Bria House and Lot: Twelve Compelling Reasons to Live in Laguna

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Location is key. 

One might even argue that location is everything.

One of the pivotal considerations you need to keep in mind is where your prospective residential property is situated when it comes to home buying. In your house hunting endeavor, a property’s location is a paramount aspect to consider as it is the only thing you cannot change about a home. 

Property price and conditions may vary. A residential house’s size can easily be changed, but the location is something you have no influence over. More importantly, properties situated in the best places tend to depreciate at a much slower rate.

Even better is that you can potentially sell these properties at a premium price in the future. That said, a property’s location should be the first thing you look into when looking for your dream home.

So, where are the best residential neighborhoods in Luzon? 

Urban dwellers who have lived their whole life in Metro Manila might not embrace living in a place away from the perpetual hustle and bustle.

Unfortunately, living in fast-paced metropolitan cities where almost everything is accessible to you can no sooner take its toll on you. Individuals who initially wanted to live at the center of it may find that it is not an ideal setup for them.

Fortunately, they do not have to look very far to have a residential property in their dream location. Today, quality living is not only exclusive to those who live in Metro Manila.

With viable options in the South, these very same individuals may just find themselves looking for a house and lot for sale in Laguna. Living in Laguna allows you to enjoy the many perks of city living sans the accompanying hassle and daily metropolitan lifestyle entails. 

Why live in Laguna

So, if you are thinking of a perfect place to settle down, here are some of the reasons why a house and for sale Laguna would make a great option. 

1)  Lower population density 

An immediate and noticeable difference you will notice about living in Laguna is the experience of a lower population density. While growing in popularity, Laguna has generally much fewer people around than the massive metropolitan cities in Metro Manila, wherein most spaces are cramped.

That said, residents in Laguna have a lot more space to themselves and can move about freely without the stifling and suffocating feel of overcrowded areas. 

2) Accessibility to Metro Manila 

Prospective homebuyers are often deterred from buying a property in Laguna under the misconception that the commute from Metro Manila to Laguna is time-consuming and difficult.

That said, they are under the impression that working or studying in Metro Manila while is challenging given their prospective choice of address.

With the construction of major thoroughfares, however, residents from Laguna are able to travel to the business and education districts of Metro Manila quickly. In fact, it may even be said that people from the South can get anywhere in Manila quicker than anyone who is coming from Metro Manila itself. 

3) Less congested traffic 

Living in Metro Manila is synonymous with braving the traffic every single day. While it is true that the traffic in the country is something you can never really get away from wherever you might choose to live, it is less of an issue in the South.

Laguna’s access to thoroughfares such as the Cavite-Laguna Expressway (CALAX) and the like allows residents from Laguna to travel to and from Metro Manila with ease. More importantly, these major thoroughfares allow for various options to move around in the South quickly and conveniently. 

4) Diverse commercial establishments 

With Laguna’s rising popularity, it is inevitable for retailers to take notice of the potential business pool. As a result, commercial establishments have been cropping up and are being built to accommodate the shopping and lifestyle needs of residents.

You may even find some of Metro Manila’s famous retailers and restaurants peppered all over Laguna. 

5) Great economic development

With so many opportunities in the South, there may not even be a need to keep working in Manila. The South has been receiving heavy investments recently—a move that has pushed forward economic development with resulting infrastructures.

In the future, Laguna can expect even more investments to come pouring in, and along with that, career opportunities will be plentiful. 

6) Excellent school choices 

In addition to several businesses taking their ventures to the South, several schools have also made their way to the provinces.

As a result, students have various viable options for education that do not require them to make the long commute from Laguna to Metro Manila.

7) Less pollution 

One of the biggest perks about living in the South is the relatively cleaner air. Metro Manila is notorious for its air pollution, and its highly congested areas are not exactly the most livable places owing to the overwhelming car exhaust from innumerable vehicles daily.

Laguna is known to have relatively less air pollution, mainly due to its lower population density and wider roads with more open spaces and trees. 

8) Environmentally conscious cities 

Cities in the South are known to be environmentally conscious, with some municipalities even going as far as to banning single-use plastic entirely. This has set a precedent for other metropolitan cities in Manila to follow.

That said, cities in the South such as Laguna are generally cleaner and greener as their residents are also mindful of keeping their environment free from any debris or rubbish. 

9) Mostly flood free 

With an environmentally-friendly mindset complemented by proper management of waste, cities in the South, including Laguna, are relatively flood-free.

While there may be certain exceptions to this, people living in the South are generally less affected by torrential rains that bring deep floods compared to those that are living in Metro Manila.  

10) Stargazing opportunities

With Metro Manila’s light pollution, your chances for stargazing are almost non-existent.

In Laguna, however, light pollution is not a problem, and individuals with an affinity for heavenly bodies, various constellations, planets, or just the night sky will love the nocturnal activity of observing the heavens. 

11) Bigger and more cost-effective properties 

In comparison to the condominiums and townhouses sold in Metro Manila, residential properties sold in Laguna are not only bigger but more cost-effective as well. Residential properties in Laguna are house and lots in residential subdivisions such as Bria Homes—this makes a massive upgrade from living in a one-bedroom condominium unit in Metro Manila, which would cost almost the same.

A house and lot that comes with its own garden and garage will undoubtedly cost you a lot in Metro Manila cities, but you can get pretty much the same property in Laguna for a fraction of the price. 

12) Appreciating property values 

Perhaps the biggest allure of living in Laguna is that the residential properties are known to appreciate. They might be considered cheap at the moment, but in some areas, this will not be for long.

With Laguna rising in popularity, more and more families and individuals will soon choose the move in. As a result, property prices will quickly appreciate. That said, buying properties in Laguna will make for suitable investments as you can expect its values to increase over time owing to the demand. 

All these considered, living in Laguna might not be everyone’s first choice. But for individuals and families who are brave enough to try, it might just be the perfect place for their dream homes. So, if living in the South is for you, start your search for a house and lot for sale in Laguna today.