2022 Diet Trends You Can Follow

Diet Trends 2022 you Can try

When the pandemic hit the Philippines, Filipinos’ lifestyles and diets altered dramatically. Authorities imposed a lockdown, requiring residents to remain in their homes. While various businesses, such as workplaces, schools, and gyms, were closed. The body’s only activity was to eat and rest at home. As a result, Filipinos’ lifestyles and diets have evolved. Most Filipinos are gradually gaining weight since eating with their families is so enjoyable. Now that things are finally returning to normal, some Filipinos are becoming more health-conscious, so this 2022 let’s figure out what diet trends will help you to have a healthy body. A healthy diet can help to avoid illness and recover more quickly. Almost every country was on lockdown or maintaining social distance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most people are dealing with anxiousness as a result of the pandemic and are eagerly awaiting remedies, the essentials of diet and lifestyle have been overlooked. Obesity and diabetes have become more common as a result of this.

Weight loss will be achieved by consuming fewer calories each day than your body requires. Forcing your body to draw energy from body fats is called a calorie deficit. The majority of your body’s fat is used in this way. When you don’t eat enough, your body can get into these energy reserves. The body will become thin if it regularly gets the fat reserves that will melt body fat. While to grow muscle mass, you must consume more calories than your body requires to build bigger and stronger muscles. So here are some diet tips for you this 2022!

1. Immunity Diet

Due to the massive impact of Covid-19, it is important to keep a strong immune system to avoid chronic ailments. The World Health Organization has released new dietary guidelines emphasizing the importance of a well-balanced diet in maintaining a healthy immune system, they recommend eating four servings of fruits and five servings of vegetables per day. 

The immune system is the body’s protection against invaders like the flu, it’s important to nourish it properly. It is not hard to look for the best immune-boosting foods it will be found in the supermarket. To maintain your immune system in good health, eat extra omega-3 fats. This anti-inflammatory lipid is abundant in fatty fish, Pumpkin seeds, Walnuts, Fruits and vegetables, and Lean proteins like fish and poultry. The immune system requires various micronutrients, particularly vitamins A, C, and D, as well as trace minerals like Zinc and Selenium.

2. Vegetarian Diet

Caused by a lack of activity and necessities, the Filipinos became resourceful, specifically when it comes to food. Growing vegetables in the backyard to save money on everyday expenses has become fashionable, as well as nutrition trends. This is one of the reasons for vegetarianism’s appeal. A vegetarian diet is you don’t eat meat, fish, or poultry. Instead, you’ll eat plant-based foods like grains, vegetables, and fruits in your diet.

Eating fewer calories will help to lose weight and have a better weight control. It also decreased the risk of heart disease. Eating a plant-based diet may also help lower high blood pressure, improve insulin resistance, and reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome. The best fruits and vegetables for weight loss are lettuce, cucumber, walnut, broccoli, spinach, asparagus, celery, grapefruit, peach, & radish. 

3. Keto Diet

The keto diet, also known as the ketogenic diet is a type of low-carb, high-protein diet. Carbs, such as refined starches or fiber, are converted to sugar once ingested, it is an exceptionally effective way to lose weight. Daily, you should try to ingest 70% of your calories from fat, 25% from protein, and 5% from carbohydrates. Fat is the most significant portion of the keto diet, that’s why it received the greatest percentage. It has twice the amount of energy and calories as proteins or carbohydrates. The body will use fat as an internal source of energy, mainly coming from ketosis. This is one of the most talked about diet trends for from the start of the pandemic up to this year, 2022.

The acceptable foods in the keto diet are;

  • Eggs
  • dairy (such as full-fat cheese, butter, and yogurt),
  • fatty fish
  • avocados
  • low-carb
  • leafy vegetables,
  • tomatoes
  • mushrooms
  • chicken and meat

When you start your diet, make sure to avoid the following foods, (bread and baked foods, sweet junk food, soft drinks, legumes, any fruit with high sugar content, pasta, and high-carb veggies.  

4. MIND diet

Dieting requires not only a healthy body but also a healthy mind. This will aid in the proper functioning of the body component. Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay or MIND diet for short was created to help people reduce their risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Homocysteine, a harmful amino acid, can be reduced by following the DASH diet. The Mediterranean Diet with a Low Sodium Twist is primarily plant-based, focusing on “superfoods” such as fruits and vegetables to optimize brain function.

How MIND diet will help to lose weight? it avoids you from eating processed and fried foods, as well as sweets and refined carbohydrate foods, that will consume fewer calories. It requires you to eat the following:

  • whole grains
  • leafy vegetables
  • berries, beans, and nuts
  • fish and poultry food

5. Water diet

Water is incredibly vital now since it’s summer season, but it may also be a diet. The water diet is effective because water is beneficial to one’s health. The human body is at least 55 percent water and requires adequate water to function.

  •   You will consume less food if you fill your stomach with water before eating your meals.
  • Drinking cold water causes the body to chill down from the inside out, forcing it to burn more calories.
  • In between meals, fill your stomach with water to alleviate some feelings of hunger.
  • Add a slice of lemon to your drink, it will lose a lot of weight, largely water but also some fat and muscle. It will provide your liver, kidneys, and digestive organs a much-needed respite from the toxic stuff you’ve been eating.

Eating modest amounts of food from a well-balanced diet rich in fish, vegetables, and fruit is the greatest approach to losing weight. Aside from following healthy diet trends, regular exercise may also aid in maintaining a healthy body. The combination of a nutritious diet and frequent exercise is effective but it needs your self-discipline and perseverance.  

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Written by Maria Joecel Porteros