Bria Homes Sales & Marketing Head Jay Paris Reveals the Influence of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Behaviors of House and lot Buyer and Seller

Sales Head on Influence of the Pandemic in Buyers

The failure to contain Coronavirus has resulted in a worldwide pandemic. As of March 2020, the Philippine government responded by imposing nationwide lockdowns and several community quarantine measures in order to prevent the total collapse of the country’s healthcare system.  

In the succeeding months, the empty streets, buildings, offices, shopping malls, etc. have put a limitation on the interactions among people. These restrictions may be effective in controlling the spread of Covid-19; however, shutdowns go hand in hand with economic losses. 

Fast-forward 2021, it has been more than a year since the world took a tumble from Covid-19. Its impact remained a challenge in several industries including real estate. As we slowly recover, one real estate developer had anticipated that many of the challenges we are dealing with today are an accentuation of existing trends and new behavioral patterns. Through this series of events, Jay Paris – Sales and Marketing Head at Bria Homes, shares with us lessons from his Investment Playbook:  

1. Adapt  

The Coronavirus pandemic definitely changed how everyday life works. From an individual’s perspective, it may have affected our daily routines, priorities, and life goals. However, a simple quote from Charles Darwin’s Origin of species reminds us “it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”  

Even though the general market consumption patterns have changed, Bria focused on creating opportunities in a new landscape. Companies closing down meant massive layoff of workers, and thousands were put under a “no work no pay” arrangement.  

Bria responded by maximizing the use of online platforms and offering income opportunities to the public with their Bria Kakampi Program. The program encouraged online selling as a potential source of income. At a time where the circulation of money was stagnant, the efforts of these online sellers served as the backbone of our country’s economy at the time of financial crisis. 

2. Embrace the Digital Era  

Lesson number one was to improvise and learn new habits. However, in this new normal, the only way to cope was to adapt to the digital transition. Today, people are spending more time with digital platforms in terms of consuming news media, enrolling in online classes, connecting through social media, and utilizing e-store apps to shop for essential needs and other consumer goods. In other words, Covid19 has accelerated the digitization of various consumer transactions.  

This was evident with how Bria enhanced their digital capacity in order to cater to market demands. Client inquiries, admin concerns, and accessibility to payment channels were all addressed via online means.  

Moreover, Bria Kakampi Sellers were able to adapt easily thanks to online accreditations, trainings, and seminars. If the Pandemic did one thing right, it was introducing the efficiency and convenience of newly improved technologies to everyday life. 

3. Panic and Skepticism are your Worst Enemy 

Still, a factor to adapting to the new normal is a person’s coping mechanism. Covid19 is causing fear for a number of reasons and these feelings are valid since nothing similar has ever occurred in our lifetime.  

The only concern now is how you respond to the situation. Succumbing to fear will only limit your potential and hold you back from your goal. Covid19 may have disrupted how things normally operate, but it certainly did not freeze time. Your age along with property market values will continue to increase over time.  

The more you waste your time on panic and doubts, the more you lose certain opportunities. Do not let your emotions dictate your behavior, but rather, research, study and take a rational approach. There are reasons to be optimistic and every experience is a lesson. 

4. The Best Time to Invest is NOW  

A skeptic would say, “I’ll invest when the situation settles or I’ll invest when I see further developments” The premise is to wait out for the “best” time and then strike. However, the problem is your definition of “best” time may not necessarily be the best at all. For people who always insist to wait for something, well the boat has already sailed because the best time to start investing will always be NOW.  

Real estate will always be an attractive investment, offering lower risks, higher returns, and better diversification. Aside from food, water, and energy, shelter will always be a basic human need. The pandemic showed the value of security, and that includes a home to settle in. Hence, the demand for housing continued to rise and property values at Bria Homes continued to double despite the pandemic.  

In conclusion, the experience of adapting to the pandemic was an eye-opener to the importance of security and financial stability. Nevertheless, investments are not instant moneymaking machines. People who invest should have a long-term mindset. The industry is changing every day and nothing is definite. Therefore, short-term risk-takers have the most to lose while long-term investments such as real estate have much to gain. While the Coronavirus situation is unlike anything we have ever experienced in our lifetime, events have shown that real estate investment is like a yo-yo on an escalator. It spins up and down, but the destination is towards the way up. At these uncertain times always remember this popular investment advice, save like a pessimist and invest like an optimist. 

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