Advantages of Living in Suburban Communities


Metro Manila, being the Philippines’ center of political, economic, and educational affairs has been a dream destination of many. For travels, leisure, education, and work opportunity. This is due to the belief that Manila is the land of many opportunities for both students and working people. Luckily, more and more places emerge as Metro cities and even some municipalities are showing signs of great economic development and employment opportunities. For that reason, young professionals nowadays are in preparation to settle down in the suburbs. Aside from that, there are many advantages of living in suburban communities that we’ll be talking about in this article. 

Internal Migration in the Philippines

Internal migration is a common movement that is being done that we’re most likely unaware of. Internal migration can be described as a person’s movement of residence within a country, mostly from rural to urban areas. It is basically where people from the province move to live in the city. 

In the Philippines, people from the provinces flock to Manila in hopes of better education and job opportunities that could help support their daily financial needs. Unfortunately, what many people don’t realize is Manila’s high cost and standard of living. Basic needs such as food and transportation often cost double or triple the price it is from the province. So even if you find a job that pays higher than the one you got in the province, it is still difficult to sustain your expenses. This truth also applies to Manilenos. 

On top of that, the internal migration that’s happening in the Philippines is happening on a mass basis. This has been difficult even for the government to control and thus resulting in overpopulated areas and people living in the slums. 

Traffic is getting worse and the already populated metro has even been more populated compared to the past few years. This tiring city-living lifestyle is causing mental, physical, and financial stress. People sometimes need to take a breather by going back home in the province or adventuring into a short out-of-town trip. If you’re one of those people, you might have already felt that this tiring city life doesn’t suit you and you wish to settle down in a calm, peaceful, and stress-free area.

On the good side, many affordable housing developers in the Philippines provide an ideal home living in the suburbs where peace and comfort can be achieved. Lower cost of living and levels of stress are some of the few advantage of suburban communities.

Advantages of Living in the Suburbs

1. Lower Cost of living

To elaborate more on what was mentioned as a lower cost of living before the list of other advantages, let’s put it in our number one perk of living in suburban communities. The cost of living in the metro is evidently much higher than in the suburbs or in the rural areas. This is because the demand for such basic needs is much higher due to the large population of city dwellers. 

Food, clothing, and transportation for example are much cheaper in the suburbs. This means if you decide to live in the suburb, one advantage you’ll get is a higher purchasing power. 

2. Affordable Housing

With Metro Manila’s increasing population and limited space, a continuous demand for housing is seen and sought after. However, with this demand and supply relationship, the price of housing – both in rental and ownership is very expensive. 

Condominiums for example are priced at a point where you can buy at least a two-story house in the suburbs. But with its high demand, expensive condominiums are still getting sold and built. Nevertheless, an advantage you’ll have is that you have the option to settle down in a close knit community that has bigger space. 

3. Developed Infrastructures

People who live in the province know how hard the travel is from their area to the metro. Fortunately, we could see a rise in developed infrastructures in suburban areas aimed to help the economy and its people. 

Infrastructures are created to provide accessibility to one place from another giving it opportunity for growth in tourism, logistics, and business. For example, the Philippines’ Luzon Spine Expressway (LSEN) is expected to connect Bicol to other regions in Luzon by making travel from Ilocos to Bicol only nine hours from what was previously twenty hours. Infrastructures like these encourage people to travel and go home to their provinces whenever they could. 

So if you’re thinking that living in the inner city counterparts of the suburbs could be difficult due to the possible travel time and effort, you may check out some infrastructures and public transportation that would address this concern. Moreover, infrastructures bring an appreciation in value for real estate which could be an advantage for you if you’re still planning to settle down in the suburbs. 

4. High Value Appreciation

Subsequent to affordable housing and developed infrastructures is high value appreciation. If you have been planning to buy that affordable house and lot already, just know that the best time to invest is now. As living or buying this house and lot might be affordable today, developed infrastructures, shopping centres, entertainment venues, and businesses will soon to be a growing economy in the suburb will be one of your advantages compare to other city counterparts.

This advantage will be an investment opportunity in the long run for you and your family as the value of your home increases. So don’t make that mistake of waiting for the prices to go up, you should already start investing while infrastructures are still on their way for you to experience the growth in value.  

5. Bigger Living Spaces

City living has become suffocating for some due to small living spaces with expensive costs and rentals. But in suburban communities, you’ll have the advantage of bigger living spaces perfect for raising children. Aside from the fact that the lot is much cheaper than it is in the metro, most houses in the suburbs often have green space like lawns and backyards that you’ll enjoy! These types of living cannot often be found in the metro as houses with lawns and backyards are only of those who can afford a crazy high price per square meter. 

Moreover, communities in the suburbs tend to have more space and with more local parks too, compared to those in the cities. So living in a suburban community with your kids or your family could garner a healthy living with big open spaces and fresh air. 

There are many more advantages to living in suburban area and these are just five of them. Whatever your decision may be, it is undeniable that one day, people might prefer going back to the suburban life instead of settling down in the inner cities of the metro due to these advantages mentioned. 

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