Boracay Hotels to Stay In During Your Trip

Boracay Sands Hotel

Boracay is located in Western Visayas, Aklan. Boracay is everyone’s favorite go to place during summer. It is known to be the most visited beach in the Philippines due to its crystal clear waters, fun activities you can enjoy, good food and awesome resorts and Boracay hotels you can stay, surely a perfect place for you to enjoy. There are a lot of local Filipinos and foreign tourists that consider Boracay to be their number one place to visit for beaches. It is known all around the world to have the most beautiful beach, a perfect for relaxation and fun. Some foreign tourists even called it as the “Paradise on Earth” and were declared to be the best in the world. There are a lot of activities to enjoy around the island that every family can enjoy.

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When travelling, we wanted to stay in a place where we want the full experience and have a great service. There are many Boracay hotels options around depending on your budget. There are variety to choose from, from simple and basic rooms available to stay up to the most luxurious Boracay hotels with the best view of the whole island with private inclusions for tours and land transfer options.

5 Boracay Hotels to Choose for Your Stay

Here are some of the best Boracay hotels you can stay when you are in the best island in the world:

1. Boracay Sands Hotel

On top our list is the Boracay Sands Hotel. It is located along Station 3 Boracay Island that has beach front rooms with indoor swimming pool and offers massage services to its clients. It provides internet Wi-Fi access to its clients so you do not need to worry about posting all your experiences during the trip. The rooms fully air conditioned with mini bar, iPod speakers and coffee machines that you get to enjoy anytime of the day. It also has Sands Bar Restaurant that offers International menu and has a bar that you can enjoy. The hotel is located only 20 minutes away from Caticlan Jetty Port.

2. Fridays

Fridays is one of the luxury resorts that has a tropical style with boundless family adventures for you to enjoy. The resort is nestled perfectly in front of the Boracay’s white sand beach that has bungalows for relaxation in the beach under the coconut trees and at the center of the garden. The resort offers modern amenities that capture the beauty of the Boracay Island. It also offers good food, quality services and warm employees for that perfect and hassle free vacation. Fridays is known to have exotic native cottages in where you can stay with hot and cold showers, TVs, and mini bar in every room. The resort also has freshwater swimming pools, beachfront bar for your night outs. The resort also offers an escort going to the Jetty Port upon your arrival at the airport.

3. Astoria Boracay

Experience Astoria Boracay and its first class amenities for the your ultimate dream vacation in the Island. Astoria offers you to the Island’s water activities such as Paraw sailing and reef walking. It offers the prime real estate in paradise that every couple and family get to experience the Island’s best offerings. It also offers delectable food options for every occasion when needed. The travelers can get to enjoy the pool when you get tired staying in the beach and you just want to chill and relax near your hotel rooms.

4. Two Seasons Resort Boracay

Two Seasons Resort is perfect for solo travelers, couples for their honeymoon, and perfect for families and friends on vacation. It offers nice guest rooms with high and warm quality of service that matches the Island’s beauty that makes it favorable to stay. The resort offers variety of rooms that matches your group size and needs. It is nestled in Station 1 where it most peaceful area in the Island. It also gives you closer access to Diniwid and Willy’s Rock and close proximity to night life and shopping centers. The resort also offers massage service on beach beds, a pool for a quick dip and wifi connection that lets you stay connected all throughout the day. It also serves high quality good food and the best sellers four-cheese pizza and oyster sisig and you will be able to cap off your night with a glass of their house blend cocktails.

5. Sea Wind Boracay

With Sea Wind Boracay, the old Island feels still remains for its too easy to relax by the beach and crystal clear waters in an unhurried matter. The resort offers you a total relaxation with some peach and quiet away from the island’s noise due to its long landscape that you get to enjoy. It also offers simple luxuries that you can enjoy by waking up with the perfect view, get to eat under the stars, and option for some water adventures for a different experience. It is surely an oasis of peace that you want to attain in your stay.

The island offers variety of Boracay hotels that you get to choose depending on your budget and needs. To some people, it does not matter where you will stay as you get to enjoy the best views and best beach of Boracay for free. It usually depends on your needs and wants. There are many options available for your own convenience and budget.

How to get to Boracay?

With the re-opening of Boracay after its rehabilitation project during 2018 and the opening again to tourists after the pandemic, there are new rules and travel options you get to experience. Here are some of ways to get to the best beach in the world. They usually require pre-approved hotel reservations in their accredited list of hotels and resorts before they let you fly by in the Island. Just make sure you get to check if it is really accredited before paying online.

