What is plagiarism and how to avoid it?

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Plagiarism is an act in which someone takes credit or uses someone else’s work as if it were their own. It can be described as simple as that but in this article, we will be able to discuss all the different kinds of plagiarism, its consequences, and how to avoid it.

When we are still studying, our school usually implies rules against plagiarism. It is known to be a serious offense that can aggravate you to being expelled from your school or you will undergo academic probation. One of the most effective ways to avoid plagiarism is to understand everything and write it using your own words or you can cite their work by properly crediting them in your writing.

How can plagiarism be avoided?  

As mentioned above, it is taking credit for someone’s else work but it is not all. It also happens when the writer references another work and does not cite properly the original writer. There are many reasons that plagiarism should be avoided:

  1. Dishonesty as it is a form of lying to all the people that will be reading your work and not letting them know that you just copied another writer in order to finish your work.
  • You do not learn anything at all. It was assigned to you to make an effort to explain the things you have learned, apply critical thinking, and show off your skills to your professor. An essay written and thought by you should be able to demonstrate the things you have learned and also to show your professor in what particular areas you need help with.
  • It shows disrespect to the author that you have copied from. It takes a great effort and hard work to finish an essay. Taking credit for someone else’s work is like taking away the proper recognition they deserve for all the work they put into.

All of these are plagiarism with writing on how you can avoid it and its reasons not to but there are still other types of plagiarism such as taking credit for another scientist’s work, copying an artist’s work, using other photos, or reposting it without proper credits to the owner or asking permission, creating and copying another mobile app are another forms of plagiarism. As mentioned, it is basically a tremendous act of taking credit for another people’s work as if it is your own. Once you begin gaining profit from this, it can become a criminal offense known as intellectual property theft. Some consequences may happen such as academic probation as stated above and others such as suspension from your school, failure in your subject, and your assignment.

Common types of plagiarism

  1. Direct plagiarism

Direct plagiarism is when you copy word per word in a specific section in an article without any attribution or quotation marks.

  • Self plagiarism

Self plagiarism happens when you use your old submitted work in to your new article or mixes some parts of it without asking for permission from your professors. It is like using your high school paper in your college paper without letting them know.

  • Mosaic plagiarism

Mosaic plagiarism is when a student borrows phrases without citing the original writer, putting quotation marks, or simply finding synonyms in another author’s work and being able to follow the same structure of the original article. It is also known as the “patch writing”.

  • Accidental plagiarism

Accidental plagiarism occurs when you forgot to put your resources in the article or unintentionally paraphrase the original author’s words and sentences without the proper citations. You should be able to learn to credit properly the writer and take notes to avoid plagiarism. Although it is cited as an accident, the same consequences will occur and will be penalized according to the rules.

  • Plagiarism in graphs

Using graphs, charts, and other figures in your own work from the other articles is considered plagiarism when you do not properly cite where you originally found it.

  • Complete plagiarism

Complete plagiarism is when you submit a whole essay or work in your name. Having someone do your supposed work is an act of plagiarism and should be avoided.

In order to avoid plagiarism, be confident in your own work! Yes, you are allowed to do your own research and studies but you have to trust yourself in doing it. Start by preparing all the items you need and list down all the things you have learned from it. From there, start creating bullet points that you want to incorporate in to your essay, it will serve as your guide in writing paragraphs. One thing I learned from school is you do not have to memorize, all you need to do is to really understand what you are reading and listening to. Focus and clear your mind before starting. You will be able to write and put all the things you want to say if you really understood the assignment given to you. Be unique in your own way. If you believe in the work you worked hard for, it will probably work. Sure, it will not be favored by everyone but there will always be the right market for it. Trust the process and everything will fall in to place.

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Written by Yna Faundo