Celebrating Lent Season in the Philippines at Bria Affordable House and Lot

Lenten Season Affordable house and lot

The Lent season invites each people’s hearts to be ready in remembering Christ’s passion and celebrating his resurrection.

This has been part of the Christian Calendar and a traditional time for fasting or giving something up. It might be far different from the religious practices, but the spiritual significance will remain constant.

The holy season of Lent begins at six (6) week period of reflection and preparation before the celebration of Easter. Lent starts on Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday and six (6) Sundays to Easter Sunday.

With different values and beliefs, religion or rituals, Holy Week play’s a significant role in every Filipino’s lives. Holy Week or mostly known as Semana Santa is a week for devout Filipino Catholics of honoring Jesus Christ’s sacrifice.

According to web.era-edta.org, Philippines is considered to be one of the most religious country in the Asia in which Christianity is the national religion with approximately eighty-five (85) percent Christian (mostly Catholic).

As a Christian country, Filipinos observe lent and are often expressive to their christian faith through religious practices. Most Filipinos express their devotions with some traditional customs of observing the Holy Week.

Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday symbolizes the day where Jesus Christ entered Jerusalem. Catholic Filipinos take some palm leaves blessed by the Catholic church priest. Followed by the Holy Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday – Maundy Thursday or primarily known as “Huwebes Santo” commemorates for the washing of the feet of Jesus’ disciples and also His Last Super with His Apostles.

In Philippines, Good Friday marks with ritual crucifixions and any other reenactments of Jesus Christs’ suffering, then follows the Black Saturday. At the eve of Easter or Black Saturday, remembers the laying of Jesus’ body at the tomb after his crucifixion.

After Black Saturday, the celebration of Easter Sunday comes. This is the day of celebrating Jesus’ resurrection and a reunion with His mother.

With the said traditional ways of celebration & commemorations of Holy Week, this pandemic will bring us closer to our families as we observe and remember Jesus’ passion and resurrection at home.

1. Spiritual Reading during Lent Season

Reading and sharing of bible scriptures with your family or friends will be an excellent idea in commemorating the Holy Week at home. This will help us learn and discover the life of Christ during his time of sacrifices and resurrection.

2. The Holy Rosary

An another meaningful activity that can be done to observe lent at home for this Holy Week is reciting and sharing God’s word with the Holy Rosary together with family or love ones. It brought us the emotions of comfort and warmth into our hearts and souls.

3. Praying with Scriptures

As they say, praying with scriptures is praying the will of God. This kind of activity is almost the same with Spiritual Reading but their difference is that every scripture that you read or studied will eventually turn into prayers. It is quite helpful as we understand the message of every content in the bible.

4. Live streaming of Masses during Lent Season

Despite the crisis that we are facing today, Filipinos continue their devotional fervor towards Christianity. Traditionally, we attend holy mass at church but things got different this Pandemic. Instead, people are now attending live stream and televised mass where we can still witness and listen to words of God.

What is really the importance of Lenten Season? It is an opportunity for us to reflect on what it really means to be a follower of God. And sometimes it is the time that we use the season of lent to mend our hearts, doubts, pain, our ways, our actions, and our relationships.

This sacred time will serve as an invitation to grow closer to God and to our families in our own home. When it comes to owning a home, Bria Homes is a perfect recommendation especially for an everyday Filipino.

Bria Homes is a housing developer that offers affordable yet premium in quality house and lot across the nation. It may sound cliché but this pocket-friendly properties never fails the expectation of many.

The following house model units are available to more than fifty (50) projects nationwide – Alecza Single Firewall or Duplex is a thirty-six (36) square meter house unit with two (2) bedrooms and a tile finish flooring; Bettina Select Townhouse is a complete package two (2) storey with two (2) bedroom ready and floor tiles for both ground floor and second floor; meanwhile the most affordable house unit is the Elena or Elyana Rowhouse that is twenty-four (24) square meter bungalow. In addition of  the three (3) well-known house units of Bria Homes, the newest house unit Thalia Single Firewall has been launched with three (3) bedrooms and tile finish flooring. With a total of forty-five (45) square meter floor area.

The above mentioned house model units are excellent in celebrating any occasions or even remembering Christ’s passion.

Bria Homes also guarantees a secured community by having 24/7 CCTV cameras with only one (1) entry for entrance and exit points. The whole subdivision is also surrounded by perimeter fence which ensured the safety of every home owner.

The said developer aims to alleviate homelessness and ameliorate the quality of life of the market on the under-serviced segment since year 2015 to year 2019. For year 2020 onwards, Bria Homes became the Filipino’s home of choice as it transitioned from mass housing to a wider portfolio to provide and proffer home to every aspiring home owners.

According to the OUPblog by Michael Allan Fox, Home has always been a gathering place, shelter, and sanctuary, providing escape from the busyness and intrusiveness of the world. Much thought about, treasured, and longed for as an anchor of our existence, home has been the subject of abundant written works and other cultural products. In summary, home is a shelter and the bedrock of establishing relationship.

Based on the scripture of Proverbs chapter 24, verse 3-4, “By wisdom a house was built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.”

Evidently, the scripture has a meaning both physical and emotional aspect. In building a home, we need to assure that the solid structure and moral foundation must sustain over time.

Together with Bria Homes, let us reflect the true purpose of Holy Week this Lent Season.

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Written By Jubee Veras