8 Ideas on where to put your washing machine

Washing machine placement at home

Organizing your home is one of the most therapeutic and rewarding tasks to do. Giving your own spaces at home your own personal touch is the perfect ingredient that transforms a typical house into a cozy home.

One of these spaces is your laundry area and sometimes planning your laundry area layout can be confusing. Don’t worry because in this article we will discuss the perfect spots to place your washing machine at home.

The Laundry Area

Each space in your home serves a purpose, like how the living room is the place for family bonding, the kitchen is for meal preparation, and the bedroom is for personal activities and resting.

The laundry area is one of these spaces and it has its own purposes as well. But what is a laundry area?

A laundry area is one of the most essential spaces that a homeowner should have in a proper house and lot. It is a place in your home that you use for washing clothes and an ideal place to store your laundry related appliances such as your washing machines, clothes dryers, ironing board, and even other stuff such as clothes washing necessities such as detergents, clothes hangers, and more.

Having a designated space in your home for a laundry area helps on making your spaces be more organized and cleaner. Laundry areas come in different shapes and forms and it is up to you as a homeowner to design your own laundry area.

Laundry areas are typically designed and placed near or adjacent to the kitchen or the bathroom to have a more efficient plumbing system as the water lines and sewer lines are in one area of your house. Some laundry areas are outside your house and some can be integrated inside.

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Organizing your laundry area is a must and it should be a place that is always organized and clean to avoid having pests and insects to nest in the corners of the laundry area. But did you know that there are spaces in your house where you can put your washing machine in besides the laundry area?

Common Spots to Place your Washing Machine at Home

Looking for the perfect spot to place your washing machine is now easier than ever because of the advances in both washing machine model designs and floor plan designs. Some properties do not have an option to have a designated space for a laundry area thus making it perplexing to think about which spots should you place your washing machines at home.

Here are some areas in your house that are possible spaces to place your washing machine:

1. Next to the shower stall

Having your washing machine placed inside your bathroom can be efficient since the bathroom is also a place for wet activities inside your household. If you have a spacious bathroom, you can place your washing machine and dryer next to your shower stalls or shower enclosures.

This kind of solution works well if you own an automatic washing machine but some adjustments could make this work with manual washing machines as well.

The good thing about this is you can stack your dryer on top of your washing machine and if you still have space left at the top, you can have the option to place a storage cabinet to store your detergents and other cleaning supplies.

Placing your washing machine inside your bathroom also promotes multi-tasking as you can do your laundry and clean the bathroom or take a quick shower at the same time.

2. Below your kitchen counter

If you are living in an apartment and if your bathroom is not spacious enough to put your washing machine in there, you can choose to place it under your kitchen counter. Most kitchen counters have ample space that can accommodate some washing machine models.

This is a good idea because your laundry activities are close to the kitchen sink or a plumbing fixture, just like in the bathroom, so a water source is near your washing machine. This makes it easier to fetch water whenever you need it in doing laundry.

You can also multitask with this since, let’s say, you can sip your coffee in the morning while your laundry is spinning, or you can do laundry while you’re preparing breakfast in the morning or cleaning the dishes after eating dinner.

Of course, having your washing machine in the kitchen might sometimes looks off. You can choose to have it covered in a cabinet if it fits, or have a cloth covering it. If you are still on the process of buying a washing machine, pick a model that could blend in with the design of your kitchen counter.

3. Under the washbasin

One of the spots that you can place your washing machine at home is under your washbasin counter. If you have a washbasin counter inside your house, you can have a washing machine space under it. This makes the washing machine accessible and not out of place.

Just like under the kitchen counter, if you wish to have it hidden, you have the option to do so. You can have a cabinet door to conceal it or any other coverings that is aligned to what aesthetic you have in mind.

The good thing about this is that you can also have a space for a dryer beside it or have a customized set of drawers or cabinet storage to keep your cleaning and laundry supplies in one place. This way, everything you need in doing laundry is within your reach.

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4. Inside your pantry

A pantry is not a common area that you can see in a Filipino household but because of evolving residential designs, some floor plans are introducing pantry cabinets to Filipino homes. If there is a chance that you have an existing pantry cabinet at home, this can be a place to keep your washing machine.

