Your Buying Guide to Choosing a Good Washing Machine


When considering how to choose a good washing machine, some advance planning is necessary. Know what you need. How much time do you spend doing laundry, for example? Do you have a large family that requires daily laundry, or are you single or a couple without children? It’s also important to think about where you’ll put your laundry room or washer and dryer. If you live in an apartment, you’re probably limited on space. If you have a multilevel home, space is likely to be an issue, but more in terms of where you are within your home and how far you have to go to change a load. Is it necessary to consider accessibility or other health needs?

Thinking about when and how you do your laundry will help you compare washing machines and decide what size washer or dryer to buy and what cycle options are necessary for your family’s needs. However, if you are still wondering and looking for a guide on how to choose a good washing machine that suits your needs, Bria Homes is making a guide for you! The guide is listed below.

Choose One Depending on the Size of Available Space

Before you buy the best washing machine for you, you should consider where you will put it. What size space do you have? Your decision regarding the best machine may be influenced if you only have a little or restricted space in which to place your washing machine. A top-loading machine for fully automatic washing machines, for instance, could be narrower than a front-loading one.

Determine the Price Range According to Your Budget

Determine how much you are willing to spend on a washing machine and whether you have enough money to choose for a high-end top load washer or a basic washer. The right washing machine will be sturdy, long-lasting, and durable. You can decide which features and wash cycles in a washing machine you are willing to pay extra for and which ones you don’t necessarily need after becoming familiar with the various wash cycles and options. Make sure to check if there is a warranty included for the price range.


Having a cost-effective washing machine is beneficial for the environment and favorable for your budget. Even if the initial cost of the washing machine could be greater, you might end up saving money because they can use less water or power in the long run. As a result, their long-term operating expenses are much lower than those of a non-eco-friendly washing machine.

Fully-automatic or semi-automatic

There are two types of washing machines: completely automatic, which operates with the push of a button, and half automatic, which can have two tubs. If you use a twin tub semi-automatic washer, you might have to transfer your laundry from one tub to the other as it is being washed. Additionally, you can take breaks between cycles on these machines and they can use less water. However, a fully automatic washing machine will take care of everything for you if you’re looking for a convenient wash.

Top Load vs Front Load Washing machine

Do you prefer loading a washing machine from the top rather than bending to load a front-loader? Every type has advantages and disadvantages. Front-loaders, for example, wash larger loads and generally clean better, but they typically have long cycles and are prone to mildew growth. High-efficiency top-loaders are less expensive than front-loaders and use less water, but they can tangle clothes. Top-load agitators are less expensive and wash faster, but they are harsher on fabrics and tend to be smaller.

Top-loading washers are simpler to load than front-loading washers. A pedestal raises the height of a front-loader, making loading easier.

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Choose the Capacity According to Your Family Size

Do you have a large family? Your need for a washing machine is significantly influenced by your household’s size and anticipated laundry loads. You may get washing machines in a range of sizes; for a family of four, a machine with a capacity of 6-7 kg should be perfect. You could prefer a smaller machine if there are fewer people living in your home, and a larger machine if your family is larger.

Check for Other Features for Added Convenience

The features of washing machines have been developing over time. Knowing the extra features your washing machine can provide will help you decide whether they are appropriate for your needs.

  • LED Display- This displays information about the wash cycle that your laundry is currently in, including how much time is left and what stage of the procedure it is in.
  • Drying Feature- The built-in dryer in many washers makes it possible to dry your clothes quickly after they are washed, eliminating the need to hang them up to dry.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity- This enables you to manage your laundry through a smartphone app so that you can keep track of the length of your cycle from a distance.

6 Best Top Load Washing Machine Philippines      

  1. Samsung WA18M8700GV/TC

Samsung is a leading manufacturer of appliances for a reason, and that reason is that they have created products that perform well. The 18 kg top load inverter is perfect for washing bulky, heavy items like comforters, blankets, and bath towels because it has a Magic Filter that gets rid of dirt.

You can pre-treat heavily stained clothing with the built-in sink included in the Activ dualwashTM feature. Additionally, it has 12 washing cycles for different types of clothing, including delicates and towels. Samsung demonstrates that it is one of the best washing machine brands in the Philippines with all of the cutting-edge features on this washer.

  • Sharp ES-PG750P

Every housewife has fallen in love with the Sharp ES-PG750P because it has a child lock that lets them do other things without worrying that their child will play with it. A top-rated washer that makes cleaning and washing simple and effective. Washing machines that are fully automated and have time and water consumption controls offer worry-free answers to your daily cleaning needs. Users can also make their own programs thanks to it. It also has a pre-coated metal body and a stainless steel tub, which ensures its long-term use. It can be used for all household purposes and is made of rust-resistant material.

  • Fujidenzo JWA-6500 VT

This top-load washer is perfect if you’re on a tight budget because washing machines can be expensive. Its low cost does not compromise the quality. This machine has a fantastic Eco-Saver Water Recycle Function that lets you reuse the same water for weeks at a time while using less water overall.

The variable water pressure technology in this automated washer lets you use the washer even when the water pressure is low. Large families should use this machine because it reduces utility costs and has an easy-to-use user interface that makes it simple to explore all of its wash options.

  • Whirlpool LSP680GR

This Whirlpool top-load washing machine uses sensors to adjust the water level, water temperature, motor speed, and cycle time in accordance with the load size. This technology is known as “6th sense.” Additionally, the washer can be automatically turned off when the clothes are dry thanks to this technology. By doing this, you can save time, water, electricity, and even time, all while achieving excellent cleaning results. Every peso you spend on it will be worth it because of its sturdy, long-lasting components, including its galvanized body and stainless steel tub.

  • Toshiba AW-J800A-PH

One of the greatest appliances you’ll find on the market is this Toshiba Top Load washing machine. It’s not only reasonably priced, but it’s also hassle-free because you can use the Express Wash feature to finish small load cycles in just 15 minutes, giving you more free time.

You can save time, energy, and water thanks to the machine’s use of Great Waves Technology. Additionally, it has the highest wash flow and circulation possible, which penetrates your favorite clothing and gets rid of stains and stubborn dirt. At such a low cost, this washing machine is an absolute steal!

  • CHiQ CWT80A600

A washing machine from CHiQ is now available with modern, practical features at an affordable price. The best feature of this machine is its One-Touch Operation, which enables you to activate the smart washing mode by pressing a single key and triggering an automatic washing cycle.

This is possible because the washer has FUZZY technology, which enables it to recognize the weight of your clothing and automatically adjust the water level to suit your load. If you’re a busy person or simply someone who isn’t tech savvy, your life will be made easier by this hassle-free device.

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Written by Alfred Alaba