Work-friendly Coffee Shops in the South


If you plan to go south for a local vacation, you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth. That is all made easier now due to work shifting to an online setting. However, sometimes duty calls and the environment in your vacation area inhibits you from being productive. That means you need to find a workplace coffee shop, something conducive to working.

In the south, most vacation spots are either beach houses or resorts. At a beach house, you might be able to work at the living room, dining room, or your bedroom but there is no guarantee that there is reliable Wi-Fi, or any at all. Moreover, being by the beach, you would just want to stay by the beach and relax.

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On the other hand, at a resort, it may be difficult to work at your resort room because there might not be a desk provided. If there is one provided, it might be too small. Other places to potentially work at are the lobby and restaurant, and it would probably be too loud and distracting to work at.

It makes sense to find a place that makes you more conducive to your work considering the distractions and obstructions typically encountered in the aforementioned places.

10 Work-Friendly Coffee Shops in the South

Aside from having numerous beach houses and resorts, there are many coffee shops in the south that are not only aesthetically pleasing while serving high quality coffee, they also provide an ambiance and some amenities that make working easier for you.

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The succeeding list shows the best coffee shop to work in which surely provide everything stipulated above.

1. Coffee Project

Coffee Project, since their first branch in Starmall Alabang, Muntinlupa City, has dedicated themselves to serving high quality concoctions of espresso-based drinks and an appetizing selection of food. Consequently, since 2014, Coffee Project achieved a lot of success and has now established themselves as one of the best coffee chains in the Philippines.

They have since branched out to Santo Tomas, Batangas in June 2021.

Now, the people of Santo Tomas can work peacefully and productively while being accompanied by imported coffee, delicious sandwiches, and an ambient interior.

2. Crossings Café

Crossings Café was opened by Coffee Project themselves, in the fourth quarter of 2021. The name most likely came from the store being located at Villar Land Crossing.

Being a Coffee Project relative, this coffee shops replicates the standard selection of food, coffee, and ambiance—making it easier and convenient for its customers to work while dining in.

But, perhaps what makes Crossings Café more unique than its older counterparts is the vast selection of food. A lot of the items on the menu seem to be taken straight out of a fine dining restaurant and into a coffee shop.

Just head over to Bacoor, Cavite to indulge in great food in a coffee shop while working.

3. Ruined Project?

If you love Coffee Project and Crossings Café, then you will certainly love Ruined Project?

Located in Crosswinds Drive, Tagaytay City, the “Ruined Project?” is another coffee shop built by Coffee Project late 2021 along with Crossings Café.

This was supposed to be Coffee Project’s 50th coffee store but the pandemic destroyed their plans. When they thought all hope was lost, they decided to push through anyway naming it a “Ruined Project?”

Just like the aforementioned coffee shops, this not-so ruined project makes use of the signature wooden furniture, rustic light fixtures, and several plants displayed all around the store. There is even an al-fresco area of you want to appreciate nature while working.

4. Daily Grind Coffee Shop and Coworking

In San Pedro, Laguna, the Daily Grind Coffee Shop and Coworking is a unique, new concept that embodies being a workspace coffee shop because it dedicates its service to helping their customers—either in groups or individuals—be more productive.

From the name “Coffee Shop and Coworking,” the store is divided in to two spaces.

First, the coffee shop commits itself to serving only the highest quality of coffee with an amazing aroma to its customers who are either chilling or just looking for excellent coffee.

Second, the Daily Grind Coworking Space provides customers with an area of convenience to help them work at their own pace and comfort, along with other equally busy customers with a lot on work schedule. In here, the Daily Grind offers power outlets, meeting and conference rooms, and private offices.

5. Café de Lipa

This local coffee shop in Lipa, Batangas prides itself in serving the best local coffee in the Philippines. While mostly using Batangas’ Barako beans, they also use Robusta from places like Cavite and Ilocos, Excelsa from Quezon and Basilan, and Arabica from Benguet and Bukidnon.

If dining in is not your cup of coffee for that specific day, you can buy their bag of coffee beans and blends and drink it at home. This is an ideal situation for you if you live within the proximity.

In Lipa, there is a Bria House and Lot close to the store where you can take home the best beans Café de Lipa has to offer.

6. Taza Mia Coffee

Taza Mia Coffee is a small coffee shop whose origins began in Lipa, Batangas. Aside from great coffee, Taza Mia offers a large selection of food, from sandwiches, pasta, and even breakfast food.

However, the coffee shop’s selling point is being able to provide their customers with a small but homey ambiance, making the store great for relaxing or working.

One shop can be found along Maharlika Highway in San Pablo, Laguna. If you live in a Bria House and Lot in San Pablo, then this is a coffee shop you must try out.

7. Bag of Beans

Bag of Beans has evolved from a small coffee shop to one of the most popular and most flocked breakfast and brunch place in Tagaytay City. With an aesthetic interior, great tasting coffee, and breakfast praised by food experts, it is no surprise that the store is packed with people every single day.

In fact, the breakfast buffet just recently re-opened which will probably bring even more customers. If you live in a condominium in Tagaytay City near Bag of Beans, then you are in prime position to easily give in to this recent offer.

If you want to work while indulging in good food, there is an area in the main branch that is designed like a library and is quiet enough to stay productive while working. The said branch is found along Aguinaldo Highway in Tagaytay City.

8. Starbucks

This specific branch along Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City is particularly popular because it overlooks Taal volcano.

Any branch of Starbucks would have a lot of customers from shear popularity and status. Many students and young workers want to study and work in the Starbucks environment, respectively. Couple this with the view of Tagaytay makes it even harder to get in. The rest just try to get a picture then leave because the place is jam-packed.

It probably feels tranquil and relaxing being able to appreciate Taal volcano while writing a report or paper, if you get in.

9. Cecil’s Café

Cecil’s Café offers a food selection as if it were a restaurant, and a coffee range and ambiance of a coffee shop.

Their food menu has a wide range of choices from pasta, rice meals, and dessert. Based on the restaurant’s reviews, the customers seem to love their Lumpiang Ubod.

Regarding the shop’s ambiance, the place is said to be well-designed and quiet, making it perfect for working. Just head over to Silang, Cavite to try.

10. Dear Charlie Specialty Coffee

Located in Batangas City, Batangas, Dear Charlie uses a modernist and minimalist approach to serving coffee by using the finest ingredients and designing the shop with fresh and sharp décor.

These two alone are enticing enough to head over just to see the place and try their coffee. But, their sandwiches have been marketed a lot because it is a rising dish in their business.

Not only is their interior beautiful, but their outdoor as well. Sit down at their umbrella tables if you want more of an al-fresco experience.

Coffee Convenience

A great way to work at a coffee shop is with a delicious sandwich, an aromatic cup of coffee, and a beautiful design to stay engaged, focused, and rejuvenated while working.

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Past the vacation houses and resorts are the coffee shops that make it convenient for people with urgent work needed to be accomplished.

Because it might be difficult to work while on break, these coffee shops—through their food, drinks, and ambiance—rewire the mind to snap out of vacation mode and get whatever work that needs to be done.

All of these are coffee shops in the South, which is why the South has begun to garner a reputation of not only a vacation spot but a permanent residence place.

Written by Cholo Hermoso