5 Reasons on Why Working Professionals Choose to Live in Laguna

live and work in Laguna

On the South-east side of Luzon, a magnificent province can be found, the province of Laguna. Under the region of CALABARZON, and bounded by other prominent provinces such as Rizal in the south, Batangas in the north, Cavite in the east, and Quezon in the west, Laguna is one of the well-known and rising provinces in the Philippines. It is not surprising to know that a lot of people are dreaming and wanting to live and work in the province of Laguna, after all, Laguna is the seventh richest province in the country.

The capital city of Laguna is Santa Cruz but the largest city in Laguna is Calamba. The reason why Laguna is a top visited province and one of the most recognizable provincial names in the Philippines is that the province is composed of famous cities and municipalities as well such as Paete, Pagsanjan, Biñan, Los Baños, San Pablo, and more.

Laguna’s name came from the Laguna de Bay, the body of water that is located at the north boundary of the province and is also the largest lake in the country. It is the third largest province in the CALABARZON region and is the home of the famous mountain Mt. Banahaw. There are a lot of reasons why Laguna is becoming a top choice for working professionals as their own residential address. The province is rich in wonderful attractions and features that are truly magnetic. Laguna is shaping up to be a blooming residential hub.

Why Should You Consider Working and Living in Laguna?

Here are some of the many reasons why Laguna province is perfect for working and living.

1. Accessibility

Even though Laguna is a province, its accessibility to other major provinces and cities is outstanding. A lot of people might wonder how full of a hassle it is to travel to Laguna from Metro Manila almost every day, well worry not because the province is actually so accessible and transportation isn’t as stressful as a lot of people think. Thanks to newly constructed and developed transportation routes, traveling to and from the province of Laguna is not a problem anymore.

Safe to say, it wouldn’t be exhausting when you’re traveling to other cities for work or for studying and then going back home. If you’re worried about the traffic because you were probably exposed to the living labyrinth that is the Metro Manila traffic, or maybe you still are, then Laguna would be a breath of fresh air. As a province in the South, Laguna’s traffic is less of an issue and tolerable. The Cavite-Laguna Expressway or CALAX and other roadways make it possible to travel smoothly to other areas from the province of Laguna.

2. Full of opportunities

As a progressive province with lots of things to offer perfect for working and living outside the metro, Laguna is an amazing place with lots of opportunities for anyone who wishes to make a living in the area. People got used to seeing Metro Manila as the centre of opportunities, this can be proven true as most companies and infrastructures are situated there, but it doesn’t mean that it’s the only one. In Laguna, opportunities in different areas and fields are also present, the only difference is, that the place is much more relaxing to work in, compared to the bustling ambiance of the more urbanized cities.

The economy of the province of Laguna is quickly rising. Due to the province being constantly developed and improved, visitors and investors all around the globe are choosing Laguna as their place for vacation and starting a business. As of now, Laguna is offering tons of opportunities for business and residential investment and employment which makes it a good candidate of a place to choose when finding your new community. Laguna also has twenty-one economic zones that are registered under the Philippine Economic Zone Authority and have a massive reputation in the automotive industry.

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3. A Fresher Community

It is stated that most of the opportunities that people are looking for can be found in Metro Manila, but one of the reasons why people are seeking alternatives is because of the general environment of the area. It is counterproductive to work in a very polluted area, it adds up to the stress from work and the usual transportation scenarios. Laguna offers a much fresher alternative. It is a place of less pollution and air that you can actually breathe without trying to hold your breath every time you go outside.

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The area of Laguna is less congested so there are spaces for the natural to flow freely. The province possibly satisfies the requirements for a walkable city since the environment is more friendly, and that’s because the locals take care of it as well. With ordinances and laws passed regarding the protection and care for the environment that is continuously implemented and supervised, the province of Laguna stays having the feel of a rural area with developed cities. Rainy seasons wouldn’t be such a problem as it is in the metro. The province is mostly flood-free due to proper waste management and also due to its strategic area – being bounded by mountainous cities, the province is rarely frequented by torrential rains that cause flash floods.

4. Affordable properties

Of course, in searching for a new home, the price of the property is one of the most crucial factors that buyers usually base their decisions to. If you’re a working professional searching for an affordable property, then Laguna might be the perfect place for you. Besides the larger cuts of lots in the province, properties in Laguna are more cost-effective and still high in quality. Investing in the province of Laguna is also such a nice idea. Since the properties offered are much more affordable, it could be a good investment opportunity that you can gain a profit from in the future.

Laguna doesn’t fall short of property developers such as Bria Homes, which offers affordable house and lot properties in Laguna such as those located in the communities of Alaminos, Calamba, Sta. Cruz, and San Pablo. These residential communities are fully equipped with amazing amenities such as leisure spots like clubhouses and basketball courts, this is only an addition to the spectacular house and lot designs that are constructed with high quality. Residential opportunities in Laguna don’t end there, Bria Condo offers affordable condominiums in Calamba if you prefer vertical living. So, what are you waiting for? Let Bria Homes guide you to your brand-new home that isn’t far from work.

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5. Essentials are already present

The province of Laguna is very promising in a lot of ways such as in tourist attractions and fun activities that residents and tourists can enjoy every day but what makes Laguna really a good choice for making it your home is that everything is there. You can say that Laguna is a complete province, with infrastructures and establishments already erected and functioning which also is essential to everyday living. It is filled with numerous religious structures and institutions such as the St. Polycarp Parish in Cabuyao and Saint James the Apostle Parish Church. Numerous universities, colleges, and hospitals can also be found in each major city in Laguna.

Laguna is also home to three power generating plants namely the Caliraya Hydro-electric Plant, the Mak-Ban Geothermal Plant, and the Botocan Hydro-electric Plant. As per road infrastructure, the famous South Luzon Expressway traverses through the province of Laguna.

These are just some of the reasons why many working professionals are finding their new addresses in the province of Laguna. From a rising economy to an inviting living and working environment, Laguna is filling the threshold that separates work from actually living your life.

Written by Rashid Mansan