Essential Items to Bring for the Rainy Days

Rainy season is upon us. So, whenever you step out that door, having rainy day essentials make it easier for you to navigate through the rain.

Ever since COVID cases declined, Metro Manila became a low-risk COVID zone. This led to offices increasing their onsite capacity, schools slowly welcoming back students on-campus, and other establishments like carnivals and nightclubs re-opening.

Unfortunately, July feels like an inopportune time to re-open since that is when most of the typhoons are in and out of the country. With heavy rains, strong typhoons, and blustering winds dictating the weather for the next couple of months, it tends to make one feel lazy and unproductive where one would much rather stay at one’s house and lot, lay down, and enjoy the cooler climate.

But, particularly for going to the office for work and going to the campus for school, some commitments must be attended to. Hence, one must risk going out despite the weather. That said, a little preparation can do a lot to minimize the hassle in going out during a stormy weather.

So, while you are glued to the weather forecast planning your day, here are some rainy day essentials to prepare you for any unforeseen weather hazard.

1. Umbrella

Probably the obvious go-to and must-have when the weather is bad, it is an understatement to say, “it is advisable to carry this during rainy season.” It is practically common knowledge to bring an umbrella even on days where it might not rain.

With pocket umbrellas looking smaller and smaller making it more convenient to bring, there are not any excuses not to have an umbrella with you whenever.

Umbrellas provide the most resistance against rain, is significantly light, and can be used for other things like protection against the sun.

2. Raincoat/ Jacket

Albeit heavy and cumbersome, bringing a raincoat can provide the most protection as it will cover your whole body. It is advisable to carry this during rainy season.

If fashion is your non-negotiable when outdoors, online stores sell many fashionable raincoats, jackets, and trench coats that will go well with your outfit while protecting you from the rain.

When getting a coat, make sure the hood is long enough to cover your head to decrease the likelihood of getting sick. Moreover, if you want maximum protection, where your raincoat with an umbrella along with the next item on this list.

3. Rain boots

Copping a pair of rain boots is now not only one of the best rainy day essentials because of the convenience it provides, but it is also fashionable as well.

First, in terms of style, new rain boots have a high-cut design to look like Chelsea boots to fit anyone’s sartorial taste. Second, these waterproof shoes will keep your feet dry when walking through strong rains or deep puddles.

It can be incredibly irritating and frustrating walking with your shoes and socks soaking wet. If you want to reach your destination without this horrible feeling, maybe this is a sign for you to invest in rain boots.

4. Power bank

One can never go wrong with a fully charged power bank in hand, perfect for any situation, regardless of the weather.

If you have a power bank with you, then you can charge your devices anywhere without going through the hassles of borrowing other’s power banks or a power outlet from someone else’s lot.

To add further, it gives you a peace of mind knowing you can give your device an extra life while outside your home. In the case of an emergency, your phone is your best friend, and you may be using it more than usual by keeping in touch with loved ones and getting updates from authority figures online.

5. Waterproof phone pouch

Branching off the earlier point, if your cellphone is your best friend, you certainly do not want to lose it to damage from the rain. In the case of a strong typhoon and you are stranded, your phone is the only thing that can help you stay connected with others. Lose it and your loved ones will be left wondering what happened to you until you are able to contact them again.

With a waterproof pouch protecting your cellphone, you can walk around calmly knowing your phone is protected from getting wet by the protective phone pouch.

For non-rain purposes, you can use this to take photos underwater too.

6. Waterproof bag

For commuters going to school or going to work, a waterproof bag may be at the top of your rainy day essentials.

It is super frustrating and nerve-wracking to have your belongings—maybe important documents—soaked by the rain. While it might not be your fault, you must be the one to adjust to your surroundings.

To avoid having to make excuses to your boss or teacher, use a waterproof bag to protect your things from getting wet.

7. Extra clothes and towel

Sometimes, you do everything right but you and the current clothes you are wearing still manage to get wet. Not only is it time-consuming and uncomfortable waiting for yourself to dry up, but it is also dangerous because it puts you in risk of catching a cold.

So, instead of waiting around, change into a new set of clothes and dry yourself so that you feel fresh immediately.

Do not forget to bring a plastic bag to keep your wet clothes in because they may soak your other things in your bag, and it tends to leave an unpleasant stench behind.

8. Mosquito repellant

Along with rainy season comes mosquito season—dengue cases tend to increase when it begins to rain. All in all, getting sick happens more often during the rainy season so it is best not to take any chances and undermine the damage a small insect could inflict.

Instead of clapping your way to killing any mosquito in sight, apply an effective and natural mosquito repellant that is strong enough to keep mosquitos from even getting a sniff of you.

This way, you can just stay still as mosquitos pass by you instead of clapping around trying to kill mosquitos. The latter approach is unproductive because while you may succeed in killing some mosquitos, the rest will bypass you and end up biting you.

To add, mosquitos can be a nuisance while you are chilling at home so keep a bottle of repellant around your house and lot as well.

Always ready

Rain can be the biggest bummer to whatever you have planned for the day. Bringing these rainy day essentials with you everyday can help you protect yourself from sickness.

On the other hand, you may stay at the comfort of your Bria Home during rainy days to enjoy the cozy weather. Check out Bria Homes website and official Facebook page for more details.

Written by Cholo Hermoso