Top 10 best country to migrate for Filipinos

countries to migrate for Filipinos

It’s always enticing to leave your nation and start anew somewhere else. Meeting new people, visiting unfamiliar locations, and taking in a new culture all sound like interesting and delightful experiences. At the end of 2013, the most recent year for which official figures are available, there were 4.9 million Filipinos residing permanently outside of the Philippines. There is truly no quick fix or short cut when it comes to migration. You are certainly aware that it requires a lot of planning and preparation, but there are some nations that give you better possibilities and opportunities. If you have the resources—money, skills, and a job—any country might be the best place to migrate to.

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Recently more countries are gradually loosening their COVID limitations and opening up to tourists and overseas workers. We all have our own motivations for moving, so here are the best countries to migrate for Filipinos:

1. Canada

Canada is considered as one of the most popular migration destinations for Filipinos despite its severe winters. There are 837,130 persons in Canada of Filipino ethnicity, according to the May 2016 census. Additionally, 5.95 percent of all new permanent residents who came to Canada in 2020 were Filipino.

2. New Zealand

Who wouldn’t want to live in New Zealand, with its breathtaking landscapes, energetic cities, multicultural melting pot, and relaxed pace of life? It is both an English-speaking nation with a moderate climate. For both professionals and students, opportunities are abundant. This then makes this country the best country to migrate to. Numerous of the nation’s largest cities are included in the top 10 lists of the finest places to live and work, making the nation one of the world’s most livable regions. Because of its Skilled Migration Program, New Zealand is a popular immigration destination. However, there are a number of requirements that you must fulfill in order to be eligible for this program. To begin with, you must be under 55, have a high level of expertise in your subject, and have previous work experience. But if you achieve these requirements, you are allowed to stay in New Zealand for two years before requesting a resident visa.

3. France

            You might be in luck if you’ve ever daydreamed of taking a stroll along the Seine while holding a croissant. If you’re searching for the best country to migrate to, choose France, a popular tourist destination, is now providing extra visa alternatives.

            In order to support the nation’s tech economy and give foreigners a quick route to residency, the French government introduced one of the EU’s most accessible visas for tech workers in 2017. One of the longest-lasting visa choices in Europe, the French tech visa enables tech professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs to live and work in France for four years.

4. United States

If you’re a Filipino who aspires to live in America, you should be aware that immigrants with immigrant visas for permanent residency are often given either a family-based visa or an employment-based visa. Immediate Relative (spouse, kid, or parent who is a citizen of the United States) and Family Preference are two requirements for family-based visas.

5. The Caribbean

Today, many Caribbean nations provide a range of visas for extended visitors and remote workers. The “Barbados Welcome Stamp,” a unique 12-month visa available to anyone who can support themselves financially.

6. Spain

            Spain’s Golden Visa program makes it a popular travel destination. However, you must have sufficient funds and a financial strategy in place to qualify for permanent residency under this program. For Filipinos and other nations, this is one of the best countries to migrate to since they give a special privilege to former Spanish colonies, Spain also offers a fast-track citizenship scheme. Spain is particularly well-liked among expats in large part due to its nice weather, affordable cost of living compared to other Western European countries, public and private healthcare system, and educational system.

7. Australia

            Another of the most popular destinations for Filipinos who migrate abroad is Australia, where according to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 10% of OFWs who leave the Philippines actually end up settling.

Sydney, the nation’s capital, is regarded as the 11th most livable city in the world, while Melbourne, another city in the nation that is popular among Filipinos, is placed 17th. That includes taking into account the sociocultural, political, and economic environments as well as the housing market, medical and health concerns, and educational and recreational opportunities. Australia is able to offer residents and citizens free or subsidized education if they choose to complete their degree in some of the most prominent institutions in the world. Additionally, you wouldn’t need to worry about your health since everyone in the nation has access to free or heavily discounted healthcare.

8. Singapore

            Particularly for Filipinos, Singapore continues to be one of the best countries to migrate to. It has some of the highest paid workers in the world. In Singapore, the immigration laws are more permissive than in other nations, and some types of passes are given to the immigrant’s family members, even though immigration normally means being apart from your family. Therefore, if you make a particular amount of money each month, you are allowed to bring your parents and other dependents in, proving that you can support them comfortably while they are abroad.

9. Dubai, UAE

More than 200 different nationalities, as well as 7.8 million expats, call the United Arab Emirates (UAE) home as of 2013. Out of the 9.2 million people that live in the UAE, that is! Because of this, Southeast Asia and the Philippines are more prevalent than other foreign places, making it more comfortable and familiar.

Due to the oil income, the UAE has a fairly stable and self-sufficient economy. Additionally, they have liberal tax laws, free trade agreements that benefit both citizens and corporations, and investor-friendly trade policies. So you should choose Dubai if you intend to launch a business.

            The government has also made it simple for interested parties to try their luck in the nation—and even bring their families on prolonged trips. This is because of the 10-year visa that has been made available to foreign investors and professionals.

10. Japan

          Because of its aging population, Japan is now welcoming qualified workers and students who want to increase the country’s labor force. Additionally, Japan finally changed their point-based system in 2017 to make it somewhat simpler to apply for permanent residency after three years of residing there. The rest of the world is not as well recognized for its people’s discipline as the Japanese are. Their fantastic public transit system, which is undoubtedly among the best in the world, benefits greatly from this kind of order and discipline.

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Written by LM Sanchez