How to Get Rid of Bad Smell from the Fridge?

Remove Fridge Smell with simple tips

Refrigerators only prolong and slow down the spoiling process and cannot guarantee how long it can keep the food fresh. Bad fridge odors could occur if not maintained properly. They need caring and cleaning also like most of the items in our household. There are many home remedies that can help remove fridge odor. You just have to be careful on choosing which is the right hack you will choose in your fridge as they are different in each kind.

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A refrigerator is one of the essential and popular appliance that every household usually has. The main purpose of a fridge is to keep your food cold and prolong food shelf life. Keeping food in a cold and dry place helps it stay fresh longer. It helps slow down bacteria activities in which that all food contains and makes the bacteria slow down into spoiling your food. This process is called preservation. Preservation is described as maintaining a product to its original or existing state. Like in common households, we sometimes forget that we stored and kept some of our food in a fridge and it stays there for a long time. Worst part is that it can create molds and bad bacteria that are invisible and can make your other fresh goods spoiled. Rotten, liquid build ups from spilled juices or other liquids, expired and smelly food and together with the moisture from the humidity are some of the contributors of a smelly fridge.

How to Remove Fridge Odor

Maintaining your fridge is not that hard as you think. There are some cleaning items that are specifically for fridge cleaning but it can be costly but you do not need to purchase expensive and particular items for cleaning. There are common household items you can use for a cheaper option. You just have to look around your household for these items and it can help you solve your problem. At the same time, it can also save you money from purchasing expensive cleaning items that is commercialized in the market. Follow these home remedies fridge odor hacks that you need to know to get rid of the bad smell and take care of your essential appliance.

What would you need for removing fridge odor?

1. Baking soda

Baking soda is cheap and almost every household has. It can remove odor from almost anything, from carpets to refrigerators that helps also to remove fridge odor.

2. Vinegar

Vinegar is another cheap option as it is a natural cleaner that is available everywhere. Although not many liked the smell of it due to its strong smell but it will go away once it dries up.

3. Cloth

Cloth is used for cleaning any surface. It can help you wipe out all the residues in any areas you want to reach easily. You just need to ensure that the cloth to use cannot be easily torn.

4. Oats or coffee grounds

Most people do not know that oats can be poured to a liquid and at any hard to wipe liquids like oil to pick it up easily. It can absorb liquids for at least 10 minutes in a breeze and in a cleaner manner. While on the other hand, coffee grounds act as natural deodorizer as it contains nitrogen that contributes to neutralize odor in the air quickly and in the safest way possible.

5. Dish Soap

Dish soap is used for the cleaning process. It helps get rid of the bad smell and like most soaps it has certain components that help kill some bacteria.

6. Cookie Sheet

Cookie sheets are used in the cleaning process and its main purpose is to absorb any liquid.

Once you have acquired all the cleaning materials you need, you can follow these steps on how to remove fridge odor:

  • First you need to do is to remove everything from your fridge. Check all the labels and its expirations date then get rid of the items that are no longer fresh. Then clean down your jars or any containers that has liquid residues. Next, you need to remove all the drawers or any surfaces that needs cleaning. You can soak them in a hot water combined with dish soap while you do the interior’s fridge cleaning.
  • Skip the expensive cleaning sprays and go for natural deodorizers such as baking soda and vinegar. It will not just be a natural cleaning option but it can also create frizz that can lift up stains. Use a toothbrush or a clean rag then pour some baking soda and vinegar to reach the hard to reach areas in the fridge in where some food particles might stay.
  • Wipe all the ins and outs of your fridge. You may start at the top then work all the way down. Clean the areas such as drawers, ceiling, and its doors to totally remove fridge odor.
  • Rinse the cloth you used to wipe down. Use warm water with a little bit of vinegar and baking soda to clear away any residue that is left in the cloth. Continue to do so until none is left.

How to Prevent Bad Fridge Odor?

After cleaning your fridge, you want to ensure that the foul smell will never happen again. One of the ways to do this is by adding a thin layer of baking soda in a cookie sheet and leave it overnight. Another option rather baking soda are oats and coffee beans in which can act as natural deodorizers as well. Another hack is that you can soak cotton balls in a vanilla and leave it in the fridge for a more pleasant sweet smell.

Over time, your fridge will accumulate stains inside and on its interior that are not easy to remove by a wet cloth. Try mixing baking soda and warm water until it forms a paste then spread it on stained areas. Let it stay for at least an hour before wiping it then the stain will be gone.

1. Keep it fresh

With proper cleaning and maintenance, you can keep your fridge look fresh and preserve its main purpose in keeping your food edible. Keep your fridge in a proper temperature as this will help in preventing bad bacteria from spreading. Use locked and sealed containers when storing food to prevent spill overs and spreading foul smells. Be as organized as possible by labeling your containers by their expiration dates. We do not want to waste food and by doing this, we can see properly until when our food can be edible. By organizing your food items, you can create a good air circulation inside it. A good and quality fridge can stay as long as it can just with proper care and use. It is known to be the most hardworking home appliance that usually runs 24/7 every day and really does the job in keeping our food to extend to its longest shelf life.

As mentioned, your fridge works all day. There are some ways on how you can conserve energy and money saving tips while you use your fridge’s full potential.

2. Keep it organized

As many people love to decorate their homes’ interiors and rooms, we should not forget the most important and essential place where we keep and store our food. Let us help our fridge to its job by keeping it clean and neat.

3. Do not overfill

You do not want a fridge that every time you open it, your food spills everywhere. If it happens, it is time to do some decluttering. If you tend to overfill, it can lead to spoiled food due to blocked air vents, reduced energy efficiency or just you forgot about it. One of the best practices is to fill your fridge at least two thirds of it full capacity.

4. Do not store milk in the fridge door

It is known that the warmest part of the fridge is the top shelf and by the door. Storing your milk and eggs by the door can lead to spoilage. You should store it in the middle shelf as it usually has the consistent temperature.  Keep your food items that contains natural preventatives like vinegar and salt by the door and same goes for the snacks and leftovers.

5. Do not mix fruits and vegetables

Veggies then to dry and rot slower when there is moisture rather fruits that rot slower with low humidity. Keep the two items separated in different drawers or containers for longer shelf life. You do not want to waste food because it has already rotten. For the newer models of the fridge, they usually have two drawers in keeping them away from each other. Fruits contain ethylene that causes veggies to spoil immediately.

Keeping your fruits and veggies can be a little of a challenge. There are times that you do not consume these items immediately and might be saving it for special occasions. Save your money from buying again and avoid spoilage, follow the tips on how you can keep it fresh.

6. Use clear containers

Using of clear containers can help you see your food situation and even the food labels. An organized fridge with clear boxes can help you segregate some fresh produce and expands its life.

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Written by Yna Faundo