10 Essentials to Style Your Condo Balcony

Plants and simple things to add to your balcony

Balconies, just like the interiors of your condo need some loving too and with that being said here are some useful, creative yet affordable balcony essentials you need to take note of to achieve that picturesque balcony design you see on Pinterest.

The Dream Condo Living

Condo living is a dream for most young professionals and even new families who prefer city life. Imagine waking up and seeing the cityscape and the majestic city skyline just outside your window. Swimming pools, wellness centers, spas, fitness gyms, playgrounds, function halls, jogging paths, and tennis or basketball courts are also available. You only need to take the elevator and voila! you have access to different lifestyle amenities. Some units have a balcony where you can spend your time indulging yourself with the breathtaking view from up above your unit. Yet most of the time, condo balconies are neglected and are left to become a graveyard for dead plants or broken furniture. Unloved balconies are a tragic sight to behold. See the 10 balcony essentials you can add to style your condo balcony.

10 Balcony Essentials for your Condo

First and foremost, measure your outdoor living space to ensure that you begin looking for appropriately sized furniture. Look for multi-purpose pieces to maximize your space’s functionality while reducing the number of furnishings. After getting the right measurements of your balcony, you can proceed to shop for different ornaments and furniture essentials you’ll be needing to achieve your desired balcony design.

1. Affordable flooring

The typical apartment balcony has a personality-less concrete floor – simple and less stylish. Fortunately, interlocking deck tiles are a trend now and can be used to dress up a plain slab. They are very simple to put together by simply snapping the pieces together giving you convenience with style. If you are a renter, you should be aware that they are simple to remove too.

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2. Space Saving Furniture

To save space without compromising your desired balcony design, consider garden stools that can serve as a table or an extra seat when guests arrive. It is essential to make sure it’s weatherproof because it does rain on occasion, but the sun and dry air can also rust the furniture. Folding chairs and tables, an L-shaped furniture layout, a swing chair, or a built-in bench can also effectively address the issue of limited space.

3. Stylish Privacy Screen

Another smart balcony essential is to have a solid privacy screen that will protect you from the wind, sun, and prying eyes. An outdoor privacy screen or curtain is an excellent way to spend time alone while still getting some fresh air and sunlight. These affordable units easily roll or slide out, allowing you to enjoy a grand panorama one moment and then close off neighboring views for a nap or a candlelit meal for two the next. You can also improvise and use a simple cloth draped over the structure which can easily be secured to provide the desired privacy without breaking the bank.

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4. Balcony Planters

A balcony will never be complete without plants on them. Plants give off a refreshing aura to small spaces. Including greenery is one of the best balcony design ideas, regardless of the size of your space. Balcony-sized planters, vertical gardens, and space-saving rail planters that hook directly on the guard rails make it simple. To showcase even more greenery, consider the hanging plant boxes on the wrought iron fence, small potted plants on the table and in the corner, and a simple hanging structure that looks stylish and functional. 

5. Hang a Hammock

If you are not a fan of reclining chairs and outdoor rugs or pillows you can consider hanging a hammock. If you have enough space on your balcony, these hanging beds are an excellent place to relax and unwind at the end of a long day. Some are designed to be mounted between two poles, so check with your landlord before drilling hooks into the support posts of your balcony. But there are also portable hammocks that can frequently be tied around poles, making them more suitable for apartments. Some hammocks have freestanding frames, but these take up significantly more space than other balcony design ideas.

6. Outdoor Grillers

Food is always a good companion whether you enjoy it by yourself or with your friends and family. Make outdoor fiesta possible by putting outdoor grillers on your balcony. Look for a compact tabletop grill or one that can be hooked onto a railing so you can grill up some burgers and barbeques while admiring the cityscape view. Consider an electric grill if your apartment complex does not allow charcoal or gas grills. Because electric grills do not use a flame to cook food, they are more likely to be permitted on apartment balconies. 

7. Pet-friendly Décor

Lucky are those who are living their city life dream with their furry friend. This balcony essential is for our fur-parent friends out there who want to give their pets a safe and comfortable pet-friendly balcony experience. The first step is to line the railing with a mesh material to keep your dog or cat from falling between the bars. It’s also a good idea to lay down a rug so their feet don’t get too hot on the ground. Other pet-friendly décor options include having a patch of grass on the balcony where they can relax. You can accomplish this by placing a roll of sod in a wooden frame or plastic bin.

8. Share the Shade

Balconies are always prone to the scorching heat of the sun and unkind rainy weather so it’s best to invest in decors that can give shade while you are outdoors. Keep dry under a patio umbrella and enjoy the rain. Sun shades and umbrellas are available in a variety of styles, including those with UV and heat-blocking fabric.

9. Bar Carts

This may be an unusual balcony add-on to consider but this is fun and useful at the same time. Bar carts are not just for the living room. If you enjoy entertaining outside, why not set up a chic drink station on your porch or patio as well? Cocktail hour on the balcony is made much easier with a great bar cart, and you won’t have to waste time going in and out for bartending duty. Alternatively, get a retro drink cooler to keep everything chilled.

10. Outdoor Lighting

Set the mood with the perfect lighting for your balcony. This balcony design idea is essential and a favorite to almost everyone and that is to use hanging lights, such as string lights and lanterns. Lights can be hung from a canopy, placed on a table, or even hung from a railing that is well-distanced from planters to avoid fire emergencies. Hanging lights contribute to the creation of an inviting atmosphere that can be either soothing or festive.

Condo living does not always equate to the luxury of outdoor space but lucky are those who have access to balconies in their condo units. Balconies give you a slice of great outdoors that you can customize however you like while living and surviving in the Urban Jungle. While there are a lot of balcony ideas to incorporate into your style there are also tons of real estate companies that offer condominiums that come with your balcony. One of them is Bria Homes which offers affordable and rent-to-own condominiums that are placed strategically around the country for easy access.

Written by Noelyn Kate O. Cabrera