5 of the Best Pinoy Desserts for the Summer

Pinoy Summer Desserts

Summer in such a tropical country like the Philippines could get very hot. Sweats, heatwaves, and other undesirable feelings felt with the scorching hot weather. Don’t we all feel the same way when we crave for something refreshing as we tread the roads under the scorching heat of the sun? Luckily, the Philippines has one of the best ways to deal with the summer weather – deliciously refreshing desserts! We’ve listed down here some of the best Pinoy summer desserts that would truly quench the thirst we feel.

1. Halo-Halo

Top on our list of best Pinoy summer dessert is of course, the classic, always mentioned, halo-halo! Even our Miss Universe 2018, Catriona Gray loves this dessert for what she says confuses people. Truly, halo-halo could sound a bit weird if ingredients themselves are enumerated but altogether when mixed, they create a very mesmerizing flavor that every Filipino loves! Also, halo-halo when translated to English literally means mix-mix.

The beauty of this dessert is that there is no particular way of creating one. It’s just really your choice of mix ins with the few basic ingredients such as crushed ice, milk, sugar, sweetened saba banana, sweet read beans, sweet white beans, nata de coco, purple yam, and leche flan. But really, you can add so much more, others put in ice cream instead of the actual yam, adds pinipig or jackfruit. Whatever your preference is, halo-halo is undeniably one of the best pinoy desserts even when it’s not summer.

2. Ice Scramble or Iskrambol

Next is Ice Scramble. Spotted mostly during summer, this pinoy dessert is absolutely one of the best. I could just recall the days outside the school when meriendas are waiting outside for the hungry students and you’ll see manong with that very identifiable styrobox that you know so well are the containers of crushed ice.

Despite its very simple recipe containing crushed ice, flavoring, skimmed milk and some toppings, the ice scramble never fails to cool us down during the summer. Iskrambol even brings us some nostalgic memories since due to the pandemic, schools have shut down. However, with the Filipinos’ wits, ice scramble DIYs and orders can now be made online and can be delivered to your doorstep.

3. Anything Con Yelo

I could totally list down those Con Yelo desserts one-by-one but to make this list short and simple, I had put them in this one category of anything con yelo. I know you might already have some ideas what these desserts may be and do you notice one thing? They’re just literally with ice.

Con Yelo from the word con hielo in Spanish exactly means “with ice.” With few ingredients in these desserts, who knew ice could make everything better – especially during summer? These “with yelo” desserts could be your go-to when looking for something to munch on as there are different varieties such as mais con yelo, saging con yelo, and even avocado con yelo.

Mais con yelo is quite the extraordinary type since the way corns are cooked, they are either found in soups or eaten on their own. But to put them with ice and create a refreshing dessert? Genius! It is simply made with sweet corn, shaved ice, condensed milk, evaporated milk, and sugar.

Different from the first one that’s main ingredient is found in viands or soup, Avocado con yelo presents you with a fruit. Avocado, more often seen as an ice cream or milkshake flavor is the main ingredient of this dessert. This could be your go-to cooler when you want to be out of the ordinary avocado ice cream or shake flavor. Ice, milk, and avocado, when combined creates a cold, savory, treat best for the summer dessert to beat the heat.

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Lastly, my personal favorite, saging con yelo. I just love when I bite the banana and the flavor mixes with ice and milk. Yeah sure, the other con yelo desserts does that too but I just love this one! Just sweetened banana, milk, ice, and maybe some sago or pearls and you’re good to go. You can also opt to create your own sweetened banana (minatamis na saging) if you have ample time to prepare but you can also buy a pre-made one to make your food prep easier. And, if you’re someone who sells desserts like halo-halo, this could be just another subvariant with the same ingredient as minatamis na saging or sweetened saba banana can also be a part of halo-halo. More dessert under the same ingredients, how cool is that!

4. Ice Candy

I don’t know if it’s just me or every Filipino kid in the country with a refrigerator has created an ice candy at home to have an easy-to-get dessert? It’s easy to find in residential areas as households create the very simple ice candy as a snack and also a very simple way of making money especially if that house has a sari-sari store.

It’s pretty much any juice or anything you want placed in a narrow piece of plastic, tied up, and then frozen. For starters, you can create simple ice candy by using juice. But if you want to upscale them, buko or coconut flavor ice candies are like the premium ones.

Easy to make, and you can sell it too. That’s why ice candy is one of the best Pinoy summer desserts.

5. Dirty Ice Cream

An ice cream that’s not actually dirty. That never-ending question why is dirty ice cream called as it is when it’s not dirty? Classic topic right? But in reality, dirty ice cream came from the mothers who don’t want their children to buy ice cream. Whenever an ice cream vendor passes by, Filipino mothers, apparently used to scare their children away by telling them that the ice cream’s dirty. And it’s been like that ever since.

Dirty Ice cream, despite its name, it is actually a sanitary food that’s also known as sorbetes. Often sold at a moving cart with a ringing bell, don’t you just love to chase manong to buy that cooling dessert? With a few coins in your pocket, you’re already able to satiate your need for something sweet and cool for the summer.

Getting Creative with the Best Pinoy Summer Desserts

Although mostly with ice, these desserts are available all year round. It’s just that during the summer, demand for such delicacies rise and sellers and stalls pops up around the neighborhood to try and make some money. Even kids during their summer vacation can make this a side hustle with enough knowledge and hard work.

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You too could have the opportunity to make money in the neighborhood you live in. Just like in Bria Homes, residents have become creative in making money inside the gated subdivision by providing convenience through their sari-sari stores and many more.

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