Coldest Places to Stay in the Philippines


For foreigners living in cold countries like USA and other European countries, a warm weather is nice to experience. But Filipinos and other nations from tropical regions enjoy staying in cold places to beat the heat of summer or even the normal weather. The world had a drastic change in its climate structures so most likely the climate we are used to is not the same as before. Like in the Philippines, the months of June to February of the following year are considered to be under the rainy season. If its rainy season, the temperature and weather are expected to be cooler than the other months of the year. But with climate change in the scene, it changed. Heat is still scorching despite the occurrence of rainy season and it unbearable than ever. When the weather is hot, it is surely difficult to relax and easily makes you restless. Fret not, despite Philippines being a tropical region, there are cold places in the country wherein you could stay and escape the scorching heat of our climate. You do not need to see winter to experience a cool weather! If you are thinking of air conditioners to beat the high temperatures, consider exploring the winterlike climate of the hidden gems of our country. Here are the coldest places to stay in the Philippines.

  1. Baguio

This might be considered the mainstream coldest place to stay in the Philippines. When asked about the best place to stay to beat summer heat, Baguio might always be the top answer. The place is considered as the summer capital of the country. No wonder why it is infamous as the haven for people who wants to experience a chilly weather. In fact, last February 2020, Baguio’s temperature lowered to 9.4°C. See how cold it is in Baguio? If you still cannot believe, read this article about the frost that happened last 2021 in Baguio and its neighboring towns.

  • Tagaytay

If Baguio is too far from your place, this may be a better choice. Tagaytay is near Metro Manila as it is situated in Cavite. It may not be as cold as Baguio, but the place offers a cooler temperature than most places especially in high urbanized places like Metro Manila. The place is also famous for recreational attractions like Sky Ranch, Picnic Grove, and Our Lady of Manaoag. It also has an overlooking view of the Taal Lake and Volcano. The compromise of choosing Tagaytay over Baguio is compensated by the delicacies, attractions, and recreational place you may go to as you choose to stay in this place for your vacation.

  • Sagada

Aside from being famous as a place where broken hearts go, it is a good place to stay when you want to be alone for some exploration in a cold weather. The place is situated in a mountain, so it is expected that as you climb to the top, the temperature gets cooler. So, it is claimed that this place experiences a colder climate than Baguio primarily caused by its higher altitude. Because of the low temperature, locals must find a way to warm themselves. Sagada is famous for its coffee as well. The coffee beans used thrive only in cool lands so this might be a good news for coffee lovers. Aside from the relaxation offered by the cold weather, a well brewed coffee will make your minds at ease and peace.

  • Don Salvador Benedicto

This is a town from Negros Island which is known as the “Little Baguio”. It is dubbed as it is because of the presence of pine trees and its cool climate which are the unique characteristic of Baguio compared to other cold places in the Philippines. However, this place is not mostly heard of. So, unlike Baguio, the number of tourists in this area is fewer.

  • Batanes

Although, it may not be as cold as Baguio or Tagaytay, this place may be considered the “in between” of all seasons. Batanes has a fresh environment accompanied by the surrounding body of water and landforms. If you want to experience the cold breeze of the seas and the beauty and calmness of nature, this is the right place for you.

  • Davao City

If you are looking for a place with cold weather to migrate to, this might be your best choice. Davao City is a highly urbanized area in Mindanao. Despite being an urbanized city and a business district, its weather is ideal for people who want to escape the heat of Metro Manila. The cooler temperature of this place is caused by cold breeze of Mt. Apo which is nearby the area. It is also one of the safest cities to live Asia or even in the world. If you want to live in a central business district with cold weather and strong security, this is the best place for you. You get to enjoy the coldness and employment opportunities you always wished for.

  • Lake Sebu

From the name itself, it is a lake and a town found in the highlands of South Cotobato. It is famous for its translucent bodies of water and marine creatures which makes your stay more invigorating aside from the cool climate it has to offer. In fact, its cold temperature cannot be denied because of the native clothes of the locals of Lake Sebu. The natives weave their own clothes, popularly known as t’nalak, to warm themselves.

  • Canlaon City

This is another hidden gem of Negros Island. It rivals Don Salvador Benedicto for its cold temperature. Aside from a cool climate, it boasts its beautiful and dignified waterforms and landforms such as volcanoes and waterfalls. Its environment is truly rich as there are rare fauna and flora to discover in this place.  

  • Banaue

This place is famous for being one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Banaue is a town located in the mountains of Cordilleras region. If you are looking for a place which is far from the modern life we have right now, this place is perfect. No hotels nor restaurants can be found in Banaue so expect that life is different in this place so it would be a perfect location to detox.

  1. Bukidnon

If you reached at this point, you should realize that there are a lot of cold places to stay in the Philippines. Travelling abroad should not be an option anymore if you just want to experience a cold weather. Bukidnon is one of the coldest places in the Philippines as it sits in the mountainous region of Mindanao. Like other cold places in our country, this boasts different attractions which will make your stay more enjoyable. The place is known for the pineapple plantations, Dahilayan Adventure Park, The Overview, Blue Water Cave, Lake Apo and Mt. Capistrano. Aside from these attractions, you can plan a glamorous camping which a lot of travelers do during their stay in Bukidnon.

Philippines: A Nature-Rich Country Offering Everything We Need

                Despite not experiencing the four types of seasons like those in the northern and southern hemisphere parts of the world, Philippines still has a lot to offer. Different scenic spots can be enjoyed with the cold climates from the areas cited above. Surely, there are other hidden gems that serve may serve as cold haven for the scorching heat. Why bother travelling abroad to experience a cool climate if there are cold places to stay in the Philippines? With this being said, it is more fun in the Philippines.

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