The Queen’s Death: Impact in the Philippine Economy

At age 96, Queen Elizabeth II, who had ruled Britain for the longest, passed away. There was something odd about how her doctors’ concerns about her health were reported on Thursday, Sept. 8, after multiple health-related alarms over the previous four years. BBC programming was interrupted, then a special broadcast on her family members racing to her side was shown, as reported by anchors in black. Even though her death was announced in the early morning hours here in Manila, it nevertheless came as a shock even though it looked to be inevitable.

Sept. 8 was a “horribly sad day,” according to British Ambassador to the Philippines Laure Beaufils, who also noted that the queen “was an outstanding woman who defined contemporary Britain at home and abroad.”

Many people referred to Queen Elizabeth II as a steadfast international leader and a ray of stability. Her 70-year rule is coming to a close at a time when her nation is undergoing a lot of change. Liz Truss, the new prime minister, has only been in charge for three days.

Operations Unicorn and London Bridge, the protocol for the following ten days, are now coexisting. We will be able to see the well prepared royal changeover thanks to news coverage. A nation in grief will be depicted through solemn rites as emerging from it all with a new monarch.

Beyond the Commonwealth, the death of the queen is felt. The Crown returned to Netflix’s “Trending Now” page right once after her passing, and social media in the Philippines is flooded with condolences. But what intrigued me the most about her was her grace and strength. Even if her long reign wasn’t always trouble-free, I think one of her most amazing traits was the way she upheld the ideals of the organization she represented. Though Britain will likely feel her absence for a while, strong institutions are able to continue and endure even in the wake of the demise of a dignified and well-respected monarch.

In any case, on September 1, the British Embassy in Manila jointly commemorated the queen’s platinum jubilee and her most recent birthday. The queen is our nation’s top diplomat, I can attest to that, Amb added. Beauties when she is speaking. Nobody has worked harder to bolster the ties of friendship, mutual respect, and understanding between the UK and the rest of the globe. Beyond that, I am moved and humbled by her resolve, grace, decency, willpower, and commitment to public service. As the first female ambassador for the queen to the Philippines, Beauties brings a feminine touch to the 76 years of friendly ties between the two nations. She has been active in the position since her arrival in August 2021, frequently seen collaborating with representatives of the Philippine government to further solidify relations. “Our influence is expanding. The ambassador highlighted the recent introduction of the UK-PH Enhanced Partnership when he remarked, “We’re really providing concrete real stuff for the people of the Philippines and the people of the UK. There are quite a few areas where collaboration has been identified, but maritime security, stability, and environmental challenges are given top priority.

The ambassador announced that a British carrier strike group led by the HMS Queen Elizabeth, which visited the area last year, would return by the end of 2023 or early 2024. International maritime law, in our opinion, is of the utmost importance. We fully back President Marcos’ declaration that he would not cede even a single square inch of Filipino land. The UK is also considering exchanging technology and assisting in economic growth. Because climate change is a top issue, there will be a lot more investments made in infrastructure, especially green ones.

Filipinos recognized by Queen Elizabeth

Several Filipinos have received significant awards from Queen Elizabeth II over the years for their great contributions to the British community. The state-run National Health Service (NHS) received the George Cross for its efforts over the past 74 years a few months ago, on July 13. Health professionals received the medal from the Queen, including Filipino-British nurse May Parsons. Along with fighting on the front lines against COVID-19, Parsons also gave the world’s first COVID vaccination shot.

Queen honors UK healthcare professionals, including a Filipino nurse.

The George Cross is the highest honor given by the British government for bravery that doesn’t include fighting an enemy directly. It was established by King George VI in 1940 for “acts of the highest heroism or of the most outstanding courage in times of tremendous danger,” according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. A staff nurse at the UK’s Arbrook House Care Home named Charito Romano was among those honored in Queen Elizabeth II’s New Year Honours List 2021 with the Medal of the Order of the British Empire last year. Romano and her coworkers in the medical field have put in a lot of effort to prevent COVID-19, which is caused by SARS-CoV-2, from spreading to the Arbrook House Care Home.

The private nursing home was deemed COVID-free from March through December 29, 2020.”I’m sharing this honor with all of my coworkers and the Arbrook team as a whole. Without them, I would not be eligible for this honor. A team effort is being made, Romano had added.

British Empire Medal given to Filipino nurse for “excellent efforts” during COVID-19 pandemic

The Filipino nurse Minerva “Minnie” Klepacz received the British Empire Medal from the Queen in 2020 in honor of her “tireless work to support her colleagues and the community” during the COVID pandemic. “This honor belongs to everyone who works here and goes above and beyond, not just to me. As a Filipino, I’d also like to present this honor to all of the BAME staff members. I feel incredibly blessed to work with such wonderful people. They offer me courage and inspiration, Klepacz said to the UHD NHS Foundation Trust. The British Empire Medal is given for “hands-on” community service, which can be long-term philanthropic labor or creative work that has been accomplished in a short amount of time (three to four years).

