Energy and Money Saving Tips for Your Refrigerator


Since we are already in the Summer season, one of the major challenges we encounter in the Philippines is the high electricity bill. Did you notice that? Every time its summer, the electric bill goes up. This is probably because we would like to feel cool and refresh caused of the summer heat. This is a little add to your financial burden, especially if you are living in a Rent-to-Own condominium or Rent-to-Own House and Lot. And one of the full time appliances that we use is the refrigerator. It is considered as one of the most essential appliances in our home and so therefore if we don’t know how it works, then it will have a major impact in our electricity bill. Follow our tips written in this article to save more energy and money while using your refrigerator.

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What is Energy Efficiency? Why should it matter to us? According to Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI), energy efficiency simply means using less energy to perform the same task that is, eliminating energy waste. Energy efficiency brings a variety of benefits: reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing demand for energy imports, and lowering our costs on a household and economy-wide level. So how do we save energy and money on our refrigerator?  Here are some tips.

1. Do not overload to allow for proper air circulation of the cool air inside.

It does not mean, that if you buy a big refrigerator, you will be storing so much food inside to the point that it can no longer breathe. This will only decline the refrigerator’s efficiency. Meaning,  once the capacity of refrigerator reach its peak, it will only spoil your foods and drinks. I am pretty sure that this is the least thing that we would want to happen. We usually store up foods or drinks so that we don’t waste them, right? So make sure that there are still spaces inside for air circulation. You can provide proper air circulation and location by keeping at least a 2-inch gap behind the refrigerator and on all sides. An refrigerator energy saving tip, keep the refrigerator full to at least two-thirds capacity only and remove larger items on the top shelf, so that it does not trap the heat inside the refrigerator, forcing the fridge to work harder.

2. Check the attached yellow label that includes the Energy Efficiency Factor (EEF).

So what is this EEF and why should we check this? EEF means Energy Efficiency Ratio. Usually the number in the middle of the yellow label tells us how efficiently a refrigerator uses its power to cool its rated storage volume. The twist is, the higher the EEF number means that the particular refrigerator model is energy-efficient, which means also that it has a lower operating cost. However, this will not tell you how much it will cost you to operate. Instead, it will tell you if one model is more efficient that the other. If the refrigerator you are looking for does not have an EEF label, then you can compute it with this formula: Total Storage Volume (liters) ÷ Energy Consumption (kWh/24h)

3. Take the paper test to ensure that refrigerator doors close tightly.

According to Meralco, this test is a good refrigerator energy saving tip. Close the refrigerator door on a piece of paper: if you can pull the paper out easily or if it falls, it means that the door seals aren’t working, and it won’t keep the cold in. This means also that is now time for some repairs.

4. Turn off that Ice Maker

Did you know that using ice cube trays are better than using the automatic ice maker? Why? Because an automatic ice maker increases a refrigerator’s energy use by 14 to 20 percent.

5. Remove stuff on Top of the Fridge

Placing things like condiments and other junks at the top of your fridge will actually block the heat from escaping. This will also cause the compressor to work harder which will shorten the life span of your fridge and will increase your electric bill.

6. Organize your Fridge

Did you know that organizing your fridge does not only please the eyes? but it also pleases your pocket. When we keep things in order, it is easier to find things inside. Which means that we don’t have to spend so much time with the fridge open just looking for the important ingredients or food that we stock up inside our fridge. This will then help in reducing your energy usage. If you want some refrigerator energy saving tip, you can actually use the top shelf as storage for your most used items. This way, you can reach important items easier and you can close the door quickly.

7. Store only closed containers

Instruct your family to always cover drinks and food that are placed inside the fridge. This way, it will avoid the increase of the internal moisture levels which will make again the compressor work harder. Another refrigerator energy saving tip, this will not only save energy but also this will save your foods from contamination.

8. Place your Refrigerator away from heat source

When you place your refrigerator near a heat source, all of the extra heat will cause it to run more frequently which will increase your electric consumption. This can also shorten the life span of your fridge. So when you organize your home, make sure that it is far from the oven, heat vent, or even the window.

If you would like to know how to lessen your electric bill, you can also check out the article Watts your problem? – A guide on how to save more on electricity this summer to help you get more ideas on saving electricity. If you also have concerns wherein despite doing all these steps, your fridge is still using a great amount of energy, then it means that it is time to call a home appliance repair specialist. They are the professional technicians that could check any underlying issues to make sure that the fridge is working on its peak efficiency. Hopefully these refrigerator energy saving tips can help you save money and energy during this season of summer heat.

Written by Raine M. Sanchez