Important Things To Do When Moving Into a Rent-to-Own Affordable Condominium

rent to own condominium

We’re getting ahead in life and decided to deal with an affordable quality rent-to-own condominium at Bria Condominium. What’s left to do is just to pack your things from your old house and move into your dream condo at Bria Condominium and start a new milestone in life. Here are things to do to help us sort things out when moving into a rent-to-own condominium.

For some who are wondering, a rent-to-own is a deal where we get to rent a condominium unit for some time. It is usually a process by which the owner of a home allows a renter to build equity without having to make a down payment or secure a mortgage.

1. Plan Ahead

After scoring an affordable and quality condos, plan of where to put our things, like furniture, appliances, and stuffs we need to make a living. Of course, we want a place where we could be us or a place that screams our personality, so design a place based on our lifestyle. If we’re a minimalist, we would design our house with less is more kind of touch; some would also be more eco-friendly and recycle things for another purpose, this saves some things of not having to go to waste and saves money by repurposing stuff to cater what is needed, but whether it’s minimalist, eco-friendly, or industrial it depends on one’s lifestyle. Plan out what things would stay with us from our old place and things that would need a replacement to go with our target design. In this manner, we won’t be flooded by a sea of boxes after we move out to our new home.  

We could save the trouble of looking at the internet for ideas by browsing Bria’s fully furnished rent-to-own condominium and property. They have lots of designs to go with everyone’s lifestyle, saving us the hassle of thinking too many things and time by buying the right kinds of stuff to go with our ideal design. Check out interior design inspirations at Bria Homes for more design ideas.

2. Do a checklist

Moving to our rent-to-own condominium requires a lot of tasks and energy and most of the time we tend to forget to move important things with us. To avoid that mistake, make a checklist when moving to our new rent-to-own condominium. This checklist will help us organize our tasks and keep our minds at ease that will make our move easier and faster. Start by listing important and personal stuff like documents, then go through each room. We may also create a checklist based on what to move first like based on their sizes to make things more organized, and because it’s easier to take care of small things if we’re done taking care of the big stuff. We can also include in our checklist things that would need repairs and replacement. Then fix them before moving because it’s more refreshing to move with all things taken care of and not have to fix things after moving. If we’re someone who bought a fully furnished rent-to-own condominium at Bria Homes, it saves a lot of trouble and makes our moving checklist much shorter. Read new house checklist to know what to prioritize before moving to your new home.

3. Decluttering and Unpacking

Decluttering before packing up our things, make a rummage of our belongings that are no longer useful or necessary. Either sell them or donate them to various institutions. We’ll have less to pack, less to organize, and less to unpack. Use the right box. Using the right size of the box may save us from extra cost and extra time. This will ensure your things to be packed perfectly and in order. Naming boxes for every category of items is a must, it saves us the hassle of putting boxes in the wrong room and the trouble of rummaging each box trying to find where we’ve put our portable speaker. Labeling each box would help in our unpacking process easier and it’s more convenient. We may also put things of the same material like glass and label their box as “Breakable”, this ensures that whoever is carrying that box would handle it with care and prevent it from clashing with other boxes during transport.

A short Quick tip, give our things a quick shake off to get rid of all those dust and spray them with some insecticides to prevent bringing unwanted pests to our new home. It’s just a small reminder but it helps a lot to get rid of some nuisance, and we would want to start things fresh since it’s tiring to move things.

4. First things first

After moving it would be impossible to set things up especially when we’re going to do all the work alone. So, the first thing to do is fill a suitcase of essential things we need for the first 24 hours, like clothes and toiletries, we’ll be surprised by how convenient it is to get our needed stuff by not going through every box we packed. After moving, the first thing we would want to set up is our bed, because after moving we would need to rest at peace in our bed. It would be a horror setting up a bed with all energy lost in setting up stuff in the kitchen.

