Things to know before installing a bathtub

bathtub installation

Who does not want to be relaxed, after a long day at school, a hectic day from work with tiring working hours, and a full schedule of responsibility at home? Home is where the safest zone is. A home is a place where relaxation, security, and refreshment happen. The bathroom symbolizes everything that one hopes for at the end of the day. The bathroom is healing, most especially if there is a bathtub in it. A bathtub is magic. Magic that solves doubt. Magic that cleans the body and refreshes a soul. If you’re thinking about having a bathtub, this blog is for you, because there are lots of things you know before installing a bathtub in the Philippines. 

According to Badeloft Luxury Bathrooms, here are the things that you must know before you do a bathtub installation in the Philippines. 

  1. What Bathtub style do you want? Will it fit properly in your bathroom? 
  2. Which bathtub is both efficient and beautiful that fits perfectly your home and your lifestyle?

What are the Different Bathtub Styles to Choose From?

               Of course, the style of a bathtub must be a statement of yourself and your home. Taking note of the space that a bathtub has, it must be physically aligned to the space of the bathroom and it must showcase the beauty and sophisticated look that defines you and your home. 

1. Freestanding and Regular Bathtub

One of the most popular Bathtub styles is the freestanding bathtub. A Freestanding Bathtub does not need a lot of requirements for bathtub installation. It does not need much connecting wall. Furthermore, it expresses a lively atmosphere in your bathroom especially when it partners with its design. One can never be wrong in choosing a Freestanding Bathtub because it is efficient and can adjust easily to your needs and wants.  

Regular bathtub requires space and a lot of proper connection for bathtub installation. It is rectangular in shape and it needs more space. There are more upgraded designs nevertheless, the traditional look is very classic. 

2. Oval and Angled bathtub

If you are searching for a modern bathtub that really fits your home, an Oval bathtub is for you. The Oval Bathtub is round in shape and balanced in design. It is a neutralizer to the corners and edgy design of your bathroom. It is very easy to install especially in smaller homes and apartments. 

If you are into relaxing your back and neck, this Angled bathtub is for you. The floor of this bathtub is higher than the other for the body to soothe just nicely and properly. One more amazing thing about this bathtub is that it can be easily adjusted based on your preference. It can be converted into an Oval bathtub or if you want to make it larger, it can also be transformed into a larger Freestanding Bathtub. 

3. Alcove and Corner bathtub 

An alcove bathtub is also found in smaller homes because it can be used for a shower however, it connects to the three sides of the wall while the Corner bathtub is like an Alcove bathtub but it is wider and bigger that is installed in the corner of the bathroom. 

4. Drop-in bathtubs, Japanese style, and walk-in bathtubs 

An interesting way of a Drop-in bathtub is that it is really dropping in a bathtub into a carved-out area. It will make the carved-out area more visible than the bathtub. Furthermore, the Japanese-style bathtub is circular, bigger, and taller in shape. It will allow your body to soak fully in the water. This bathtub is really great, especially in larger homes.

               The Walk-in bathtub shows safety measures, especially for those who are afraid of being slipped. The Walk-in Bathtub has a walking grip. This is very popular in different homes because it supports and assists children. 

Materials for Bathtub Installation

               Materials are one of the most important things to consider when you are starting with the bathtub installation in the Philippines. It will help you determine what fits the design of your bathroom. It will help you determine what is the safest to use for you and your family. It will help you choose what is comfortably used at home. Materials will vary depending on what you want and what you need. There are lots of beautiful, tough, and easy materials that you can use for bathtub installation in the Philippines.  

You can use Fiberglass if you are after the easy installation, easy to maintain, economical in price, and if you want an easily repairable surface. Porcelain, on the other hand, is long-lasting proven and it is resistant to chemicals. Acrylic materials can easily adjust to the budget. It has different modern designs that are lightweight and durable. While Cast Iron is scratch resistant and retains heat, however, it is expensive and really heavy. Ceramic tile has vast options of designs and sizes, but it is difficult to install and needs high maintenance. If you want a high-end investment and a natural look, you can go after the stone material, unfortunately, it is high maintenance and heavy. One other nature look is wood. It is different, unique, and comfortable in use and style. 

Generally, weight and size are essentials when you’re thinking about installing a bathtub. You must fully take into consideration the size and the materials done for your home. If you have a larger home, and you can support a larger bathtub, go for it! You must also take a look at which bathtub fits not just for you but for the whole family. Make security the priority, especially if you have physically incapable family members, elders and children. If you are going to buy a bathtub determine the dos and don’ts for them. 

There are many things to consider before a bathtub installation. First, Piping placement, surely, you do not want to have a series of headaches when the bathtub installation goes wrong! Better to plan properly and ahead before the execution. Second, replacing bathtubs, if you are just starting, check out the bathtubs that give you the freedom to adjust and rearrange like the oval and freestanding bathtub, but if you are decisive enough choose the bathtub that is for a long term in construction. Third, regarding bathtub installation in the Philippines after the pandemic, a lot has changed after the pandemic, make sure to discuss things with the professionals about the installation protocol. This is to give you and your family safe from contagious diseases. 

At the end of the day, you are always after the comfort, safety, and welfare of your home. Take your options smart and seriously. Make sure to discuss things with a professional. See to it to always consider the essentials. Capture the good effects of having a bathtub at home. As they say, bathtubs can help you wash away those doubts, and troubles, while you are having a relaxing soak with bubbles.

Written by Jane L.