15 Ideas for housewarming gifts

Housewarming gift ideas

It is a fairly common practice for people to give housewarming gifts for friends, family, or coworkers who have recently moved into a new home. Since this marks the beginning of a new chapter in anyone’s life, but celebrating the new home or apartment owners with the perfect gift doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive.

Moving to a new home is a significant milestone in everyone’s life. In the Philippines, owning a small house and lot denotes success in terms of hard work and personal finance management. To make the transition more memorable, new homeowners usually host housewarming parties to share their joy and inspiration. It is also believed that housewarming is done to bless the home to attract blessing, opportunities and positive energy.

Nothing beats assisting loved ones in settling into a new home. When everyone gathers, they express gratitude for the new space and the countless memories it will help create in the years ahead. To commemorate such a momentous occasion, it is customary to bring the owners housewarming gifts that will assist them in transforming four walls and a roof into a home. New home decor gifts are thoughtful gestures, but selecting the right item to give can be stressful. Some put a contemporary spin on old traditions, while others may create new ones.

They want you to be a part of this special gathering if you are one of the invited guests. Giving or receiving gifts is thus one of the simplest ways or forms of genuine appreciation for it. Giving gifts to the homeowners may be a tradition for some who attend a condo or housewarming party. Although it is not a mandatory thing to bring gifts to a housewarming party, it would be fantastic if you surprised them with housewarming gifts and make the event a little bit more fun.

15 Housewarming gift ideas

If you or someone you know has recently purchased a home or if new neighbors have recently moved in, you may be looking for the ideal housewarming gift for friends or loved ones. Finding the right gift ideas can also entail incorporating meaningful traditions.

If you are still stumped as to what to give, here are some of the ideas that you can use to pick as housewarming gift for friends or loved ones.

1. Scented Candles

One of the most popular house blessing gift ideas in the Philippines is a scented candle. Scented candles can be found in almost every home or condo’s living room or bedroom. Scented candles emit a calming and soothing scent or aroma throughout the space. It also complements the majority of home aesthetics.

As a result, giving becomes more casual. It is best to know the preferred scent of the homeowner to whom you will be presenting this gift so that they do not feel suffocated by the aroma or scent that you may present. Candles are also considered as one of the traditional housewarming gifts which also mean “May you always have light even in the darkest of times.”

2. Cushion or Pillow

A pillow or cushion is another useful housewarming gift. This can be used in the bedroom or on the living room couches. You can also make it personalized or customized specifically for the homeowner. A pillow adds volume to the sofa and space in the bed, distinguishing their home’s comfortability. You can add the homeowner’s name, initials, or even an inspirational quote to the pillow or cushion to make it more unique and fun.

3. Painting

A painting is a great luxury housewarming gift if you enjoy art or decorating. Nowadays, it is far better to give someone something that they can keep or use for a long time. It’s a good idea to give homeowners something they can use or incorporate into the design of their home or condo as a housewarming gift. Paintings can be given as both practical and luxurious gifts. Even better, know the theme or ambiance of the house or condo for future reference.

4. Wine

Wine is still considered one of the traditional housewarming gifts for friends or loved ones. Whether it’s their favorite brand or something you think they’d like, they’ll appreciate this gift. “May you always have joy and never thirsty” looks great printed on a set of wine glasses for the new homeowners.

Nowadays, some people prefer to receive a gift from someone that they can taste while also displaying and storing it for a long time.  Wine bottles are also very aesthetically pleasing, so they can place or display them in their bar, kitchen, or shelf. It also adds a new dimension to the design of your home or condo furniture. If you have extra money, you could also give a bottle of champagne as a housewarming gift.

5. Food storage containers

You can also surprise them with a useful or practical housewarming gift, such as food storage sets. As Filipinos, we enjoy storing leftover foods in order to create a new menu the following day. Choose high-quality food storage sets in a variety of sizes. Choose dishwasher-safe containers with tight-fitting lids so they no longer need to use cling wrap to store food.

6. Items made of wood

A wooden gift means “May your home be stable, harmonious, and peaceful.” Great gift ideas include kitchen supplies, wooden baskets or bowls, and even personalized wood wall art. Wood makes excellent decorative gift ideas. In addition, if you’re looking for anniversary gifts by year, wood is the traditional fifth-year anniversary gift.

7. House or Indoor Plants

With a little plant life, you can help your friends and family add some style and nature to their new space. A houseplant means “May your home always have life.” Houseplants are great housewarming gifts because they can brighten up any space while controlling the indoor climate to keep your loved ones comfortable all year. Indoor plants are not only visually appealing, but they also have health benefits such as improving mood, lowering stress and anxiety, increasing work performance, improving air quality, and many more.

