Fitness Equipment You Can Keep in Your Condo Space


FINALLY, after being locked up for two years in the pandemic at your affordable condominium–gyms have started to open up again – at least for the time being – some people have found at-home exercises to be fun and have bought condo fitness equipment. The home gym scene has shifted significantly in recent years, especially during the pandemic. Many individuals are now committing a space in their affordable condominium homes, houses, and even garages to work out, which was once considered a luxury. When the pandemic closed gyms for months in 2020, people were forced to get inventive to keep active, and demand for at-home or condo fitness equipment and fitness accessories increased. Given the consciousness to keep ourselves healthy and active while we are keeping ourselves safe from Covid-19, it is now easier than ever to choose the quality at-home or condo fitness equipment. 

How to decide which fitness equipment you might need?

1. Kind of workout 

What is the purpose of the workout? Is it more necessary for you to improve strength or cardio? Is it for weight loss, toning, conditioning, or muscle gains? If you can’t afford or don’t have the room to acquire many pieces of equipment, you’ll want to select items that fulfill your current fitness demands.

2. Lifestyle

What is the occupation of this fitness enthusiast? Is the person on the go? Or is working from home? Sure, finding the equipment may seem to be simple, but the most difficult aspect of at-home workouts is determining which activities are best for your present lifestyle. 

3. Workout Space Size

Say you live now in a 1 Bedroom unit at your fully-furnished affordable condominium. Do you have a workout space in your condo? If so, have you considered where specifically the condo fitness equipment could valuably fit in the condo? Investing in a big spin bicycle or treadmill is not easy, especially for people who live in small condo units, or properties shared with roommates, dogs, or children. Home gym equipment takes up a lot of space in your living room-turned-home-office-turned-gym. There are considerably smaller workout machines that yet carry the punch of full-sized equipment for staying fit from the comfort of your own home.

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4. Materials 

The condo fitness equipment and fitness accessories picked devices that are solid, durable, dependable, and well-made in general, ranging from kettlebells to high-tech cardio equipment. We consider also the easiest and safest way to sanitize the fitness equipment.

5. Versatility

We sought for equipment that could be utilized for a range of activities to save money and space. Weighted exercises, for example, are not required for all exercises. In reality, numerous workouts can be done with only your body weight and a few pieces of equipment, such as pilates or barre, which is especially useful if you have limited space. Where to place the condo fitness equipment and fitness accessory in the condo?

6. Price 

Condo fitness equipment ranges an average from PHP 700 to 80,000 – depending on the equipment and its purpose. Do you have a specific budget range in mind to consider? Which ones are efficiently useful and are the condo fitness equipment and fitness accessories worth it?

7. Customer feedback 

Reviews from friends, colleagues, or advertisers are important. It is helpful that you get positive and honest feedback from legitimate customers and friends that you trust. 

11 fitness equipment for your condo space

From simple weights and yoga mats to high-tech cardio equipment and to get you started, we’ve chosen recommendable pieces of condo fitness equipment and fitness accessories that will help you get in shape from the comfort of your own condominium, no gym membership necessary!

1. Jump Rope

Jumping rope used to be a childhood game, so jumping rope feels like a non-exercise workout. But studies say that jumping rope has been shown to strengthen both the upper and lower body. After a few hops, you’ll start to feel it in your legs. It is one of the favorite endurance and stamina enhancers of most fitness enthusiasts. An innovation of this product is using a cordless jump rope. These are equally as effective, but they reduce the noise associated with a leap.

2. Resistant Bands

Resistance bands come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and each one is utilized uniquely. From short resistance bands to “booty bands,” these are crucial in training and building the glutes. By adding resistance to movements like jumping squats, hip bridges, donkey kicks, and other glute exercises, you can stimulate the muscles to work even harder. The bands come in three resistance levels (light, medium, and heavy) for every fitness level.

3. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are the first gym equipment. They can be used in several ways which is why it is a perfect equipment for your condo set up. They are also the only piece of gym equipment that is small enough to be used efficiently at home. Irv like dumbbells because they allow for total-body motions, “which is the most essential of all,” he claims. Dumbbells can train almost all body components, whether you want to work your legs and squat or develop your arms with bicep curls. Any fitness enthusiast would welcome having an additional pair of new dumbbells on hand!

