What Makes the Pandemic-Proof Bria House and Lot Ideal for Your Family?

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Top property developers like Bria Homes, innovated their structures by considering the global pandemic. It has brought new things to believe in the business sector as people escalate their standards on safety and health. Open floor plans, modified ventilation systems, touchless technology, and the use of antibacterial metals for touchpoints like bronze, copper, and brass are just a few of the alterations made to new home designs. Living through the 2020 lockdown has made it obvious that having too little room in our residential houses puts our physical and mental health at risk. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, our homes have been used as temporary offices, companies, schools, gyms, and bars. And a lot of us are spending longer than ever in them. Filipinos became more conscious of making their house pandemic-proof so that they can continue living their life worry free of the virus. According to Chris Marlin, president of Lennar International, one of the biggest home builders in the United States, COVID-19 will have an impact on innovation in home design “just as the Spanish flu gave us the vanity room, which originated as a hand-washing basin immediately inside the front entry of a home,”

People frequently decide to purchase or rent a certain home due to its location, which may provide access to outstanding schools or allow for a simple commute to work by vehicle or public transportation. This means that people frequently purchase more expensive homes in areas with access to high-quality amenities and then modify them to meet their daily activities. We will therefore discover what makes your BRIA House and Lot pandemic-proof.

Things to look for to consider a home a pandemic-proof House:

  1. People’s safety is a top priority

A pandemic-proof homes has components that safeguard and look after the people. It encourages healthy living habits and creates chances for residents to interact with one another. The fight against climate change is the very objective of having green homes. However, there is a greater understanding today that structures should be able to assist and safeguard people. It benefits the people as well as the environment. Therefore, there should be an establishment of best health practices.

  1. Good ventilation and great outdoor space

The population is disposed to work and study at home since they are following the government’s directive to stay at home.  It is fair to assume that before the pandemic, everyone was always on the go. People are sociable creatures and were meant to be outside. A walk in the woods can improve mental health and happiness by calming and relaxing the brain. This feature will what definitely make your house “pandemic-proof”

Large rooms in homes are advised for increased productivity. The more relaxing your indoor setting is, the more you’ll want to spend time there and the less anxious you’ll feel. Being in a walkable community is important because it motivates residents to get some exercise when they go outside. There should be access to sanitized indoor air that will lessen discomforts in the eyes, nose, and throat. TIt should be environmentally friendly structures that, among other things, have natural lighting and improve air quality. patios, backyards, and well-ventilated porches, they utilize them for things like taking a coffee break, soaking in the morning sun, or even doing some gardening in their homes. These open-air retreats are also ideal for celebrating important life celebrations in style and safety as well as other leisure pursuits like exercising and practicing meditation.

Private outdoor spaces undoubtedly bring a new beauty to any house. Along with being aesthetically beautiful, these areas aid residents in taking a breather from the overly engaged modern lifestyle. Luxurious homes and condos with outdoor living facilities will always be in demand as long as consumers want a stronger bond between their indoor and outdoor environments.

  1. High-performance concrete

The use of high-performance concrete prevents the spread of viruses and diseases because of its non-porosity, this high-performance concrete can avoid having a leak-proof surface. This one inhibits the spread of viruses and bacteria. Contrarily, typical hollow blocks eventually permit the growth of mold within homes, damaging the residents’ respiratory health over time.

This pandemic has accelerated standards and practices that will eventually become the new normal: the requirement for green and healthy [buildings], monitoring sustainable practices, caring for the environment and the people. A luxury home adapted to the new normal and beyond must have adaptable interiors, clean entryways, and access to attractive outdoor living spaces. But regardless of the situation, making the most of your living environment and taking pleasure in the significant connections it promotes are as crucial. Positively, the extraordinary times of today have prompted people to seriously consider how they want to live and how that awareness affects the kind of home they wish to occupy.

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What makes Bria’s House and Lot Pandemic-proof?

For the convenience and security of everyone, online payments and reservations are offered. Bria advises its citizens to adhere to quarantine protocol and maintain healthy habits including routine hand washing, the use of alcohol-based hand massages, and social seclusion in light of these safety measures.  Also, all BRIA communities frequently clean and disinfect their common areas to shield residents from any chance of contracting the virus. Compliance with the increased community quarantine is ensured by the guarded entrance and exit gates seen in BRIA communities. Following the required quarantine regulations, only BRIA inhabitants are permitted to access and exit the developments.

San Pablo, Laguna has had an increase in prospects for Bria Homes, which has over 50 developments nationally and continues to design cutting-edge and pandemic-proof home places. BRIA Homes, one of the country’s top home builders, is poised to make condominiums and house-and-lot packages more accessible to typical Filipino families. Bria Homes offers inexpensive housing for homebuyers who appreciate the convenience and a green environment. With simple payment arrangements and low rates, owning a home at Bria Homes is feasible. In order to maintain serving their consumers, Bria keeps channels of communication open. We also have the following features that will answer your question of what makes Bria’s House and Lot the best pandemic-proof home for you. We have the following:

Our facilities also include the following:

  • Centralized Water System
  • Concrete Sidewalks
  • Curbs and gutters
  • Underground Drainage System

Now that affordable houses and lots as well as other properties are available for sale in one of the best areas in the Philippines, interested real estate investors looking for their ideal home can do so. Affordable house and lot packages from Bria Homes are available for as little as Php 10,000 per month. With this, if you are actually interested, Bria Homes are offering by obtaining a mortgage loan from your preferred bank. You can get a Pag-IBIG housing loan or a bank housing loan, to purchase your first or new Bria home. Bria Homes will help you every step of the process, no matter which type of housing loan you select from the options offered. You can get virtual tours on the Bria website whenever it’s most convenient for you. Use your laptop or mobile device to view the genuine splendor of the Bria community.

Written by MC Sanchez