5 Pre-Workout Exercises for Your Workout Routine

Pre-workout warm ups and preparations

Before working out, you should note that every strenuous physical activity must undergo pre-workout preparation. Most commonly, this comes from simple warm-up exercises. These light exercises increase your heart rate and temperature to ensure your body is well-prepped for a workout. It also mentally prepares you for strenuous activity and minimizes the risk of injuries. Continue reading this article to know about the five best, yet simple pre-workout exercises you can do even when doing simple home workout routine in the comfort of your home or condominium unit.

Physical exercise and working out became the surest ways to keep our bodies moving and our physical conditions in check. It is a scientific fact that workouts and exercises are essential to keep our bodies physically fit and healthy. In addition, researchers also found that workouts increase our energy and strength, improve our mood, and stimulate a much better rest.

5 Warm-up exercises for your pre-workout preparation

There should be at least five warm-up exercises for your upper to lower muscles to ensure a successful workout. Below are some of the most common warm-up exercises that involve “dynamic” stretching which you apply for your next workout session.


How to properly do shoulder rolls for your warm up?

  1. Relaxing both of your shoulders
  2. Lifting your shoulder up and shifting it towards your back
  3. Slowly dropping your shoulders toward a resting position
  4. Do the set within 30 seconds, and then repeat by changing the direction of the roll

Doing pre-workout exercises with your shoulders is essential in every upper-body workout. It allows you to effectively lift heavy weights with the support of your upper back and chest. 

This exercise helps you relieve the stress and pressure from the shoulders enabling blood to flow more smoothly into this part of the body. In effect, it will be supplied with oxygen quickly once you start with your main workout routines. Furthermore, it stretches out your muscles and aids in relieving the stiffness in that area.


How to properly do arm rolls for your warm up?

  1. Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and extend your arms at a 90-degree angle.
  2. Make a circular motion to both of your arms in a clockwise direction and gradually make the motion bigger until you feel your arms fully stretched.
  3. Rest for about 10 seconds 
  4. Do the same in a counterclockwise direction.

The exercise is simple yet very effective as a pre-workout exercise. It allows your arms to reach and extend their full range of motion. Allowing your muscles to become more flexible as you start your main workout routine. It also has the same effects as the shoulder rolls and also burns calories in that area. 

It is also important since your arms mostly do the work within the gym. They will be the most active, especially since they handle lifting weights. Performing this activity is also beneficial in loosening tensions in your arms.


How to properly do hip circles for your warm up?

  1. Stand straight with your feet pointing outwards
  2. Hold your hips with both hands and slowly guide your hips to make a circular motion in a clockwise direction for about 30 seconds.
  3. Rest, then proceed to do it again in a counterclockwise direction

In contrast with the two pre-workout exercises, the hip circle focuses on your lower back, core, and hips. This helps strengthen the aforementioned muscle areas and is able to support you once you start to lift heavy weights and handle gym equipment. It also improves flexibility and loosens the tension in your hips, giving you more stability in handling heavy weights and strenuous activities.

As the hips connect your upper and lower body, their preparation is important to ensure proper coordination in the two muscle groups. It also helps you trim some of the weight in the hips as it burns calories if consistently followed. 

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How to properly do marching in place for your warm up?

  1. Stand straight, then position yourself as if you were about to run.
  2. Bend your left elbow forward at a 90-degree angle as you lift and bend your right knee at the same angle
  3. Repeat the process on the right elbow and left knee
  4. Keep in mind that you should not be moving forward

Many experts consider marching in place a perfect dynamic warm-up exercise. This pre-workout exercise increases your heart rate and circulation without overtiring the muscles and joints as you start your main workout routine. It has a low impact on the body but still effectively prepares your muscles, making it an effective pre-workout exercise. It also improves balance and coordination of your lower body, promoting stability.

Preparing your lower body is equally important as you do in your upper body. This is also a key exercise if your main workout routine focuses on the quadriceps, glutes, calves, or hamstrings muscles.


How to properly do jumping jacks for your warm up?

  1. Standing straight with your arms and feet in a resting position
  2. Jumping while opening up your feet to hip-width 
  3. As you do the movement in your feet, raise your arms over your head until both of your arms meet in the middle
  4. Do this for at least a minute, then rest and repeat for another minute

This is the best way to conclude your warm-up routine. Jumping jacks are one of the most recognizable exercises out there. It is also often used because it covers a lot of major muscles of the body, such as the back, core, legs, arms, and others. These major muscles are stretched out and ensure that every essential muscle group is targeted in the pre-workout preparation. Simultaneously, it has wide-ranging positive effects on the body, from improving upper and lower body coordination to hip strength. On top of that, its familiarity enables everyone to easily execute this exercise. 

Indeed, after these five pre-workout exercises, you are focused, mentally prepared, and full of energy, putting you in the best possible shape as you hit the gym! You will also notice the difference if you practice these types of preparations for your body will be much lighter and more flexible throughout your workout. Additionally, the warm-up you have allowed your body to undergo will minimize injuries and muscle soreness from post-workout. Furthermore, the pre-workout exercises may be applied anywhere, whether you need a little stretch while working or preparing for an activity with your family.

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Written by Angelo Jade Caputolan