An In-Depth Cleaning Guide for Your Washing Machine


Washing machines are one of the best technologies ever invented in today’s era. Without it, we would be washing and scrubbing our clothes with our bare hands to make it clean and remove the stains that sticked to it. In addition, it costs a lot of time and energy to do manual laundry instead of using a washing machine. However, many do not know that cleaning the washing machine is a necessary procedure when learning how to use a washing machine. Isn’t it ironic that there is a need to know how to clean a washing machine? Imagine, a machine operated with detergent and water needs to be cleaned regularly? Most of us think that washing machines undergo the process of auto-cleaning because, you know, detergent and water are used to operate it. Hence, the machine is assumed to be cleansed during the laundry process as well. But it is time to break this false belief for washing machine owners and users! If you are starting to smell something sour or odd in your laundry area, your washing machine might be the culprit. Hence, to prevent the smelly odor from starting or being stronger, you must know how to clean a washing machine. If you do not believe that washing machines are needed to be cleansed once in a while, this will help you understand why it needs to be done.

Why Should Washing Machines Be Cleaned Once in a While?

               Do you think that all the dirt and grime from the clothes, towels, bedsheets, and other things washed in the machine do not stay in the washing machine? Sadly, this is not the case. Contrary to the logic of the majority, when you do your laundry, residues are left in the machine, may it be from the detergent, the grimes from the garments, the minerals from the water used, or a mixture of all. These residues may start the formation of molds when regular cleaning does not happen. It still feels absurd because detergents are cleaning agents which kills bacteria, right? However, the entire detergent mix is not completely diluted in water. So, it needs extra effort to wash out the residue so bacteria will not start to form.

If the bacteria start to grow, a funky smell may start to surface as well. Surely, you do not want this smell to mix with your laundry. Why wash your clothes if it will get smelly and dirty due to the bacteria that grown from the residue left in your washing machine, right? So, for a cleaner and whiter laundry, you must learn how to clean your washing machine regularly.

How to Clean a Washing Machine?

               It is not enough that you know how to set the timer or choose the modes to use in your washing machine menu. A part of owning a washing machine is learning how to maintain it through cleaning. Learning this process will also help you ensure that your laundry will be completely clean and free from bacteria or residue which may come from the washing process.

               Although newer models of washing machines have a self-cleaning feature, there will be times that this will not be enough. You may need to apply a solution to make your tub cleaner. With this, here is a comprehensive 5-step guide to keep in mind when you are starting to learn how to clean your washing machine.

  1. Prepare the necessary cleaning tools and solutions

A spray bottle, baking soda, microfiber cloth, old toothbrush, white vinegar and bleach are the tools and chemicals that are needed to be prepared when you decide to clean your washing machine.      

  • Know the issue of your washing machine

The common issues that surface in a washing machine are the accumulation of funky smell or molds. Bleach and vinegar are the common solutions used to clean a washing machine. But which is better? Bleach or white vinegar? The answer is depending on the issue. For molds, both can be used but for a smelly tub, a white vinegar would be a better choice. Both solutions kill accumulated bacteria and residues which tend to grow in a wet environment but to correct the smell of your machine, white vinegar would be better because of its acid content. However, these two solutions may not be effective if your washing machine is neglected for a long time. If this is the case, a power cleaner will likely be needed to restore the cleanliness and usability of the tub.

  • Make sure the washing machine is not running then clean the drain by disconnecting it from the pipe or where it is connected.

People tend to forget to clean this part of the machine aside from the tub. The drain may be considered the dirtiest part of the washing machine as it serves as the drainage of the mixture of the dirt or grime from the garments and linens and detergent-water mixture used from the laundry process. Hence, there is a chance that this may be clogged at times or it is not properly washed after the laundry process.  If the clog is too much, you might need an additional tool like a drain snake in order to remove the gunk stuck inside the drain. After this, you may now use the white vinegar to remove the molds and mildew in the drain. If there are still stubborn dirt after applying the chemical substance, use an old toothbrush with baking soda to scrub the grime stuck in the drain. Wipe away the residue from the cleaning process with damp cloth.

  • Check your washing machine’s filters.

The new models of washing machine have filters to capture the lint or fluffs from garments and linens. The fluffs accumulate in the filter over time so it needs to be cleaned regularly to effectively serve its purpose. Gladly, cleaning the filters is much easier than the tub and the drain because you just have to remove the lint and wipe it with damp cloth to remove the residue.

  • Clean the tub or the washer

In this step, you will be needing a spray bottle with vinegar. What you should to is to spray every surface of the tub and wipe all of it leaving no surface untouched. The rubber gaskets and lid of the washing machine should be cleansed with the microfiber cloth. As you wipe around all the corners of the washer and the lid, you will probably find gunk and lint in the washer.

After wiping the surfaces, if your washing machine has a water temperature setting, adjust it to the highest level and add four cups of white vinegar then start the cycle. If the tub is filled up, pause the cycle and let the mixture stay for an hour. After that, drain it and you must be ready for the second cycle. In the second cleaning cycle, pour a cup of baking soda in the tub with the water temperature still set to the highest. Once this cycle is done, leave the tub open to let it dry.

Regular Cleaning of Washing Machine Equates to Proper Maintenance of a House Area

               If you learn how to clean your washing machine, it equates to proper maintenance of your laundry area. If you neglect the importance of cleaning your washing machine, there is a high chance that your laundry area will smell funky which may ruin the overall vibe of your home. Surely, you do not want to ruin the overall condition of the home you dreamt from the start, right? It is not enough that you acquire the money to invest in real estate or fulfill your dream of having your own house and lot. Your investments and spendings should be well-maintained and cared of so you can enjoy it for a long time. Having a lot of money is not enough. It is important to be neat and hygienic for a healthier living.