1. Book a flight

There are a lot of seat sales happening here and there. There are available cheaper options perfect to achieve your dream vacation in the island. If you are coming from Manila, choose a flight going to Kalibo Airport or Caticlan Airport. Kalibo flights are usually cheaper but it would take you 2 hours to reach Boracay. You opt for convenience, you choose the Caticlan as it is just a 30 minute plane ride. Just make sure to check all the requirements needed before flying and do not be late!

2. Caticlan Airport to Boracay

Once you arrive in the Caticlan Airport, you have transfer options available for you. You have an option for a tricycle ride for 50 pesos going to Jetty Port or your hotel might have pre-arranged some transfers going to the port.

3. Ride the boat

Before you reach the precious Island of Boracay, you should do a 30 minute boat ride going to the beach for a few pesos. There are just some environmental fees you need to pay and the boat transfers. You do not need to worry as there are a lot of boat transfers throughout the day.

These are just options for you to enjoy the beauty of Boracay Island. Of course, there are other options such as the private helicopter rides, van transfer and many more. Just make sure to be prepared ahead of time with all the requirements needed and follow the local policies. Make sure also to be environmentally aware of the dos and don’t’s along the beach so we can help preserve this beautiful and world class pride of the Philippines.

Things to Do in Boracay

There are a lot of fun water and land activities in Boracay that friends and family to enjoy. Here is the list of activities you can try in Boracay Island:

1. Island Hopping Activities

There are more beautiful islands around rather than the main Boracay Island. There is also an Island called Magic Island in where the famous cliff diving site is located that has five diving platforms in 3 meters, 5 meters, 7 meters, 9 meters and 10 meters. Each height allows you for a different experience and to work up your courage. There is also called Crocodile Island in where the Island is shaped or resembles a crocodile head. It is also considered to be the top scuba diving sites as it possess rich marine culture of coral reefs, and variety of fishes such as lion fish, scorpion fish, moray eels, cuttlefish and many more. And lastly the famous, Crystal Cove in where there are unique crystal rock formations around and also there are two coves made in lime stones that are accessible through snorkeling in where you can collect sea shells around the island and also feed the birds.

2. Water activities

There are water activities that are available for you to try. There is a banana boat in where the group of people will sit in a giant yellow banana shaped boat and a speed boat will drag it for a fun ride and main purpose of the activity is for you to keep your balance in riding the boat while coursing through the high tides of the sea. Fly fish is also available for you to try. It is where an inflatable ride is pulled by a speed boat and the person should be able to hold tight while it runs. It would be fun also to let go and experience being tossed up in the area and land in crystal waters with a life vest. Jet Ski is the famous ride for everyone. It is a great ride to explore the sea on speed. Instructors are available to help you if you will try it for the first time. And lastly, the Paraw Sailing the most essential activity you should try whenever you are in Boracay. Experience Boracay Sea and its beautiful sunset while riding on a boat and lying down. It will be a romantic experience for everyone.

3. Stroll around the D Mall

The D Mall is a place to get your meal after a tiring day of fun filled activities in the water. The mall has restaurants that could serve sumptuous meals depending on your budget. There are also some souvenir shops for your pasalubongs to your family in Manila. There are also some shops for a quick retail shopping to try their local products and you will be able to get some of your essential items around the mall also.

4. High altitude activities

Experience and view Boracay in a higher perspective in Bulabog Beach. These activities are available depending on the weather during that day for safety reasons as the wind is the main instrument to run these activities. There is windsurfing is where you will stand on a board with sail on it, you will have to sail all throughout the sea and wind will help you move. It is also considered a sport and instructors are available if you want to pursue it. Kite boarding is also available for adrenaline junkies. This is for a person that is up for extreme sport and activity that a kite will pull you while you ride a board. You get to cruise the sea at the same time, reach the heights when the wind persists. Lastly, the famous parasailing is a favorite for everyone. It is a chill ride in where you will be strapped into parachute that is connected to a boat and you will be brought up in the area for a few minutes.

Boracay is the perfect place where we can chill and relax. When you try to visit the Island, be sure to be responsible enough to clean after yourselves and do such activities in the most responsible way. After all, this is a gift of our nature should be taken care of in return.

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Written by Yna Faundo