5. A Fresh Start

We may also start our new version of ourselves with our new rent-to-own condominium by changing its design that would fit our wanted lifestyle. Since the condominium is ours, it must be personalized, we get to decide what it needs to look like, we can browse the internet to find ideas about our ideal lifestyle and design our home according to it. The idea is changing our old selves to be a better version of ourselves, which includes living a healthy and better lifestyle. An example is If we are a messy person, the best change is turning our new rent-to-own condominium to a minimalist style so that we can easily manage our stuff and lessen the mess, it will also be easier for us to get neat because the less stuff lesser the mess. And while we’re at it, we better think of our diet, “we are what we eat” and starting a healthy lifestyle also includes eating healthy. Learning to cook healthy foods would make a great impact on our lives. Prevention is better than cure and eating healthy is the key to a healthy lifestyle that prevents unwanted illness. If we’re going to live alone at our new rent-to-own condo, we can consider learning how to cook as a new hobby. Maybe we won’t be able to perfect our dish the first time, but it’s better than consuming canned foods that are full of preservatives that may cause serious illnesses like cancer.

6. Take Time

Moving to a new home and building a lifestyle doesn’t mean buying all the stuff we need right away. Some things just need to take time and especially if we’re short on the budget, building our dream home would take some time. If we’re someone moving out especially from our parents’ house, of course, it doesn’t guarantee we can move out and take all the stuff we want like the T.V in the living room or the refrigerator in the kitchen, or even our best friend toaster, we only get to take personal things like our clothes with us. And moving out is no joke and is costly, but we don’t need to buy all the things we want right away. We can start with more essential things like our bed, then later other things for entertainment. Plan of things we needed to buy in building our own home by going back to the basics of doing a checklist and prioritizing fundamental things. We can buy things bit-by-bit until we get a hold of them all. It would play a huge role in prioritizing our home budget since it is a rent-to-own after all. 

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7. Shop for home essentials

Tied with starting fresh with our new home is buying things we need to fit our wanted lifestyle. Always keep in mind that we only need to buy essential things. We can buy essential things such as weekly groceries at AllDay Supermarket, they got everything and every product we need, and things are organized to the convenience of their customers, they also have an Online shopping feature which saves time and reduces the risk of going out, just visit their AllDay website. After buying essential things we can then buy things that we need in the nearest AllHome branch, they have all goods that we need, whether it’s a minimalist table, kitchen stuff, or even appliances we want for our new rent-to-own condominium. They also sell, raw materials if we want to create a piece of DIY furniture.

8. Paying Rent

Since it’s a rent-to-own condominium it’s important to keep track of our daily expenses and budget things to make sure that we don’t miss paying the monthly rent. Particularly for people who are planning to move alone this tip is important since you’re the only one who is paying the rent. Save money as much as possible and only buy essential things we need for our daily life. To make things easy, plan a budget to get through every day, look for sales price, and don’t spend on things way past our daily budget. This would keep track of our daily spending and help us save up for our rent and other expenses such as electricity and water bills. Only buy groceries we need for the week, of course, we wouldn’t want to always eat food that came off inside a can, therefore, we need to buy fresh things to eat, but fresh things can go bad quickly, so plan the weekly groceries otherwise we would end up throwing a lot of money because of spoilage. Another idea is to learn to cook if we don’t know-how. Cooking our food saves a lot of money than going to a nearby restaurant or fast-food chain. We can cook food for 2-3 persons then store the rest in our refrigerator not only do we save gas for cooking the same dish for the week, but it also saves us the hassle of cooking it again, just heats the pan then reheat the food. The main goal here is to not be ordering food delivery for weeks straight and save up so we could pay the rent and other essential expenses. Then lastly is turning off things that are not being used to save energy and avoid having high electricity bills. So, always turning off lights and other appliances in an empty room and turning off kinds of stuff also help us be mindful of leaving things unattended that may cause burning down our home

9. Neighbors

Moving out can be lonely, especially if we’re going to live by ourselves. It wouldn’t hurt to say some greetings to our neighbors to build a relationship and building a connection with someone isn’t just for dating. Of course, they would be the first ones to offer some help when things get out of hand. It’s also a way of becoming part of our local community and making space feel more like home. Being connected offers a lot of benefits, some may spark new friendships or a new workout buddy that can be benefiting for our mental health. We can also ask some people living in the area longer than us some tips in living within the neighborhood like where to grab some goods and faster routes to get to places we wanted to go. Safety is our priority. Learn the 5 ways to determine the safety of your potential neighborhood.

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