What Is a Social Media Marketer?

Social Media Marketing

The rise of usage of the internet and various social media sites made it a promising platform for marketing campaigns, thus the rise in social media marketers as well. Read to know more about social media marketing and get to know what a social media marketer is.

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The Use of Social Media

The internet, mostly social media, has once again proven to have cost the Filipinos a lot of time compared to the majority of all nationalities across the globe. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tik Tok, and Instagram are the leading social media sites that have been frequently used by most Filipinos hence, the country is dubbed the Social Media Capital of the World. In fact, according to the latest Digital 2022 report of Hootsuite and We Are Social, internet users in the Philippines, ages from 16 to 64 years old, spend an average of 10 hours and 27 minutes connected to the internet each day since April of last year.

Meanwhile, the international average of time spent on social media is just 6 hours and 58 minutes online per day– relatively less frequent than in the Philippines. As of January 2022, there were 92.05 million social media users in the Philippines which is 82.4% of the total population of the country. And the most frequently used social media platform in the Philippines remains to be Facebook with 83.85 million users.

Aside from Facebook, Filipinos devote much of their time to watching videos uploaded on Youtube. According to the Digital 2022 report, there are about 56.50 million users of the site in early 2022. It means that YouTube ads reached 74.3 percent of the Philippines’ total internet user base (regardless of age) in January 2022.

The abundant users of various social media nowadays, it brought countless opportunities that seemed to be impossible in the past decades. It made communications and connectivity borderless making people from different parts of the world reachable. Also, social media posits great opportunities in the sector of trade, investments, and marketing opening new grounds for innovative frameworks as it diverged from the conventional means of marketing and promotion like television and radio ads.

What Is a Social Media Marketer?

Further to the foregoing discussion, Social Media Marketing has become an important marketing strategy for big companies alike. Many startup companies and businesses, aim to get viral by being picturesque or as how Instagram users say it, “instagramable” to gain enough attention and translate it to sales. In addition, in the era of online selling, live selling, and e-commerce, social media marketing has become part and parcel of its business model.

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Social media marketers are marketing specialists who maximize the potential of different social media platforms to market or promote the company’s output. With the aim of reaching more potential clients by educating the target audience about a certain product, social media marketers need to know what social media marketing tool is most appropriate.

As a social media marketer, the following are some of the tasks that you might do as you promote a company’s product offerings:

● Oversee the organization’s social media strategy
● Work closely with writers and graphic designers to create and publish social media posts
● Produce substantial analysis of the social media metrics to improve future output
● Monitor the social media trends, technologies, laws, best practices, and even lingo
● Effectively respond to customer inquiries, comments, feedback, and messages

5 Criteria for Social Media Marketing Tools

1. Easy to Use

With the numerous social media marketing tools available, it is definitely practical to maximize the ones that are easy to utilize. More often, an excessively complicated tool consumes much of time and effort that could have been used in other more productive aspects.

2. Efficiency

Social media marketers should not deviate from their main core of reaching and educating potential clients and translate it to sales. Utilizing the appropriate social media marketing tool would definitely contribute immensely in achieving this goal. One good example of this is the use of Hashtags. The hashtag was first used on Twitter (now also Instagram) to help categorize those Tweets and help them show more easily in Twitter searches. Using hashtags, marketers could remain in touch as to the reception of the public to the product being promoted or know what are trends of the time and make the social media marketing strategy more appealing and convincing.

3. Updated

With the fast-changing social media landscape, social media marketers should remain up to date especially with the most recent trends to be able to operate in real-time. Because if the method and tools that social media marketers will use are outdated, it will definitely come with great consequences.

4. Genuine Business Value

Maximizing the use of various social media measurements like the analytics will sure put you into great advantage in doing social media marketing. Always make sure that you choose the right tool to help you deliver real insights regarding the output of your marketing strategy and do the necessary adjustments to keep moving forward especially in your future campaigns.

5. Customer Service

Remember that a happy customer results in a happy entrepreneur. Another important consideration in choosing the social media marketing tool is that it will give an easy platform for your customers to inquire and provide feedback.

Maximizing Social Media Platforms

Talking about social media marketing tools, another important aspect of this marketing strategy is picking the most appropriate platform to utilize based on your target audience. Below is a quick run-through of the frequently used social media platforms by most Filipinos and their potential contents and cons relative to social media marketing.

1. Facebook

Facebook is the most appealing platform if you target 25 to 34 years old and the boomers. The platform is effective in terms of information dissemination, advertising, and building customer relations. However, Facebook has been experiencing a constant decline in organic reach since 2014. It means that its users do not usually visit pages making the News feed space more competitive for social media marketing.

2. YouTube

YouTube, the leading video streaming platform, is more appealing to 18 to 35 years old users. This is the best platform to use for webinars, how-to-videos, and explainers. However, the downside of the platform is that producing a quality video is resource-heavy.

3. Instagram

Instagram is for the 18 to 35 years old and other millennials. It provides a good avenue or platform for inspiration and adventure and for posting polls. Furthermore, the platform also is now utilized by numerous social media influencers, especially those whose content is related to lifestyle. Due to its being an effective platform in social media marketing, it goes with a high advertisement cost.

Social media, as mentioned above, provides a platform for entrepreneurs, marketers, and customers to interact. Knowing the appropriate tool and social media platforms to utilize will truly contribute to giving businesses a chance to follow their consumers’ activities or potential buyers. This will help all social media marketers to know the current trends, likes, and dislikes of their target customers and adjust accordingly to make more future profits.

Utilizing social media in marketing goes beyond improving website trafficking and reaching organic reach. Your social media platforms turn your business into a personality that your target customers could communicate and connect with.

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