Benefits of Using LED Lights at Home

Benefits of Using LED Lights and Bulbs

Indoor and outdoor, lighting has great importance. At home, a well lit room not only induces good ambiance but also is a key to a beautiful interior design. In this article, let’s talk about the advantages or benefit of using LED lights. If you’re using fluorescent lights, take this as a sign to take the switch to save on electric bill and also help the environment when it comes to electricity emission. Read more to understand the listed benefits of LED lights especially when used at home.

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What is LED Light?

LED lights produce very good lighting in our houses but what makes LED light special from the other lighting out there and what defines LED. LED stand for light-emitting diode and a diode is an electric device or component with two electrodes where the electricity flow such electricity entered through an anode and exits out through a cathode that emits light. A diode is generally made out of semi-conductive material like selenium or silicon that conducts electricity. That’s why LED emits visual light when electricity passes through the exact opposite of a photovoltaic cell that converts light to make electricity.

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What are the Benefits of Using LED lights.

1. Long lasting light bulbs

Long-lasting – first and foremost, comparing LED light bulb life span to a fluorescent bulb you can significantly see that LED light last longer than a florescent as it has 50,000 to 100,000 operating hours or more 2-4 time longer to what a florescent bulb can last for imagine your neighbor having a hard time replacing their light bulb while you sit in your drinking coffee as you know the light bulb in your house has a long-lasting lifespan and you don’t have to change your light bulb time to time it does not just help you lessen the labor but it also helps lessen the maintenance cost of replacing light bulb.

2. Energy Efficient

Energy-efficient LED lights need to consume a very small amount of electricity compared to the other light and the statistic used to compare LED to others is luminous efficiency or useful lumens described how many watts were used to emit light per unit that is consumed by light bulb according to the experience of touch lighting most LED light retrofit project results in a 60-75% improvement in the all overall energy efficiency of the facilities lighting depending on existing particular light and installed LED light the saving could accumulate to 90%.

3. Safe Usage of LED light bulbs

Safety is one of the benefits that have been often missed out on by everyone when using LED lights. People tend to look for it because it is cheaper and more convenient but they don’t look if it’s safe to use as not everyone is knowledgeable about electricity some may even think that if it’s working then it is good but the number one hazard in term of lighting is the emission heat like traditional light use 90% more of the total energy used to power directly to heat while LED light is almost don’t emit heat and take less electricity which is much safer when something happen.

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LED light is physically small that’s a great benefit compared to those big long florescent lights what a hassle carrying a florescent light walking around the street going home or putting it in your car worrying if it gets broken when you suddenly press the break of your car all that hassle is gone with LED light as it does not need a lot of electricity to emit light the piece of it become smaller and lighter you can carry it with one hand you can put it with your bag as this is not as fragile as florescent light you are assured that it won’t break and being small it is easy to dispose of when it’s done with its job.

3. Interior design upgrade

LED light can be used in as many design as you want as an LED light bulb is small you can put it in a bunch and make a group of light that catch your eyes or put them one by one apart from each other and make a very good spacing to each other that gives nostalgic vibes and maybe you can put it one LED light per room and make it ecstatic and beautiful at the same time you can design all you want as it is so flexible you need light in your garden no problem you need light in your kitchen no problem LED light is so good to the eyes that it doesn’t need so much decoration to fit in your house that make it more special like a house from Bria Homes.

4. LED Light in Cold and Hot Weather

LED light operates in cold and hot weather. You don’t have to worry about switching it off and on as it doesn’t need to warm up before lighting as it won’t break.

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5. Light Adjustments

LED lights have a dimming capability it can generate 0 to 100 percent but it does need the necessary technology or program to apply the dim and fluorescent light or any traditional light can’t do that what a great advantage choosing how much light you want while watching your favorite TV show vibing with the music you are listening browsing on the internet or maybe recording a viral video of yourself with aesthetic light in the background you can do that all with comfortable lighting in your house.

Now that you’ve learned the benefits and advantages of using LED bulbs and lights, this is a great time for you to make the switch of using them instead of the old, classic, fluorescent lights. Not only are you contributing to the environment by being energy efficient and making less waste by using them long term, LEDs also give the advantage of being used all over the room to make an aesthetic interior.

Written by Kier Francis R. Presentacion