Best Swimsuits to Avoid UV Rays

swimsuits to avoid UV Rays

Swimsuits are used to cover up the part you do not want to expose under the sun or usually depend on people’s personalities. For some people, they use the best swimsuits to avoid UV Rays for an extra protection under the sun. There some special swimwear that was made on to how to avoid UV rays as these UV rays can cause extreme damage to your skin and may lead to more serious illness. There are the best swimsuit to avoid UV rays with UPF50+ sunblock for an extra protection from the sun UV rays. It is learned that if people get to wear swimsuits with sun protection is one of the factor that should be considered on how to avoid the UV rays and the number one protectant from its harmful effects. Skin doctors advised people to get them covered or wear protectants or sun blockers to protect you. 

There are simple ways to decide which swimsuits can protect you from the sun. Light-colored swimsuits are less likely to have protectants rather than wearing dark-colored ones. Swimwear fabrics should also be considered when choosing for the right swimwears as this contributes to the protection and effectively prevent your skin on how to avoid the uv rays. Wearing of sun screen is just one another layer of protector on your skin but getting the right garment is the best way to do it. The UV rays are at its strongest capacity and heating power during 10:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon times and many doctors advised that we should not go out during those times. 

History of swimsuits

Swimsuits were created dating back to when people are to swim without wearing anything at all. The invention of swimsuits in the early centuries was made of wool and cotton and it became heavy when it is already wet. The ordinary colors of the swimsuits were just red, blue or black and mostly designed to cover the whole body. The tan lines after a long day under the sun were not fashionable enough and considered you look like a farmer because of the its designs. After the World War II, two French men made the first-ever decent two-piece swimsuit. Followed by some more inventors and came Reade called his creation the bikini that we still now of until today. It was then it was seen in the Paris Fashion week and people forgot the other swimsuit names and bikini remained to people’s entire mind in Europe. The world was not ready to accept bikinis as to some countries like the USA and other Catholic countries banned the use of bikinis until such time. It was until in the late 90s those bikinis are still evolving and produced another names and terms for its different kinds.   

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Types of swimsuits

Swimsuits’ main goal is to protect you and one way on how to avoid uv rays and its harm effects from your skin. Purchasing the right swimsuits are also a tough decision to make especially for people that are in to fashion. Swimsuits are also known to showcase the real body you have in front of the other people. That is also why people are in love going to the beach and wanted to show the best versions of them by wearing the nice swimsuits. There are different types of swimsuits you can choose from for every body type: 

1. Triangle Top 

Triangle top swimsuits are designed to have two triangular shape bikinis top to cover your upper body. 

2. One Shoulder Top 

One-Shoulder Top is designed to have a strap to just one part of you should and have an asymmetrical shape for the overlook. 

3. Underwire Top 

Underwire top bikinis are designed to have support and more lift. It kind of looks like a bra and can be padded or not padded for an extra style and protection. 

4. Sports Bra Top 

Sports Bra Tops are like we used to wear while we do our daily exercises in the gym. This type of swimwear gives you a total cover up on your upper body and provides comfort in every way. 

5. Bandeau Top 

Bandeau tops are strapless upper body cover for a more stylish look in the beach. Tan lines will not be showed on your shoulders if you choose this type of top. 

6. Monokini 

Monokini swimwear are designed to be a one piece and a two piece as well. The design just have cut outs usually in the belly area to look more of a two piece but generally connected to each other to become a one piece type of swimwear. 

7. One-Piece 

One-Piece swimsuits are popular for those who are shy to show their belly and flaunt their body on the beach. The swimwear is designed to cover your upper body up to your lower body at all the same time. 

8. Sports Suit

Sports suit are used and engineered for the sportspeople for a better performance in their trainings and competitions. They are perfectly designed for functionality and to stay in place even if they do some extreme movements under water. 

9. Rash Guard 

Rash Guards are designed to protect you from the extreme causes of too much uv rays in your skin. It can be a long sleeve or short sleeve type of swimwear. One way to test the durability and effectivity of it is to stretch it and if light passes by it is possible that it can still reach your skin and not fully protect you from the sun. 

