What is Ghost Month?

Ghost Month 2022

Every years passing by, there’s circumstances that misfortunes things happened to us and there’s is no sufficient explanation about that, but the thing is What is Ghost Month? And what exactly brings to us?.

It’s a Chinese festival known as “Ghost Month” is observed in August. The folklore said that The Gates of Hell are reported to open on the first day of the seventh Lunar Month, at which point ghosts are said to come and wander the world. They are advised that children, the elderly, and weak people in general are not allowed to go outside at night during Ghost Month for fear of being attacked by evil spirits. Ghost Month is also thought to be unlucky for relationships, families, companies, even a disaster possible happens in that month. When it comes to the hungry ghost festival, it is advised to strive to be as secure as possible because some things, including poor health and financial issues, are supposed to have a higher possibilities to affect in a Ghost Month.

“Ghost Month 2022”

The seventh lunar month on the Chinese lunar calendar is known as the Ghost Month. Chinese Ghost Festival is observed on the fifteenth Lunar day of the seventh Lunar month. The Ghost Festival’s official name in Chinese is Chung-Yuan. The Ghost Month 2022, this year on July 29, 2022, the first lunar day of the seventh lunar month will occur. The Chinese Ghost Festival will take place on August 12, 2022, which is the 15th lunar day. On August 27, 2022, the first lunar day of the eighth lunar month will occur. So, in the China time zone, the Ghost Month 2022 runs from July 29 to August 26.

Offerings to counter Ghost Month

To counter the bad luck of Ghost Month, In countries like China and Singapore, they even conduct comedy shows and opera concerts, buying and selling of goods or services by biding it, and feasts to amuse the spirits. People offering a lot of foods, pray and worship to gods, incense that is traditional for worship and meditation, and burn “fake money” to please the spirits. The altars lights at home during night-time provides ghosts with entertainment to please the sprits. Chinese families will encourage their kids there to view the sites and experience the local culture and to adopt it.

 8 Things to avoid during Ghost Month

In addition to making offerings,  there are many more things people can do to be safe and prevent the bad luck during Ghost Month. Here are the 8 Things to avoid during Ghost Month;

  1. Avoid going out late or travel at night.

The folklore believed that when the gateways for souls are opened, the sprits at night are grow stronger. Children and the elderly are most affected by this. When the sun goes down, it is advised to stay inside. The ghosts are attracted to the darker locations because the light has the potential to burn them. So, don’t go outside if not necessary to avoid encounter the evil spirits.

  • Avoid taking photos and videos at night.

They claim that cameras may detect ethereal forces. These energies may be trapped and remain inside your camera, where they can inflict misfortune by acting as a ghostly presence, even in the television and movies like paranormal activity that their cameras captured a ghost in their photos and videos, so avoid taking a photos and videos at night if it’s not necessary.

  • Avoid signing on contracts.

The Feng shui experts said that Ghost Month brings unfortunate situation and bad luck to the relationship, families, business etc., So avoid signing marriage contract, Opening a new business, job applications, housing contacts and so forth.

  • Avoid swimming during Ghost Month.

According to Feng shui experts, spirits observe the people that is swimming and they become envious and anger because they are unable to swimming. Sprits won’t let anyone else enjoy swimming and will drown those who are. Additionally, whether man-made or natural bodies of water, it has been asserted that spirits are more powerful in there. To swap places with them is the purpose of drowning the victims and pull your legs under the water until you can’t handle to swim. It is one of those things that is difficult to explain, therefore it is advised to simply to follow it because there is nothing to wrong to believe it and to be more safe.

  • Avoid making any type of investment.

Due to the traditional idea that August will bring bad luck, investors frequently steer clear of the stock market during this month and due to the market’s downturn, stocks, particularly blue chips, are most likely to lose value so you need to protect your money and think twice before make any decisions.

  • Avoid leaning on a wall in your house.

Do not lean on a wall because they enjoy hanging out near walls since they are frequently cooler than other areas and specially this is the darker sides of your house. To prevent the evil spirits from hanging around your walls, one of the common Feng shui ideas is to place decorations or cabinets in each corner of your home to prevent encounter them.

  • Avoid repeatedly calling your own name, families and friends name at night.

This is to avoid the evil spirits to call your families, friends even your own name, and make alternative call sign or names instead to be more safe. If there’s situation that someone is calling your name specially in the darker areas, don’t answer back and make sure if it’s your friends and families.

  • Avoid hanging wind chimes next/above your bed.

Wind chimes or any decorations that used by wind to make a sound is not a good idea because it will attract them to come inside. Then they’ll enter your dreams and cause nightmares for you. Or even worse, they might take control of your body.

However, It’s occurs every year and we must always keep in mind that this is only a passing phenomenon. The ghosts that deceive us are not a curse that will last forever. The ghosts that have departed in the underworld will eventually return to their original places. We cannot allow fear to control our life and we need to be stronger and pray as always. Although we hope to live long and decent lives, we also need to remember to actually live them and the most importantly is enjoy life and get a along with your families and friends to have a good memories.

Always stay positive and remember to take precautions, but consider your options if the opportunities comes in our lives. Investing now and it will be better for you in the future to settled for the best. We have been given the gift of free will, and it is best to use it responsibly. No matter what we believe, it is still in our best to take advantage to do what seems right. If you need a support or questions, you can always ask your friends and families and believe in your self. Always remember that everyone have a different beliefs and perspectives in life, so you need to respect that whether you believe it or not.

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Written by Desilyn Banta