Is Townhouse a Good Investment as Your Next Home? 

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Homeownership is the dream of the majority of the working population. Find out about your available housing options by learning about townhouses and the advantages of owning one in this article.

Hustle and Bustle for your Dream Home

All the hustle and grind rooting from the desire of having enough to fulfill our needs and wants in life. However, aside from having enough, deciding which to buy among the alternatives is a problem as well. You need a lot of research or consultation from those knowledgeable individuals because, in today’s era, a lot of scammers are taking advantage of the naiveness of the people. Fret not because the internet is available! With proper discernment, you can have access to countless pieces of information which may give you a background on which decision to choose.

For homeownership or any real property investment, a property usually has an advantage over the other, may it be from the location, environment, or long-term appreciation value. But if you are a simple person who enjoys the comfort of traditional houses despite the hustle culture we have, it is hard to find the best home for you.

Luckily, real estate developers recognize this preference of potential homeowners. Most townhouses are being built near business districts to give the working population a traditional home vibe. Although for some, townhouses are believed to have low appreciation value in the long-term, most prefer to invest in condominiums, especially the younger generation but why worry about the appreciation value if you feel like living in that home for the rest of your life or you do not plan to sell it right away? With this, is a townhouse a good investment? This guide will help you decide for yourself and make the most out of your home investment.

What is a Townhouse? 

If you are stuck between the modern way of living and the desire for the traditional neighborhood, this might be the best choice to make for your next residential home investment. Townhouses may be considered a middle ground between a traditional home and a condominium.

Like traditional houses, it is a single detached unit unlike condominiums with units stacked across floors of the building. It also gives the advantage of condominiums which it is near business centers so you are not left behind by the opportunities these business districts offer. But unlike condos, it provides more comfort by temporarily removing the pressure of the hustling lifestyle of millennials and younger generations.

If you are in a condominium, most people are busy or stays out for their work and careers. So, investing in a townhouse may be considered the property having the best of both worlds of residential home investments. 

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What are the advantages of living in a townhouse neighborhoods?

              Maybe describing a townhouse would not answer the question “is a townhouse a good investment?” So, if you are still undecided, here are the advantages of a townhouse over other real property investment alternatives. 

1. Cost Effective

Unlike other owned properties in which you control the size of your home and yard, townhouses are pre-built which gives an advantage of cost-effectiveness. The sizes of the house and lot are not that big for maintenance. It is just enough to have space for everything you need to do in life.

In fact, it saves you energy in maintaining the outdoor landscape of your home because a townhouse neighborhood usually establishes a homeowner’s association for taking care of the overall environment of the neighborhood. It is like a barangay association with minimal fees.

When talking about fees, most people do not want to incur additional costs for these types of maintenance in the neighborhood but if you compare it to a condominium purchase, there are a lot of fees to pay for the amenities and maintenance of the whole building. So, if you want to enjoy amenities and maintenance services, townhouse investment is the way to go. 

2. Communal Amenities

Usually, there are a lot of amenities in condominiums but some townhouse has neighborhood amenities might be taking these amenities to the next level. In condominiums, it is usual for people to focus on their individual endeavors so socializing with the people next to your door may be uncommon. But for traditional neighborhoods like what townhouses give, socializing with your neighbors is common. With these, the common areas like gyms, courts, and other recreational facilities have a friendlier vibe which makes it perfect for socializing. Besides, if you have a free gym or court in your neighborhood, why pay for membership fees if you just want to have fun while exercising right? It saves you a lot plus you get to know more people in your neighborhood.

If you want these kinds of amenities, you may try checking Bria Homes. Out of all the real estate developers in the Philippines, they offer a community center in their subdivision. It is known as Sentro. For more information, you may refer in this article.

3. Heightened Security

Though this may not be its strongest feature as condominiums also have good security features accompanied by security cameras. However, if you want extra security, you may install gates and fences so that people cannot easily break into your house. In condominiums, a lot of people come and go because outsiders can easily have access with just permission from a unit owner in the condo. With this, you do not know who is good or who will be tempted to break into your unit. It is easy to penetrate your unit because the only protection you have is a door which can be easily broken by thieves or intruders 

4. A Private and Relaxing Environment

In a townhouse neighborhood, even though houses are built next to each other, the walls are thick enough to suppress the noise from your neighbor. Hence, you do not have to worry about reporting your neighbor in the management like the system of condos. Homeowner’s association also has prescribed rules and regulations that must be followed. An advantage that townhouses give is making your daily living will much more organized and conducive for obtaining comfort and relaxation from a stressful week may it be from work or activities related to your career. 

Choosing the Ideal Townhouse Model for Purchase

              Maybe you are now convinced that a townhouse is a good investment, right? The advantages of a townhouse catch the best of every alternative which is why it may be considered the middle ground of all the residential home alternatives.

              There are varying townhouse models to choose from but let us simplify things! You should consider the Bettina Townhouse Model from Bria Homes

              Bettina Townhouse Model is a house and lot model which features a 44 square-meter floor area and a 36 square-meter lot. It is a two-floor house featuring 2 bedrooms, a living room, dining room, service area, and a small parking for your car. It has everything you need. If you are starting to build your family, this is the perfect home for you. It is well built to cater to all your needs as every space is properly utilized to properly serve its purpose. If you are curious how a Bettina Townhouse Model looks, you may refer to this link. Some might say less is more but if you plan to have a family the bigger is better. Bettina Townhouse model is sure enough for your needs and your desire to build a small family. 

              If you love this model but desire a slightly more spacious lot area, you may consider the Bettina xE Townhouse Model. It is the newest innovation of Bria Homes from its regular Bettina Townhouse Model. The bigger lot area makes you more creative especially if you have a new venture to explore. If you want to have a look at Bettina xE and its features.

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The Best Considerations when Buying a Home

Comfort and relaxation might be the best considerations when choosing a home. Having a good property value in the next few years is a good investor mindset but if it is a residential home purchase, why make it a big deal, right? Aside from comfort and relaxation, the nearby areas should serve your needs and be favorable to your life endeavors. If these three factors satisfy your eyed residential property, you are on the right path. Remember, a home is different from a house. A house is just a space where a person lives but a home is more than a living space. 

Home is a place of comfort, relaxation, and safety. Just be aware of scammers so the purchase of your dream home will go as smoothly as possible. With this, you do not have to worry much about property values as long as your “home” needs are served.