8 Reasons to Consider a Career in Sales


Pivotal to any business is the marketing strategy and model that any company follows because these are the means to get the attention of their potential clients and customers. And attached to this is the indispensable contributions and effort of businesses’ sales agents. A career in sales and marketing has the primary task is the selling of products and services by underscoring its benefits to the customers.

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So why choose a career in sales? A career in sales and marketing offers a wide array of opportunities as it can provide you with thrilling and remunerative experience in both your professional and personal life. In addition, this career is most likely to be fitting to those who are more creative, have the eagerness to learn, work with little supervision, good team players, oozing with confidence, and of course, motivated. Surprisingly, even those in an entry-level position have numerous opportunities for development and usually have competitive starting remuneration and additional benefits hence, many are getting interested and attracted to trying their fortune in a career in sales and marketing and become an efficient salesperson. This exciting and satisfying career path has many benefits for people with the right outlook and attitude, including some of the following below:

1. High Earnings Potential

According to talent.com, the average annual income of a sales agent or representative in the Philippines is about Php 360,000.00, way above the annual basic income of about Php 108,113.64 according to a 2018 report from the Philippine Statistics Authority. In addition to this, salespersons usually earn a commission based on how much they sell, providing a higher income for talented people who are willing to work hard.

As the saying goes, in sales, you reap what you sow.

2. Accessibility

Despite the high income potential in pursuing a career in sales, most sales positions do not have high barriers to entry or do not necessarily require any special training or high formal education to begin. That is why this career path is one of the most accessible professions for people in the advent of their professional career or seeking professional direction. What is more basically a prerequisite in a career in sales and marketing is passion and commitment to learning. Surely, you can get an entry level position that could develop to provide a lucrative and interesting career.

3. Work-life balance

Are you looking for a career path that offers not just competitive remuneration but also has a model that promotes work-life balance? The career in sales and marketing might just be for you! Salespeople can set their own schedule depending on their strategy, especially if they work based on a quota system. Under which, salespersons are required to make a certain number or sales within a given timeframe. With this flexible schedule, many salespersons have a good work-life balance because they can plan ahead of time their work schedules in consonance with their personal schedule.

4. Growth Potential

A career in sales and marketing is definitely a performance-based career and requires salespersons to constantly seek ways on how to improve their craft to fit their skills to the needs of the market. Aside from it, the sales professionals who have competitives streaks or desire to gain more could maximize the ample professional development opportunities like various training and mentoring programs. Lastly, anyone with a good and strong motivation and work ethics for sales can grow in  the field of sales or use their skills and talents to succeed in other higher positions. .

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5. Sales never runs out of demand

Salespeople will never go out of the limelight, especially in a highly consumeristic and capitalistic society we are into nowadays. Also, this career path is pivotal to the economy and to any business as they facilitate the transactions between the sellers and buyers. In addition, many of the current business frameworks and models use sales people to drive their numbers up and in return, companies give them the security of tenure with a competitive remuneration as mentioned earlier. The company will only have substantial market value if their salespeople are efficient with a proven  track record bringing in business and creating relationships.

6. Career Stepping Stone

As highly emphasized above, a career in sales and marketing provides different channels to improve your soft and hard skills necessary for this career. These skills are not solely for the sales profession but could likewise be applicable to other professions if one day you opted to change your career. Let’s face the fact that many people doesn;t want to stay in a sales career all their professional life, and that is perfectly fine. Thus, the experience, training, and learnings that a sales person could acquire from this career is, indeed, a good step to improving yourself, both personally and professionally.

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7. Opportunity to Travel

Though it is undeniable that a career in sales and marketing is truly exhausting and challenging, but if you’re a kind person who is attracted and has a desire to travel, this profession might be for you.Most of salespeople have a specific territory to cover and must have frequent visit to these sites to ensure increase in sales. Thus, most sales professionals customize their strategy according to their area of coverage. The planning includes the place for accommodation, strategies suited for the topography and the place’s norms and trends. And the best way to efficiently do this is a frequent visit to the place.

Assignments of places also change over a period of time hence, salespeople have plenty of opportunities to go and visit different places.

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8. Networking

One of the prerequisite skills for anyone who would wish to enter the sales profession is having good interpersonal relations as there will be countless interactions with potential customers and sales partners. Along the journey, the people whom salespersons interacted with would become part of their network. A career in sales and marketing could definitely help you grow your networking skills not limited to your customers but also with those from different fields.

Subtly, your network is one important key to attaining one’s personal and professional goals. As the saying jokingly goes, success often comes not just with good talent, but more importantly from the persons whom you contacted.

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