 Filipino driver for UK envoys honored in Philippines by Queen Elizabeth II

For their outstanding service in the wake of Super Typhoon Yolanda, two Filipino consular employees at the British Embassy in Manila were awarded high honors by Queen Elizabeth II over seven years ago (Haiyan).

As they assisted British nationals in the Philippines who had been impacted by the typhoon, Vice Consul Victoria Buenaventura and Pro-Consul Joanna Teh have been acknowledged for their “courage, resilience, and professionalism” in the face of the disaster.

Queen elizabeth cause of death

Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning queen in British history, passed away at the age of 96 on Thursday, September 8 at Balmoral in Scotland, surrounded by her closest friends and family. Next the order of succession, Prince Charles was crowned King Charles III of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland the following day. However, no one was aware of what caused Elizabeth II’s passing.

Due to Elizabeth II’s elderly age and the fact that Buckingham Palace did not disclose the cause of death, it was assumed that she had died naturally. Additionally, she hosted Liz Truss, the newly elected British Prime Minister, at Balmoral two days prior to her passing while exhibiting no outward signs of illness. But to Romanian TV station Antena 3, a retired former captain of the British Royal Guard disclosed the potential cause of Elizabeth II’s demise. The former employee, Charles Elwell, worked for Elizabeth II for many years and, according to his information, there is a rumor spreading among Elizabeth II’s staff.

What might have killed Elizabeth II?

There is a rumor going around that Queen Elizabeth II may have fallen and died. According to what Elwell had heard, the woman had fallen. “At this age, if she falls in the shower or down the stairs, it can be fatal,” Elwell said. It would be one of several potential causes of the former monarch’s death, according to the former captain Elwell, although he has no proof of this theory. Another rumor claims that Elizabeth II had leukemia for some time, which caused her health to progressively worsen.

Effects to Economy(UK)

The United Kingdom has been greatly impacted by the passing of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday, September 8. The monarch’s passing might further impede an economy already weakened by double-digit inflation, the possibility of a recession, many strikes, and a decline in the value of the pound sterling during the country’s 10-day period of mourning.

Plans for a stagnant economy are being put on hold during this 10-day period that suspends British institutions. The Monetary Policy Committee meeting originally scheduled for next Thursday, at which a decision on a rate hike was widely anticipated in light of inflation, has been postponed by a week by the Bank of England, which stated at the beginning of August that it expected a recession from the end of 2022 to last more than a year.

However, the additional budget is no longer on the agenda as the British Parliament has suspended all talks for 10 days due to Operation Unicorn. It was initially planned to be discussed in the House of Commons on Monday, September 19. (the plan if the queen died in Scotland). According to Danni Hewson, an analyst at the investment firm AJ Bell, “the emergency budget will probably be delayed.”The announcement by postal and railway workers to halt walkouts until further notice is the only solace the Truss administration has in store.

Vacations could be pricey.

British GDP increased marginally in July, but this is only a temporary reprieve from the impending recession, which could be made worse by an extended holiday for the Queen Elizabeth II funeral, which is slated for September 19.

The service sector drove a 0.2% increase in GDP in July following a 0.6% fall in June, according to data released on Monday by the Office for National Statistics. Construction and production, on the other hand, experienced a drop throughout that time. Any GDP growth is primarily attributable to “the weakness of GDP in June,” which was exacerbated by the impact of Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond jubilee festivities that resulted in two holidays, one more than usual, according to KPMG economist Yael Selfin to Agence France-Presse (AFP). The queen’s funeral will also be observed as a public holiday, giving the British economy two more days off in 2022 compared to a typical year. The extra day off for next week “has the potential to be more damaging for the economy than the extra day off for the Jubilee in June, as the hotel and tourism sector is unlikely to benefit… but many businesses will still close,” said Samuel Tombs, chief economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics, to AFP.

Using royal occasions to make money

According to Pantheon Macroeconomics, the funeral’s financial consequences could reduce September’s GDP by 0.2%. But, Mr. Tombs warned, “many companies will be able to catch up, as most of them did in June.”

In general, John Plassard, an analyst at the Mirabaud brokerage, told AFP that significant royal occasions also promote tourism and trade, especially in mementos. Mirabaud estimates that of the 20 billion euros in annual tourism-related revenue, 600 million euros come from the monarchy alone. As a result of the burial, souvenir sales may rise by 60 million pounds (just over 69 million euros). The London Stock Exchange (LSE), which was open for business on Friday, is still in operation, however trade is anticipated to cease on Monday, September 19, in observance of the queen’s burial.

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Written by Raiza T. Gumarang