real-life ties, but board games give a means for that emotional connection to one other.

9. Baking

Summer wouldn’t be complete without gaining a new skill and experience. Every parent wants to have their kids something new to learn and discover. Taking a break from school activities would allow kids to focus on innovative and exciting ways to lessen their boredom at home such as baking. Baking has long been a popular pastime for people of all ages. To spice up your baking experience with your children, the kitchens in each Bria Condo are ready to provide you with the tools and equipment you’ll need to get started. Now pack up your ingredients and express yourselves via the process of designing, selecting flavors, and decorating. For kids to have a quite calming, resulting in a genuine sensation of serenity and tranquility.

10. View the Stars

Summer stargazing is the cheery nights filled with memories that you and your children will cherish for the rest of their lives. This activity is picture-perfect on Bria Condo’s rooftop and balcony where you can take a blanket outside and lie down to see what constellations you can spot. Now take out your binoculars and dive into the world of science to appreciate the encouraging night sky making its wonderful way throughout the evening.

Written by Jennifer Rose S. De la Cruz