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8. Small kitchen equipment

Stores also sell low-cost small appliances. You have the option of using an electric kettle, oven toaster, flat iron, or rice cooker. Such appliances are useful and appropriate housewarming gifts for new homeowners as they begin to create memories together in a new space known as home.

9. Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books could also be bought as a housewarming gift for friend. Coffee table books are popular and beautiful home décor items that add ambiance to a room. They will certainly add substance to your home, whether they put them in their living room, comfort room, or library. Aside from that, coffee table books provide useful information when read.

10. Photo frames

There are no picture frames on the walls of any Filipino home. Giving picture frame sets to new homeowners is a traditional housewarming gift. It can be difficult to choose the best picture frames for them, but choose those with elegant designs.

11. Gift Cards

Gift cards to popular area restaurants will be appreciated, especially if the homeowners are new to town and are unfamiliar with local favorites. This will assist them in getting to know the neighborhood and will be a welcome relief after the stress of moving.

12. Mirror

Mirrors make excellent housewarming gift for friend or loved one because they are versatile decor pieces that can be used in any room. Mirrors not only help you look good when you’re rushing out the door, but they also make any room appear larger. This full-length mirror makes an excellent gift and is the most versatile piece of decor available. It wouldn’t hurt to try also those unique shaped aesthetic mirror if you know they already have a regular one.

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13. Cozy blanket

Make them feel at ease by providing them with a super soft throw blanket that they’ll enjoy curling up under. Wool, fleece, cotton, or a cotton and polyester blend blanket offers incredible softness at reasonable prices, or you can go big and splurge on a cashmere, mohair, or faux fur blanket. If you don’t know the color scheme of their home, choose a neutral-colored blanket that will look good wherever they decide to put it.

14. Welcome mat

A new house necessitates a new welcome mat. You can choose something simple and classic, or have a mat made with their initials or a fun saying. This is likely something they were going to buy for themselves eventually, so you’ll be giving them a thoughtful gift while also doing them a favor.

15. Freshly Baked Goods

There is no situation that cannot be improved with baked goods. Go to a local bakery near their new location to pick up a box of goodies, or make something sweet at home and bring it over fresh. You could also take them to their favorite bakery in their old neighborhood. When butter and sugar are involved, it’s difficult to go wrong.

How to choose the best housewarming gift?

Housewarming gifts could be practical and add value to the newly purchased home. You can consider these tips for selecting the best housewarming gifts, in addition to your budge

1. Give them gifts that seem to be suitable for their lifestyle.

There is no better gift than one that is tailored to the new homeowner’s lifestyle and interests. Before purchasing a gift, conduct some preliminary research to learn about their likes and needs. If you can’t find one in stores, you can make them a more thoughtful gift by getting them personalized.

2. Consider outdoor necessities

Stop concentrating on interior design and accessories. Consider outdoor necessities such as night lights, unique doormats, and so on. Giving them a good housewarming gift may help liven up the mood not just on the inside but also on the outside where neighbors can notice.

3. Warm and Welcoming

It can be extremely beneficial to assist a new home or apartment owner in making their environment feel welcoming and inviting. You should consider giving gifts that evoke a sense of peace. Whether it’s as simple as assisting in the establishment of their home’s signature scent or ensuring they know who’s at the door, you’re demonstrating to them that their home is exactly where they’re meant to be.

4. Choose something practical

Even seasoned homeowners may not have all of the necessary items, so giving functional gifts is always a safe bet. Usually, you can find a necessity that corresponds to their interests. The hostess would appreciate gifts that elevate her gatherings or relieve stress during the events. Finding a way to combine these personal touches with necessity is the foundation of a thoughtful gift.

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5. A gift within your budget

It’s important to keep in mind that, regardless of who you’re shopping for, you should never give a gift that is out of your price range. We frequently feel compelled to present items that demonstrate extravagance rather than what the person receiving the gift requires. Take a step back and consider whether this item is something you can give without putting yourself in financial jeopardy. If the answer is no, you should reconsider what you’re offering and consider other options. Whatever you decide, they will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Housewarming gifts are typically tokens of welcome or blessings. Almost all of them have a superstitious or religious meaning, which has been modernized into more sentimental meanings. The ideal housewarming gift is largely determined by the cultures of you and the homeowners.

In the Philippines, there are numerous house-blessing gift ideas. Some types of gifts you can give to homeowners include a unique housewarming gift, a practical housewarming gift, a traditional housewarming gift, a luxurious housewarming gift, and a nice condo-housewarming gift. It would be wise to remember that no matter what type of housewarming gifts you give it still benefit homeowners by making their way of life more manageable or improve the aesthetic beauty of the home.