How to Celebrate Easter During Quarantine at your Bria House and Lot?

Easter in Bria House and lot

Have you completely adjusted to the New Normal yet? Well, cheer up and don’t let COVID-19 ruin the holidays! The new normal comes in with new traditions so come and celebrate Easter at the comfort of your own Home!

Easter is a part of the Catholic Faith wherein Christians rejoice the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the 3rd day after his Crucifixion. Not so long ago, people celebrate Easter with fun church festivities, music, flowers, decorations and sweet treats. With strict quarantine protocols on the way, celebrations may be different but the holiday roots remain the same. Try some of these ideas to celebrate Easter at home this year.

1. Host a Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

It’s not Easter if there’s no Easter Egg! Invite the youngest members of the family in this virtual easter egg hunt. This one may take a lot of effort and planning. Hide the eggs around the house with minimum visibility when you FaceTime or Zoom with the little ones. As the host, give them a tour of your house while the kids look for the easter egg. When they successfully spot the egg, pick it up and have their parents give them treats for each corresponding egg found.

2. Celebrate Easter by Preparing a Family Feast

Food will always be the central part of every holiday festivities. There’s no harm done in this tradition since you can easily prepare and celebrate Easter with traditional food at your own home! Search and study the recipes for you and your family’s favorite holiday foods. Moreover, get to enjoy having quality time in the kitchen with your family. If you’re not a fan of cooking, you can always order from a local restaurant.

3. Reach Out to Your Elderly Relatives and Neighbors

It is part of the Filipino culture to have strong and close family ties. Filipinos often put high regard and importance on their family more than anything. Due to strict quarantine measures, it is definitely a hard time to be away from family. Especially with the pandemic on the rise, elderly people are mostly at high risk. Therefore our lolos and lolas have to practice social distancing in order to prevent catching COVID. Make sure they feel loved on Easter (and every day) by connecting with them via text, call, FaceTime or Zoom.

4. Celebrate Easter by Engaging in Online Worship

Due to the strict quarantine measures, several congregations are forced to continue their worship via live streaming platforms, rather than personal gatherings. For Catholics, physical presence is important. Yet, our world is gradually becoming more virtual. Luckily many local churches have gone digital so you can participate at the expense of your own home. This way, you and your family can still be meaningfully present in a virtual space of gathering to worship our risen Lord.

5. Embrace the spirit of Easter

Celebrate Easter with the ultimate power of love. With everything that is going on, consider this as a time to give back with acts of kindness to those in need and donate to charities that serve them. This year consider supporting one of the nonprofit organizations helping with COVID-19 relief efforts. With so many suffering, it is also a time to recount all that we are grateful for.

6. Contemplate and Pray

In these uncertain times, prayer is a great way to lift that heavy boulder from your chest and find peace. No matter what your religious affiliations are, reflect on the things you are thankful for, and simply take deep breaths and perceive what you are feeling emotionally. A prayer requires a great deal of humility and patience. Trusting in God’s presence, open your heart to him and speak to him honestly.

These are tough times but never lose hope! Always put in mind, that together we are making efforts to flatten the curve. Quarantine should not be an excuse for you to miss out on the holidays. With a little creativity, planning, and a down to earth heart, your Easter holiday will be one to remember!

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