Most pantry designs are not built like a livable room but like a built-in cabinet near the kitchen that is not big enough to be a room but big enough for a person to walk in.

Just like the trend today that everything is built vertically, you can have your washing machine and dryer stacked vertically inside the pantry to save space and to make it fit. Pantries commonly have doors attached to it so you can have your laundry appliances concealed when not in use.

Isn’t it efficient to have anything you need in doing laundry just beside your kitchen? And your visitors won’t even notice that it’s there, because your washing machine is tucked away and blending in behind one of your kitchen cabinets.

5. Under the kitchen island

A kitchen island is one of the most flexible and very efficient fixtures in your home because of its ability to be anything you want it to be. Commonly placed near the kitchen, or even the middle of the kitchen, a kitchen island can be a service table or an additional place for meal preparation, storage, eating, or even a kitchen detail that makes the space feel more grandeur and not dull.

But one of the best things about the kitchen island is that you can also make it as a place to put your washing machine.

Due to the spacious storage space that a kitchen island offers under it, you have the option to make it the home of your laundry appliances. Being in the kitchen, you can also do a lot of kitchen activities while doing your laundry without running back and forth from one area in your home to another.

Unconventional Spots in your Home to Place your Washing Machine

We’ve covered five of the common spots to place your washing machine at home, but the list does not end there. Automatic washing machines, besides being faster and easier to manage than manual washing machines, is also beneficial in terms of placing it around your house.

Now we are listing unconventional places in a Filipino home that you can integrate your laundry appliances in.

Take note that if you wish to put your washing machine in one of these places listed below, it would be very helpful if you’ve already considered it in your floor plans so that any precautionary measures and other pre-organization designs would be built while your house is still being constructed.

1. Inside your wardrobe cabinet

Yes, you read that right.

You can place your washing machine inside your very own wardrobe. Who says you can’t do your laundry in the bedroom?

You have the option to have your washing machine and dryer placed inside your wardrobe cabinet as long as there is enough space and there is a convenience outlet nearby that is applicable to your laundry appliances.

The best part about this is that your dirty laundry does not need to be carried around your house when it’s laundry day. You can simply place your hamper beside your wardrobe cabinet, and if it’s time to do your laundry, you can just reach for it and throw it inside your washing machine to spin and dry. And you can do all of that while you are busy with finishing work or having some time for yourself inside your bedroom.

You can also have an ironing board that can be folded in the wardrobe cabinet when not in use and folded out whenever you need it, this way, after drying your clothes, you can proceed to ironing them and folding them, then put them in at the same wardrobe. You can do your laundry from washing to folding without walking out of your bedroom.

If doing your laundry inside your bedroom is not your cup of tea, then you could consider placing you washing machine at your stairs.

2. Under the staircase or at the stair landing

In designing your home, you might have wondered what you can do to utilize the space under the stairs. Due to its incline shape and limited space, you might have decided just to leave it as it is, or made it a temporary storage.

Even though it’s challenging to make the space under the stairs useful, there are tons of things that you can do with it. You can transform that space into a shoe closet, or a utility room perhaps, you can also use it as a display shelf with an interesting design, and you can also use that space to put your washing machine.

Washing machines really does not require a lot of space so placing it under the stairs can be one of your options.

If your staircase has a wide landing, you can also incorporate a closet in there to place your laundry appliances. This gives activity to your staircase rather than being just a transitional space from floor to floor.

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3. Inside a cabinet at any spot in your house

Washing machines today can really be placed in any cabinet inside your house. In your upstairs hallway, on your covered roof deck, and even hidden in one of the walls of your living room.

Placing your washing machine in an unconventional place in your home might seem off but think of it as an appliance that is necessary for daily living. Finding creative ways to find a spot for your laundry appliances can also be fun and challenging and just looking around your house might introduce you to spaces that you’ve never appreciated before.

You might find yourself looking at the space beneath the stairs right now and think:

“Why didn’t I think of that before?”

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Written by Rashid M.