7 Reasons Why Investing in a House and Lot is a Good Idea for Millennials


Many Filipinos are still not that familiar and knowledgeable enough to know the importance of investing and what are the different types of investments. Its the words “I should’ve done this…”, “I could’ve done that…” which is the sad reality for most. Today in Bria Homes, we’d like to inspire and inform you about the types of investment that could be best for you and why investing in real estate is a good idea for millennials.

Rory Galvan, a young adult, single, a fresh graduate, and currently only in her very first job came to a brilliant decision a few months back to finally invest and she chose housing in Bria Homes. Rory was asked; why investing in real estate, particularly in housing was the most practical move to do now at her age, 22 and she answered surely, “Well, wanting to just have a personal space has to lead me to finally invest in a (future) house- I guess it’s a win-win situation for me when it comes to the present time and the future time. It really is a good investment, plus the value appreciates over time. Apart from that, Bria Homes has affordable offers that fit my age in terms of what my salary can reach especially that I am only in my first job as a fresh graduate- so, I am kind of thankful that I got to know Bria Homes as early as now.”

Everything we decide to get ourselves into in this world has advantages and disadvantages and getting the best of both worlds is often near impossible. Before Rory proceeded with the investment processing, she had already thought of the pros and cons of it.

Rory opened herself to the changes she would have to go through as investing starts such as; having to be disciplined and strict when it comes to tight monthly budgeting. 

“In connection to managing my finances, I also fear that I would not be able to fulfill the contracts I signed with them (Bria Homes), considering that we are still in the middle of a pandemic, that almost everyone’s job is mostly at risk”.

Another thing that Rory wishes is that she could have been hands-on with working on the designs and materials used in the house firsthand, but regardless, as early as now, she is already excited to do the furniture arrangements and organizing home stuff once she moves in since real estate is absolutely something improvable especially when it comes to maximizing small spaces which is very popular among minimalist millennials.

Despite these things that Rory had to consider before being fully decided to invest, she focused on the bright side, and Bria Homes, as a whole, was a big help to pursue her investment. She still believed that having her house and lot was a way for her to start investing in real estate as a millennial.

The first thing that caught her was the affordability that Bria Homes has and the qualifications for application are not major. Upon submitting the requirements needed, during the onsite visit and being assisted by the staff, Rory shared, “It was an easy transaction with Bria Homes- the agents and the admin were very clear to talk to and they were very accommodating which I think is very important”. She said that Bria’s strong online presence was also one of the factors that helped her know more about Bria.

“It is an insured investment-I may have my money back something that I know I will benefit in the long-term”, she added. Most importantly for Rory, it is safe to live in a safe community that is guarded for Bria Homes is a subdivision community. As of the moment, Rory is on track with her investment and is proud of what she is achieving.

Investing in anything undeniably gets hard to maintain when it comes to being consistent with payments, until being fully paid. According to Rory’s experience, it does honestly challenge her but along the way, she would learn how to be more responsible. Believe it or not, Rory is glad that she is learning more about “adulting” life, navigating things on her own, and being more certain about what to prioritize more in life.

We cannot deny the fact that in this generation, it is seldom for the millennial to even think of investing, especially in real estate- it would always be the trendy gadgets or cars. So, it is fascinating to hear from a Gen-Z’s point of view about investments.

For Rory, it all started during the time when she needed to rent a place to stay, but she realized that it would be more practical for her to invest. “In that way, after everything is paid and done, I would have my own home, my own space.. and that I would finally have something, I can proudly say, I possess”.

After all that being said, it boils down to the big question, is investing in real estate is a wise decision? To answer that, here’s a recap to give you:

7 reasons why investing in real estate is a good idea for millennials

1. By investing in real estate, you can grow your money

There is nothing more satisfying than enjoying the fruit of your labor- and that exactly describes what investing in real estate is like. You work hard enough now, managing your finances well, and getting your money go to something your future self will benefit from.

2. Real estate is a safe, long-term investment

Safe investments are the best investments- nobody wants their hard work to go to waste. When investing in real estate, you would not see where your money goes in a snap but you would surely have it all to yourself at the right time, all at once but would surely last. Having that said, it is important to pick the right and the best real estate company to have you guided along your investment journey.

3. Real estate value increases

Again, real estate is a safe investment and the biggest fact we can rely on is that the value of it increases over time. In addition, the general market of it is stable.

4. Real estate is improvable

Another great factor that one needs to make allowances for before investing is if they can play with it. In real estate, you are able to do it. You are in full control of what you want and need to do, having your personal taste and ideas get applied.

5. Real estate can be saved for retirement;

 Isn’t this the main reason why investing should be a priority? Well, regardless if yes or not, a real estate investment is key to stability.

6. Real estate can be passed down from generation to generation

Another favorable thing is, a real estate can be shared with people who matter to you that will last long-term.

7. Self-fulfillment for having something in your name

Investments are not always about money or seeking stability- it can be something your younger self would be proud of, being able to finally achieve something great, something that was once only a dream. We cannot deny the fact that one of the most satisfying feelings is having your own space and living a peaceful life.

There are still so much more than these 7 reasons why investing in real estate is definitely a good idea for millennials and worth considering, but if you would need more details about it, Bria Homes is open for you.  

Anything that is great today has a history of wise decision-making and perseverance of a dreamer- and yours is not impossible to happen with Bria Homes.

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Written by Roselyn Galvan