4. Kettlebells

The weight of a kettlebell, unlike dumbbells, is not spread uniformly. This implies that controlling your body and weight while performing kettlebell workouts requires more strength and stability. However, there isn’t a specific body area that can be trained with this. You can work out your core, arms, back, and even your legs. Using a kettlebell allows for a lot of creative freedom. Furthermore, they are available in a variety of weights, allowing you to select the one that is appropriate for your strength level.

5. Yoga Ball

Commonly known as an exercise ball, also known as a stability ball or Swiss ball. It is a popular piece of workout equipment that can be found in practically every gym that you can keep in your own condo space. Exercise balls are a popular sight at Pilates sessions and yoga studios since they are versatile and easy to use. Exercise balls, which are traditionally constructed of PVC, can be inflated using a hand or foot pump and utilized in a variety of settings. Some individuals use exercise balls to augment crunches, squats, pushups, and other total-body exercises at their desks to improve posture and balance. Others use exercise balls to supplement crunches, squats, pushups, and other total-body exercises for a rigorous total-body workout.

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6. Ankle Weights or Wrist Weights

Ankle or wrist weights are ideal if you’re seeking for light equipment that will just add a little weight to your everyday routine. Wearable weights allow you to move freely while providing a somewhat more difficult workout. Whether you use ankle weights for leg lifts or simply wear them while doing housework, straining harder to move increases load against gravity, which leads to an improvement in strength.

7. Yoga Mats

While you might not be able to attend your regular yoga courses, it doesn’t mean you can’t go on the mat. Yoga mats give support for your body when performing yoga poses or ab workouts. Not to mention, working out on a mat may enhance your stability because the mat has a hold on the surface, preventing injuries and creating a safe, steady training environment. What’s the best part? Mats can normally be rolled up and tucked into a corner after you’re through, so they don’t get in the way. To save even more space, you may place your dumbbells down the center.

8. Step Decks

If you want your life to resemble an aerobics class from the 1980s, you can consider purchasing a step-deck for your modest flat. Step decks are perfect for aerobic workouts without placing stress on your joints and are easy to store beneath the bed or in a nook of your closet.

9. Spin Bike

While the bike doesn’t come with a tablet, it usually comes with a device holder or Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to stream hundreds of exercises from popular applications. There are 100 degrees of magnetic resistance on the bike, as well as an LCD for tracking performance data including time, distance, and calories burnt. 

10. Leg Press Machine

Consider the leg press machine as a useful tool for fast and effectively firming up your legs, hips, and buttocks. It’s worth noting that the leg press is the single most effective resistance machine for building body strength through the use of your lower muscles. Body efficiency and functional strength are the results. Lie down on your back on the machine’s seat to get a good leg workout. Place your feet on the plate shoulder-width apart, press with both feet, and then slowly drop the burden until you achieve a 90-degree angle. Depending on your fitness level, repeat the action for 8 to 10 repetitions.

11. Treadmill

The finest home treadmills are compact in size, have powerful motors, and come with useful training advice, fitness monitoring, and entertainment options. Because the treadmill will be in your home at all times, it’s a good idea to prioritize machines that are versatile enough to fulfill the fitness goals of all members of your household while still being quiet enough to operate without causing too much disruption. If you get a foldable treadmill, you can make sure you get your daily steps done no matter the weather. When you’re finished, fold it up and keep it beneath your bed until the next day. 

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Thousands of goods are available to convert your home gym aspirations into a reality, whether you’re searching for weights or a cardio machine. Consider your money, space, and fitness exercise requirements while making your purchase. You should also consider the product’s quality and adaptability. Aside from the fitness equipment and fitness accessories, it is vital to your active and fit lifestyle to combine it with the right amount of food. If you use the list above as a starting point, you’ll be able to select the condo fitness equipment and fitness accessories that are appropriate for your affordable condominium.

Written by Ruby Baclid