Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Wooden Furniture Pieces

Wooden Furniture Pieces

Having your own home is already a great accomplishment for many. However, there are other challenges that are attached to having one like its cost, the ideal and strategic location, choosing the right utility provider, and even identifying the rightful materials for your interior designing. Wooden furniture has surely been on the top priority of many interior designers and homeowners alike in landscaping and designing their homes.

Who do you think could resist the aesthetic and uniqueness of wooden furnitures ? Hardwood has been one of the most sought after and regarded as the best option when compared to materials for any furniture. Moreover, wood’s allure is timeless and everlasting. Also, wood could be altered to fit into contemporary designs while it gives a close-to-nature vibe within the comforts of your homes. Wood furniture surpasses the test of times. Due to its known durability, such furniture could be handed over from one generation to another.

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So, why is wood used to make tables and chairs and other furniture? There are numerous types of tables that more often than not use wood as its primary material like dining tables, study tables, side tables, and even guest tables. Despite all the known and palpable advantages, wood furniture is not always perfect as it has its distinct drawbacks that owners should be fully aware of but with proper care and maintenance, anyone could harness its full potential. Thus, we will walk you through to the pros and cons of having wood furniture in your most precious homes.

Edges of Wooden Furnitures

1. Quality Resistance

Wood, especially hardwood, has been known for its undeniable and assured quality that could withstand constant neglect and abuse. The durability of any furniture that is made out from wood is one that many interior designers and homeowners point out why they often opt to have. That is why many consider purchasing a wooden chair or table or any furniture for that matter an investment as you don’t have to repeatedly change a table for years to come.

2. Aesthetics and Elegance

Wooden furniture gives a traditional look while also elevating it with modern design enhances its known elegance. Further, a wood table and a great set of wooden chairs adds allure and sophistication to your dining room due to its grand, natural look. Also, with the versatility of such material and design, wooden furniture will never go out of style.

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3. Ease of Maintenance

Hardwood has a reputation of being safe and durable compared to other materials for interior designing like plywood, tiles, vinyl and laminate. This is due to hardwood having a high density of fiber making it sturdier and stronger. This characteristic of wood gives wooden furniture a unique feature of ease of its maintenance.

Wood is effortless to maintain with just proper dusting. As long as it is not exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun, solid hardwood made furniture can prolong its beauty and quality for a long time. In the event that your wooden table or other furniture perfectly fits in your outdoor landscape, make sure to constantly coat it with varnish or dump it with cloth. Otherwise, all you need is a duster.

4. Sustainability

With wooden furniture’s versatility, there is o reason why it will not fit every room of your house. Looking for a shelf for your books, a stand for your TV, and cabinets of your daily OOTDs (Outfit of the day)? Wooden furniture will surely make a spot. Further, the bed could also be made of wood that would help you relax more after a long day of tiring work. There are also some excellent types of wood that could improve your patios or back and front yard. Basically there is nothing that wood could not fit in especially if you will be able to obtain the right type of wood for your furniture.

5. Value for Money

Generally, wooden furniture will cost you a lot. Depending on your budget, you can choose the type of wood as material for your furniture. The wide array of options for the type of wood like softwood, plywood, timber, veneer, and of course, hardwood, provide a different price depending on its quality. But nothing offers best value for your money than the hardwood as it can last a lifetime and remain in your family for generations.

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Drawbacks of Using Wooden Furniture

As mentioned above, while there are numerous benefits in having durable and quality wooden furniture, there are also few drawbacks that owners need to be aware and cautious of. Here are some of the cons or disadvantages of wooden furniture.

1. Susceptibility to Water

Though water brings life to trees, it causes otherwise to wood furniture. Wood is known to have varied reactions to the changing temperature and humidity. It has the tendency to develop cracks when it’s dry season as to the loss in moisture and oftentimes expands during hot and humid seasons. On the other hand, moisture could damage wood finish and make it swell causing breakdowns like rotting and molding of the wood.

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To avoid all these, moisture has to be effectively modulated and water must be quickly removed in the affected portion to slow down the process of preventing rotting.

2. Flammable

Although wood’s durability has become its primary advantage, this does not spare it from the ravaging effects of fire as wood, especially softwood, is known to be highly flammable. Wooden furniture owners must be more cautious and careful in choosing the spot of the wood furniture placement.

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3. Prone to Pests

Generally, wood is a safe material to be used as furniture at home. Despite that, wood is also  susceptible to pests causing it to reduce the value of the wood and the furniture. There are three common types of wood pests that you should worry about- Termites, Powder Beetles, and Carpenter Ants. No matter where you live, the risk of wood infestation is always high. Be it climate or unknown entry points for pests to get in, a bug problem can emerge from nowhere. Therefore, you could opt to use thicker and solid hardwood as raw material to ensure a higher level of durability.

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4. The material is heavier and difficult to move

Hardwood usually has a higher density compared to most types of woods used in furniture which make it heavier relative to other materials. This characteristic makes wood furniture difficult to move. Thus, if you are the kind of owner who loves to rearrange the furniture in your house, you should think twice before purchasing any wood furniture.

5. Vulnerable UV Rays

As highlighted earlier, sunlight which brings ultraviolet rays can cause irreversible damage to any wood furniture. UV rays could cause wood’s color to change and damage its surface. Similar to what the sun does to skin, it can break apart chemical bonds in the wood and result in the changes on color of the wood’s surface.

It is necessary to note that your furniture must not be directly exposed to sunlight to avoid or prevent the above mentioned damages. Though some chemicals could slow down the process of decoloration, continued exposure to direct sunlight would definitely result in permanent damage.

Overall, hardwood as a raw material to any furniture is ideal and advisable. With proper maintenance, you could overcome the threats attached to it and enjoy the fullest potential of this timeless and elegant material.