10. High waisted bottoms

High-waisted bottoms are designed to cover up some of your belly or under your belly button for a more stylish look and an older fashion sense of style. 

Choosing the right swimwear should be a high priority. Now that we know that it can protect you from the sun, wearing the propert swimwear, adding sunblock lotions and staying away from the sun during the peak hours of the sun and uv rays are few of the things that should be considered on how you can protect yourself from too much skin that can cause serious illness.

The Benefits of using sunscreen

The skin covers your entire body that functions as a protectant from the germs and mainly to regulate the human body temperature. Since the skin do its job in protecting our body, we should also be able to take care of skin from having some serious illness as it may not function property if damaged. Putting on sun screen has many benefits. 

1. Reduce signs of aging 

The sun can cause serious damage to your skin and can cause early signs of aging like wrinkles and might cause damage your skin’s collagen and some tissues on the skin.

2. Sunspots 

We usually see those dark sunspots on people body mainly on face, shoulders, arms and other parts of the body that is usually exposed in the sun. Those are spots that we usually in different shades of dark brown that is caused by the hyperpigmentation of the skin if stayed frequently under the sun and cause aging. 

3. Protect from sun burn 

Sunburns are painful to everyone. These are burns that was produced when exposed too much under the sun without using sun blocks. If it is not prevented it can also lead to a more serious skin disease such as cancer. It usually takes a few days for it to start to heal. 

4. Reduce the risk of Skin Cancer

Skin cancers are the one of the serious illness people can get when we do not take care of our skin. It is advisable to wear long wearing sun block and it is important to re-apply after 2 hours under the sun, after you got of the water or beach and after wiping with towel to have extra protection from the sun and avoid having cancer. 

It is fun to enjoy under sun especially on this hot weather it is best to enjoy it with family and friends in the beach for a total relaxation with the whole family. We just have to be vigilant on how we can protect each other from the harmful effects of the sun to our skin. People tend to forget that the UV rays of the sun is harmful and there are ways we can be protected from it. Choosing the right equipment or items such as sun block lotion or spray or even the swim wears or the cover up outfits we will contributes as one of the factors on how to avoid UV rays and escalate to a more serious disease that we will regret in time. Early effects of the UV rays such sun burns and sunspots are less damaging and can be treated mildly but we should prevent ourselves from too much exposure as it may lead to a more deadly illness. 

Having fun indoors

While we enjoy in the comfort of our home and away from the sun, there are some family bonding activities we can do in the comfort of our home:  

1. Watch a movie 

There are many online subscriptions we can choose from and purchase that the family can enjoy in the comfort of our own home. We do not need to go out for a movie date with the family as there are many with variety of movie options we can choose from. 

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2. Planting 

Planting or Gardening is one of the old habits that the earlier enjoy before the word “plantita” happened some time in 2020. People are in to taking of plants and designing their home with live plants to add more accent in to their living spaces and adding nature related features inside a home for a more homey feeling. Plants can also increase the flow of oxygen and can reduce heat inside the home. 

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3. Cooking with family 

Cooking is one of the best bonding the family can do inside their homes. Preparing meals for the family is a great bonding and can also be a learning session for the kids on how to prepare items. It can be taught on an early age such as cutting vegetables, baking, and even setting the table. 

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4. Exercise 

During the dry season, it is hard for people to go out and exercise while the sun is up and becomes super hot as this may also lead to a skin disease. There exercise we can do inside our home. We can just watch videos online and follow their instructions on how to exercise in the comfort of your home. 

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There many fun activities we can do and enjoy without going out of our home. As the Philippines starts to experience a different kind of heat during the dry season, people are more prone to such heat-related illnesses and we must do everything that we can to prevent having those diseases. Everyone has the freedom to do what they want but let us be cautious about the decisions we will make and apply the necessary precautionary tips to prevent creating a problem to ourselves. 

Written by Yna Faundo