Bria Homes in Partnership with AllBank for a Webinar on a Guide for OFWs Applying for Housing Loans in the Philippines

Home loans webinar for OFWs

One of the leading housing developers in the Philippines, BRIA Homes is going to launch the most anticipated online live webinar on Facebook. As part of Bria Homes’ webinar series for OFWs November to December 2021, this webinar will be aired live on BRIA homes’ Facebook page on November 21, Saturday at 2 pm. The webinar entitled ‘’An OFW Guide in Applying for a Home Loan in the Philippines’’, aims to tackle various topics about home loans and different aspects and factors for applying for a housing loan especially for OFWs.

The upcoming webinar will bring a lot of information, advice, and guidance that will surely help you to decide in terms of applying for a home loan here in our country. This webinar is also not your usual webinar as they invite the President and Executive Director of AllBank, Mr. Vic O. Garcia to share his knowledge and expertise with his viewers. Although open publicly, you may register for the live webinar through the already posted invite on the BRIA homes Facebook page together with the digital poster of the webinar. 

Most Filipinos are still not ready yet to acquire their own dream house. Given the fact that the current situation here in our country is still a burden for them, it also limits their financial resources to plan for their future. This upcoming webinar will serve as a guide to those Filipinos who are dreaming to have their own dream house in the future. This webinar will guide these people specifically the OFW to achieve their own dream house through applying for a home loan. One of the reasons why Filipinos failed to have their own house in the future is because of their financial capability. The most common misconception of the Filipinos is that buying a house requires a huge amount of money that needs to be paid instantly, that is why they chose to rent and save their money first. In the upcoming webinar, it will be discussed here the benefits of applying for a home loan and how you can acquire your own dream house without worrying about the huge amount of money that you need to pay instantly. It will also explain here the basics of a home loan and the step-by-step guide in applying for your home loan. With the knowledge and skills of Mr. Vic O. Garcia, he will surely guide you through your journey towards your future and detailedly explain everything about the home loan.

The Webinar’s Benefits and Advantage

1. Packed with Exciting Talks and Information

           This webinar will help you understand more about home loans and the basics in terms of applying for a home loan. There is a step-by-step guide that will help you to apply and at the same time, you will have a chance to ask questions when you are not sure about something or you need to clarify the details in the webinar. It is a great opportunity to widen your knowledge about home loans and make you aware of the things that you should do and prevent in terms of applying for a home loan. It is also a good opportunity to learn more about BRIA homes and the offerings and opportunities that they offer to the people. This webinar will guarantee that you will learn a lot and at the same time guide you towards your own dream house.

2. Convenience

           Since the upcoming webinar, this Saturday will be live on Facebook, it is very convenient and easy to attend and participate in the event. The live webinar is free and the best thing here is that anyone can watch and join the said event. All they need to do is open it in their gadget and access it through the internet. Aside from the fact that it is free, it’s also very convenient since they can learn the basics of a home loan wherever they may be. This is one of the biggest opportunities offered by BRIA Homes to their future customers. 

3. Learn from Professionals

           This upcoming webinar will guarantee your learning as they invited the one and only President and Executive Director of AllBank, Mr. Vic O. Garcia. In this webinar, it is expected that all the aspects in terms of home loans will be discussed properly. It is a great opportunity to learn from Mr. Vic O. Garcia as he shares his knowledge and expertise with the viewers. His company which is Allbank Inc., is one of the leading banks that offered real estate housing loans, commercial loans, and more loan products that will assist your financial needs. This webinar will guide you in your application for a home loan and at the same time help you to be equipped with knowledge about home loans.

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4. The Opportunities offered by BRIA Homes

           BRIA homes continues to provide opportunities to Filipinos in achieving their own dream house. In the upcoming live webinar this Saturday, they planned to educate and assist the Filipinos specifically the OFW, in terms of applying for their home loan. It is a great opportunity to learn and at the same time explore the offerings of BRIA Homes. In this upcoming event, once they plan to apply for a home loan, It is a great chance to consider BRIA Homes. This company offers the most affordable house and lot in the country with as low as 1,897 pesos only per month. The house and lot packages are ranging from 460,000 to Php 1.5M only. Not just that, they also guarantee that the houses that they offer are made from high-quality materials and it is well designed and appealing to the eyes.

In terms of the location, all the houses offered by BRIA homes are within proximity of places of interest such as hospitals, schools, and commercial establishments. All the houses that they offer in the country are also near major roads and highways which is very convenient. When it comes to safety and security, all the communities of BRIA Homes are equipped with 24/7 guarded entrance and exits, CCTV cameras, a fully fenced perimeter, and a security guard patrolling at night. The environment is also pleasant and relaxing due to the plants and trees around the community. After the live webinar on Saturday, it is truly a great move to consider BRIA Homes for your dream house in the future. It is the most affordable and at the same time suitable for your future. They offer not just high-quality and elegant houses but also assist you with your financial needs and decisions and secure your dream house for your future. 

Written by Aaron Cruz