Burning Candles Vs. Candle Warmers, What’s the difference?


Every home has a unique scent – it is essential for a home to be fresh and clean for homeowners and visitors. But sometimes, no matter how clean you keep your house, there are all kinds of odors that develop naturally, especially when you encounter the inescapable pet droppings, cooking savories, leftover foods, overflowing trash bin, and smelly sneakers and shoes. Although it requires ultimate patience to remove some odors, there are many ways to easily freshen up your home’s air on a regular basis.

Your home can turn from smelly to cozy and warm one with just the use of scented candles. These scented candles will give you a reflection of your personality, a glimpse of memories and emotions from the past, and a comfortable feeling of home. While having different sizes or different scents of candles, you might not realize that there are accessories that will make your favorite scented accents last longer.

However, there are two ways to do this – burning the candles the old way or using candle warmers on melting the wax. One way of this is a candle warmer. A candle warmer differs from a traditional candle that needs an open flame. It is a device that allows scent distribution throughout a space. Within the device, there is a light or heat source of some kind, that can be plugged into an outlet or powered by a battery, and there is an area on top to melt the wax.

On the other hand, a traditional candle needs an open flame, it is made of wax that has an ignitable wick inside that provides light and scent and needs one flick of a lighter or strike of a match to light it. Even with these differences, though, does that mean that the smelly aspect of a candle warmer vs. burning a candle is going to be any different?

When your home smells good, it feels more like home. Keep your home clean, fresh, and smell amazing with the easiest way through scented candles. Let us share with you a more detailed comparison between burning candles and candle warmer.

As people these days spend more time inside their home, from working all day, to cleaning, cooking, and doing other household chores, dealing with these every single day affects our daily mood as well. But did you know that scents can set your mood? Because, if you don’t know just yet, smell is the strongest sense a human has. It is one of the reasons why, when we smell something, we often trigger a memory or remind us of something or someone. A pleasant smell inside your Bria home can set your mood, and let you be productive.

We could all use a little calm and relaxation in our lives right now, and scented candles can be a great way to relax and set the mood, especially when combined with other unwinding techniques. Scented candles are one way to help reduce and relieve the feeling of stress and tiredness, and uplift one’s mood inside your home. And there are two ways how to burn these candles, depending on your preference. First is through the traditional way of burning candles with match or lighters, or through a candle warmer.

Candle Warmers

Let’s first talk about how these electric candle warmers work! With candle warmers, you basically have a heat source over or underneath your candle. They are designed to bring out and spread the fragrance of your scented candles without actually lighting the candle. There are also different types of candle warmers:

1. Lamp Warmer

With this type of warmer, it’s working over the top of your candle and uses a bulb or light to produce heat that melts the wax from your candle and spread the fragrance within the wax.

2. Plate Warmer

While the lamp one works on top of the candle, plate warmers work underneath your candle working their way from bottom up.

If we are to talk about which is safer, candle warmers or traditional candle burning, they are not both 100% safe but, it’s best not to leave candles unattended. Traditional ones come with an open flame while the warmers have a significant heat and electric source. If you have kids or pets at home, it is best to switch to warmers than the usual candles. It’s also much better to buy warmers especially with auto shut-off mode.

In term of cost efficiency, it is obvious that a candle warmer is more costly than burning regular ones. You will be paying an extra appliance as it consumes electricity, but that does not mean it would shoot up your electric bill. Some candle warmers in the Philippines range from P1,000 to P5,000 depending on the brand you will be choosing.

Scent Throws

Another point to consider is which of the two throws better scent? A scent throw refers to a fragrance’s strength. There are two types of scent throws:

1. Cold Throw

The scent of the candle or the wax bars before they’ve been lit.

2. Hot Throw

The scent that comes after it has been lit, the smell of melted wax.

But, to be honest, it really depends on what type of candle you would buy, because you are going to get nearly the same amount of scent throw. You are basically melting the wax until the scent is gone with candle warmers. On the other hand, with candles that you burn, it will definitely depend on the brand you purchase, the size of the candles, and how big the room or space is.

For convenience, the only thing you have to keep an eye on is the wick itself from the usual scented candles. Aside from that, there is not too much to worry about. You just have your candle, light it up with a match or lighter, and just have it burnt until empty. While with candle warmers, you will just warm it until there is no more scent. You can dump the melted wax and reuse the container, or have it replaced with another one.

So when it comes to figuring out how to make your home smell good, scented candles are so far one of the easiest and safest techniques to use. It also reminds you that coming home is the best feeling you will look forward to everyday.

The beauty of finding the scent for your home is that you can literally use whatever method you would like to use. You can try each method that you can get your hands on until you find the perfect scent that will make your house feel more like the home of your dreams. Your house, your scent.

Choosing Between Candle Warmers and Burning Candle

However, irrefutable as it is, there are many differences in the case of choosing between a candle warmer versus burning a candle. Some of the factors to consider in choosing between the two includes scent throw, lasting power, safety, and cost-efficiency. Even if you are just starting out, you can definitely find the perfect fit for you.

If you are looking to start your scented candle journey, you can find traditional candles and candle warmers almost everywhere. You can try online platforms like Shopee and Lazada, or physical stores like SM, Robinsons, or any department stores near you. Just remember, if you are buying from a physical store, the scent that you smell will not be the same scent that you will get when the candle is burned or warmed. It will throw a different scent; it is called hot throw as discussed earlier.

My family personally uses regular candles, though we agreed to try candle warmer to see what the fuss is about. But I think, it is going to be a pleasant experience to not worry about burning your entire house to the ground just because you wanted the house to smell good.

So if you are getting confused on what to try or use first between burning candles and candle warmers, I suggest you go where your heart wants you to. Because you cannot visually create the experience, you must undergo it. Try on numerous scents, get your hands on different accessories to make your home scent the one you look forward to at the end of a long, exhausting day.