10 Simple Indoor Activities to Enjoy During the Cold Season

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We are a month away from the most anticipated season in the country, the ‘ber’ months! Aside from its indication that Christmas time is near, another thing Filipinos are excited about during the ‘ber’ months is the ‘brr’ or the cold season in the Philippines. While the month of September marks the beginning of near autumn and fall in most cold countries, this marks the beginning of the “Hanging Amihan”, or sea breeze, in the Philippines. This indicates when the country’s climatic condition literally begins to change and the wind begins to blow a bit colder air early in the morning. This sensation has somehow become an annual Filipino cultural practice.

Once the cold season in the Philippines turns up, a lot of people would most likely opt to devote considerable time in their condo than they do during the dry and summer season. This is actually a good thing. Since you paid a significant amount for your condominium unit,  this is the best time to maximize the activities you can engage in while you are in the safety of your living space.

Here are some recommendations for what you can do in your condo during the  cold season in the Philippines:

  1. Enhance your culinary skills!

Cooking reduces your expenses and can be a great experience that you can try alone or with your loved ones. There is unlimited access to free recipes available on the internet, and you can also look through old recipe books you have in your living space. Experiment with new recipes or new ingredients to recreate your classic favorites. Make use of your friends and family as taste reviewers.

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  1. Make warm drinks for a cold weather treat

Assembling a group of loved ones around a steaming pot of green tea or a fresh and hot chocolate drink is a tried and tested way to relax and enjoy spending time with one another. Keep yourselves warm by reminiscing fun memories or sharing life updates over a glass of red wine or a cup of your locally roasted espresso coffee.

  1. Play card, word, or board games

Games, either board, card, or word, are among the best ways to pass the time when the terrible weather trapped you inside your condominium unit. There is a significant reason these have remained such common household companions despite the advent of digital technology. When betting odds are made, triumph is even better and more exciting! You can even create or customize a game. Make it more exciting by hosting a tournament-style game day with your friends and family.

  1. Binge-watch your favorite movie or series

Make some popcorn, curl up under a blanket, and find the best TV show to binge-watch! Because of the continuous innovation of media, you do not have to leave the comfort of your home to rent or buy a ton of DVDs to watch an old tv program you missed. You can simply register to either Netflix, Disney, or Hulu for a monthly subscription fee and have access to heaps of television movies and series right at your fingertips through your Apple TV, PlayStation, and/or laptop. This will surely keep you preoccupied when the temperatures drop!

  1. Read a new book

Social media tends to distract us from almost anything we attempt to go and do. It is all too easy to get swept up in the internet for an hour or more, but you might find out that the time and energy you spent mindlessly browsing the internet, would be better spent reading an interesting book. If you have difficulty making time to actually read, start setting a goal of reading a certain list of books by a certain date to stay on track. When you become satisfied with a good book or two, it will be much relatively easy to find a chance to read for at least a few minutes day after day.

  1. Re-design your condo

This doesn’t sound like much fun initially. However, there is a lot to be said about the revitalizing vibe and uplifting ambiance of a newly set up home interior. If you have no idea how to reorganize your furniture, there are a variety of designs available online. Consider the color and space of your condominium unit to visualize how you can maximize your unit.

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  1. Do indoor workouts or yoga

Yoga is probably one of the easiest, most useful, and soothing practices to take part in for relaxation of tight back and shoulders after long periods of sitting. Yoga poses to relieve stress, increase mobility, and boost endurance. If you need a pause from the cold season in the Philippines, hot yoga is an option you can try.

  1. Repair old clothes

Have you had a pile of old clothes that you keep wanting to patch up but never seem to? A day spent warm and dry during the cold season in the Philippines is the ideal time to go on with your wardrobe and draw out all garments that require restoration. Begin tweaking those gaps, snags, and ripped ends with your tailoring kit. It can be remarkably satisfying to be able to get rid of some clothes, and it is an extra bonus that you can contribute or entrust them!

  1. Squeeze your creative juices

Lots of free time due to the cold season in the Philippines? By engaging and exploring your creative side, you can hold yourself preoccupied for hours. You could try to perform a Science experiment using common household items. There are numerous Science experiments that are both safe and enjoyable for children. Consider making some slime or homemade playdough, or even the classic use of coloring tools. You may also try to listen to, compose, or stream music, crochet, weave, embroider, sketch, paint, or even sculpt. The only restriction is your imagination!

  1. Establish a Gratitude Journal

It is no secret that being grateful is great for you. Science backs it up, and good people like the Dalai Lama advocates for it. Hence, it is no surprise that many people are taking some time to be truly grateful for everything they have. Keeping a gratitude journal is one of the ideal ways to express gratitude on a regular basis. Begin by identifying five things for which you are truly thankful. It will probably be difficult at first to come up with just five because living in a dread-filled world can conceal the good in your daily existence. Consider this carefully. Did you just enjoy a cup of lusciously warm tea? Or did you converse with a buddy via text message? Or watch a heartfelt movie on TV? There is so much to be thankful for!

To sum it up, choosing to stay inside your living space during the cold season in the Philippines does not have to be such a bad and boring thing after all! The cold season in the Philippines can be the best motivation to engage in activities you enjoy without making excuses.

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Written by: MC Sanchez