How to Create a Workout Routine?


If you are trying to seek ways how to stay healthy and happy, have even more energy, and even live longer, then just get some exercise! Regular physical activity and exercise provide multiple health benefits. Exercise benefits all people, no matter their age, gender, or physical capabilities. If you are currently living in a small space, such as a condominium unit, it may be a challenge to create a fitness workout program because of certain limitations in spaces and equipment.

Suppose you plan to create a fitness workout program in your small condominium unit. In that case, this necessitates you to have the ability to adjust to the amenities and space readily accessible. If you are used to commercial and huge gyms with a wide range of equipment and dumbbells, your exercise regime may need to be simplified. For some circumstances, this will entail replacing one workout with another, using less muscle mass, or incorporating innovative training regimes to really get more benefit from what is available.

A solid workout does not require expensive equipment. To know and understand how you can create a fitness workout program in your BRIA condominium, here is a  five (5) basic workout outline:

  1. Start with cardio as a warm-up

If you’re pressed for time, you might be tempted to skip the warmup and get right into the exercise session. However, doing so increases your chance of getting injured and puts excessive pressure on your muscles. All workout routines should start with cardio exercise and a warm-up, ideally at least five (5) minutes before your session. This warms up the heart and lungs, preparing them for such use. The work pace should not be too fast, so make adjustments considerably. The main objective here is simply to warm your body up. For your warm-up exercise, BRIA condominiums have covered walks and jogging paths that you may utilize.

  1. Follow with whole-body workouts

A whole-body workout involves working out each and every major muscle group in a single workout session. Exercise the major muscle groups in order of size, such as the back, chest, legs,  shoulders, triceps, and biceps. For your initial workout, choose a compound movement, such as the squat, deadlift, lunges, bench press, dips, lying pullover, push-ups, and pull-ups.  Each training session is prescribed to be performed for a ten (10) repetition series of a workout four (4) times with just 30 to 40 seconds of break between each set. This enables you to get a decent workout in a relatively short period of time. This workout can be done either two or three times per week.

Moreover, there are a lot of sports that you can also commit to for full-body workouts such as basketball and volleyball. In addition, most people consider swimming the most convenient way to get a total-body workout. Aside from fitness gyms and play courts, BRIA condominiums also have swimming pools that you can maximize for your whole-body workouts.

  1. Incorporate advanced techniques into your exercise session

Advanced training techniques surely enable you to get a good workout wherever. Drop-sets, super-sets, partial reps, and super-slow reps are some examples of advanced training techniques. Drop-sets involve performing a set to tiredness and then rapidly reducing the weight slightly and performing one other set with no rest in between. You can lengthen such sets even farther by introducing an additional third or fourth “drop.” Partials are 6- to 8-inch half-reps that can be included at the end of a set to increase the period under tensile stresses and apply muscle-building stimulation. Super-slow reps involve lowering the weight for a full six seconds on each rep, which induces fat loss for up to 72 hours after a workout. Supersets require doing two workouts one after the other with no breaks, taking a breather only after the second exercise is completed. A great gym workout in your BRIA condominium unit includes supersets, which are an excellent technique for keeping the pulse rate increased for a prolonged period of time, increasing the fat loss method. Given that they are antagonistic (opposite) muscle groups, supersets alongside a chest exercise is usually a wise idea. The simple push-up is excellent for the chest area, hence, you may opt to accomplish around 3-4 supersets with sixty (60) seconds of rest between each superset.

  1. Do some core workouts

Core training should come after a full-body workout. Even on the floor, you can get a great abdominal workout. A lot of the most impactful abdominal exercises are performed on the floor, and all that is necessary is a mat or a carpeted area. Begin with lower abdominal exercises because they are most often the most challenging. Leg lifts are an excellent place to start. If they are too simple and you can effortlessly get 15 reps, you can do the workout with a stability ball in between your legs. Crunches are then performed on the upper abdominals. After you’ve completed the upper and lower abs, proceed to the obliques. Heel touches are a fantastic oblique exercise that offers an effective burn. In this, target 15 repetitions across each side. Jump straight into a plank until you achieve inability. Aim for at least 20 seconds. When you finish the planks, you have accomplished one cycle of the circuit. Between circuits, take a 30-45 second break. Repeat for a series of three rounds.

  1. Finalized the whole workout routine with some cool-down exercises

Once you successfully complete a workout, your initial natural tendency is to leave the gym as soon as possible. However, as much as you would like to jump right into the shower, you have to recognize that you must complete some cool-down exercises first. To help relieve yourself of strenuous physical activity, do cool-down exercises at the end of your exercise. Cool-down exercises and stretches decrease the likelihood of sprains, increase blood flow, and lessen stress on your heart and other muscles. In addition, you will restore your pulse rate, body temperature, and blood pressure to normal levels prior to actually continuing with your regular activities. Cool down for a minimum of ten (10) minutes after your workout. While cooling down, take deep breaths to transport oxygen to your muscles, relieve tension, and relax the muscles. Perform workouts such as light jogging or walking, seated forward bend, reclining butterfly pose, child’s pose, and downward facing dog, at a slower pace and with less intensity than you would normally. Customize your exercise by using the covered walks and jogging paths available in BRIA condominiums.

Fortunately, with BRIA condominiums, you can do this five (5) basic workout outlinein the comfort of your own home! But before you create a fitness workout program, consult your doctor, all the more so if you have any issues with your physical conditioning, haven’t exercised in a long period of time, or have persistent health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, or rheumatism.

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Written by: MC Sanchez